Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 37

All Jehovah's Witnesses to the Congress

When the God of the Watchtower Society calls to Congress, every claim to the spread of the "Message of the Kingdom of Jehovah" expires!

On Friday, 12 July 2013, I was in Selters im Taunus and visited the location of the Faithful and Intelligent Slave in Germany.

Dark atmosphere despite bright sunshine

At Steinfels 1, this is the address inhabited by Jehovah's people, who in the evening after work for the Faithful and Intelligent Slaves (Watchtower Society Leadership Body) do physical exercises hanging from the back entrance grille. The navigation system led me first to this rear entrance. There were two Jehovah's Witnesses and one Jehovah's Witness. They obviously had a private meeting to get physically fit and to wrest something beautiful from their lives. A Jehovah's Witness hanged himself after my arrival, I stood with my motorbike very close to the separating grid and looked at the site plan, at the entrance door and turned on it like one who can ignore the difference between monkey and man as well as the difference between heavy grid fence and gymnastics apparatus. Not a spark of normal humanity came from these Jehovah's Witnesses, and I immediately noticed that because of their privileged position as physically trained Jehovah's Witnesses, they could not allow themselves to ask in the normal way: "Hello what are you doing here? It felt like a zoo.

On the other hand I was glad that they denied themselves their normal human curiosity, asked me for half a second the question whether I should unpack my signs, but immediately rejected this thought. Apart from the face of the strongly haggard woman, I didn't see any face. That I looked briefly in her face was pure coincidence. The embarrassment, the certainly imagined danger of the situation was strong enough for me to drive on to the main entrance of the Watchtower Society after 30 seconds.

There I hastily took two photos, still sitting on the motorcycle, of the porter's house and its background. Strangely enough, these photos have not been saved, so I can't show them here anymore. Afterwards I drove to refuel and had to wait quite long at the gas station (Limburger Strasse 185, 65520 Bad Camberg). A man looking like a high functionary of the Watchtower Society also refuelled there. After I had paid my bill, I saw four gentlemen dressed in white, equipped with a sign dominated by blue, of whom I thought in the first moment: Now I am arrested. Despite the abstruseness of this situation, and although I knew that I was certainly not crazy and would not be arrested, I was happy to leave without stress.

Jehovah-free zone in Bruchsal and Speyer

To my annoyance, but also to my relief, there were no Jehovah's Witnesses to be seen in Bruchsal and Speyer. In July there is a good chance that all Jehovah's Witnesses in this region will have to sit in the heat somewhere in the stadium to listen to the latest intellectual cleanser sales program. I plastered my obligatory matjes rolls in Bruchal and made my way home.

Dear people out there, dear passers-by, dear egoists, dear caretakers! Please take note of the captivity of Jehovah's Witnesses. It's not about being insulted on Facebook like I am, or about doing an attention-grabbing action. It's about Jehovah's Witnesses being worse off than the beggars and bums on the roadside. Donate to the beggars and talk to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Don't go through your lives ignoring everything! Life is not just television and consumption and brutally roaring cars.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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