Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 99

Jehovah's Witnesses are looking for new ways to stop the enlightenment

Do Jehovah's Witnesses want to exercise the right to their own photo?

No one was excited about Jehovah's Witnesses. Many people read my lyrics excitedly. This steep gradient occurs again and again when I stand with my DIN A4 sheets near the Jehovah's Witnesses. The Enlightenment is making its way into people's minds and hearts, and there are many who are no longer so receptive to the teachings of the Watchtower Society. That hurts the organizers of the Watchtower World Domination very much, because they can read it with certainty from their statistics. Watchtower Superiors are only "depressed" when their transmitted statistics cause trouble to the Watchtower Superiors. Then they become active and something moves.

For some time now, various strategies have been used by the Watchtower superiors against the Enlightenment, but all of which have been miserably submerged against the simple truth and caused terrible situations. The failure of these strategies became visible in situations in which Jehovah's Witnesses unintentionally exposed themselves massively to the Enlightenment and once even 20 men had to put up with a lot of truth. They were instructed. Hopefully they think about it loudly within their circles. I don't think they can just put away so much truth without discussing it.

Now that the Watchtower superiors have come to realize that they can't achieve anything with attempts at cheating and intimidation, they seem to be looking for new ways to stink at their lies, at least by taking legal action. In Bruchsal, they dream of a minimum distance of 200 metres between them and me, set by the Office of Public Order. In Wiesloch they test new ways, for example the farewell photo, when they leave to raise to a legal object, by turning again and again to me when they leave. They want to use their completely senseless anonymity – after all, they stand on the street for hours as obvious false teachers – to stop reporting about them legally.

There is no other explanation for the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses keep turning around as they leave. They want to create a situation in which someone illegally photographs them. They hope that I make a mistake and that they can sue me. But they don't seem to admit that I would never put a Jehovah's Witness portrait on the Internet. Dear Jehovah's Witnesses, I would only do this if I had a verifiable consent of the person concerned.

Why are Jehovah's Witnesses so ashamed of their God?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to appear as loyal and steadfast Jehovah's Witnesses on controversial websites? Where does this reluctance to stand up for this "God" Jehovah in all walks of life come from? Do Jehovah's Witnesses know about false doctrine at the bottom of their hearts? Do they have these scruples because they are a little aware that they are not looking for God, but only for power over people and for hoped-for world domination under the dictate of the Watchtower Society's Governing Body?

Jehovah's Witnesses demonstrate by their shyness to face the camera that they are not steadfast and that they very clearly suspect that their Jehovah is only a Masonic invention. They are ashamed of their God. They show this actual shame by the brutal reflex to elude a camera. There is no identification with their God in everyday life, in confessing, no real willingness to serve this Jehovah, but there is only the acceptance of this artificial bleeding machinery, the condition for which is that they can remain in the association of the bleeders. They believe that it will not happen to me! In banal everyday life, they don't manage to be photographed for their God, but they throw their lives away if the organization so wants and if the hospital committee of Jehovah's Witnesses works diligently on it.

The hypocrisy of the Watchtower doctrine shines through through small things in life. The people who have fallen into this counter-religion can only listen to the strategic commands of their superiors, but not to their own hearts. Jehovah's Witnesses are puppets and their string pullers are powerless. They cannot stop the Enlightenment. Soon they will throw themselves on the ground and claim that I have the evil eye. I don't have much more ideas to help Jehovah's Witnesses out of trouble.

You have to be clear about that. Jehovah's Witnesses order their street soldiers to face the photo head-on, in order to possibly get a legal handle against the clarification of their heresies, but for their "God" they can't do it.


There is criticism that my interpretation of the behavior of Jehovah's Witnesses is incorrect. I say, if you experience the behavior of Jehovah's Witnesses over an extended period of time, you will be able to see through that behavior quite quickly. Jehovah's Witnesses are very single-track in their so-called true worship, that is, in their preaching ministry. Most of it is planned and practiced. When behavioral changes are made, it is quite certain that they have a certain background that clearly indicates that they have received instructions. In this case, the artificial skirmish has been going on for a long time. The question is who is allowed to photograph whom and how and who is not. The conspicuous fact that Jehovah's Witnesses suddenly move on to leave the scene of the crime in reverse almost forces the connection that there is a consideration behind it that is buried in the interests of the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society pulls out all the stops to silence its critics. If nothing else helps, they try to get you to make mistakes that lead to the Watchtower Society taking legal action. The Watchtower Society doesn't care if they admit by doctrinally lying. The Watchtower Society bureaucrats enjoy power.


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