Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 262

Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch strikes

Speyer: No Jehovah's Witnesses – No Beatings

When a Jehovah's Witness goes public to do his religious work, he wants to be seen. And he wants his advertising material to be seen. You can see that beautifully on the photo. I feel the same way. I also want my signs to be seen and read by as many people as possible. Therefore I set up myself in such a way that the view on the signs – and also on me – is as free as possible. If someone then wants to photograph me, I cannot and must not have anything against it, because I have given up the right to my own picture in favour of my public and offensive dissemination of opinion. This is exactly how Jehovah's Witnesses hit this unambiguous legal situation. Jehovah's Witnesses do not even represent one opinion, but they try to recruit further sacrificial animals. As soon as a Jehovah's Witness offers public advertising material of the Watchtower Society to people in public, he is in public and publicly active as a public person. As such a public person, he no longer has the right to his own image. For he has voluntarily exposed himself to the public in order to fulfill the advertising claim that the Jehovah Org has implanted in him.

In order not to be photographed in this public position, the Jehovah's Witness must place in front of him a sign stating "No Photography".

A Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch, who always smiles especially nice and helpless, disappeared around the corner as soon as he saw me. I photographed his sad departure and the Jehovah's Witness approached a foreigner. When he saw that I still had the camera on standby, he suddenly marched very quickly towards me. I already held up the signs to thwart a possible mission conversation with the foreigner. Jehovah's Witness came very close to me and became most insultingly trustful and used such a hurtful "you" as I had rarely or never experienced it.

After his nasty threats about what would happen if I "........" dared to photograph him again, I wanted to explain to him that this question had long been legally decided. But the man let it be known that he was in no way willing to listen. I took half a step towards him to be sure to reach him. Jehovah's Witness, like a boxer, took a swing with his upper body, took a step towards me and hit me against the sternum. Oha! The situation was brilliant. An unreasonable, misinformed Jehovah's Witness used his physical abilities to enforce his supposed rights. The movement he was making with his upper body was expected to be a more violent blow, but this Jehovah's Witness must have been prudent in the last hundredth of a second, so this blow did not cause me any injury.

Later, the beating Jehovah's Witness sat calmly in front of a cup of coffee and I could talk to him. The most important thing I wanted to tell him was that I didn't blame him for this action and that photographing Jehovah's Witnesses in public was allowed. He objected that it was the state, not the police. I asked if the police had already been privatized, and he insisted that the police could not simply do what they wanted. My objection that exactly for this reason the police dropped the complaint at the time no longer reached his ear.

Even in this phase, Jehovah's Witness did not manage to bring a friendly "you" over his lips. I asked him if he had a character flaw that he had to address others at all costs with "you" or "your". He grinned broadly. I said: "You seem to have quite a bad attitude, as it looks. A very bad way of dealing!" Jehovah's Witness's grin got even wider.

No other Jehovah's Witness showed up in Wiesloch. The beating Jehovah's Witness must have raised the alarm by telephone. I am curious to see how the behaviour of Jehovah's Witnesses will develop in the future and whether further attacks can be expected. Perhaps a slow and bowed-headed "yes, you're right" will help prevent the worst. No! Jehovah's Witnesses will not go that far. But I describe these prospects to outline what taboo the beating Jehovah's Witness has broken today and what oppressed people are capable of.

In Speyer, there were no more Jehovah's Witnesses, not even with Watchtower Trolleys, who were observed by any Speyer citizens for three hours.


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