Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 272

Jehovah's Witnesses very poor

Hare and hedgehog at Walldorf-Wiesloch railway station

No Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg on 10/31/2016

The Watchtower Society boasts a worldwide sermon work. Worldwide – except Heidelberg. Apparently, Watchtower advertising in Heidelberg is only the hobby of a few Jehovah's Witnesses. Hasn't the governing body pulled the noose tight enough yet? Is there a lack of unpaid personnel? Can't the German branch office of the Watchtower Society in Selters take care of more than two focal points?

Heidelberg is probably still orphaned during the week on the Neckar River and the people have to do without the Watchtower paper floods. The Iron Girls' Club is only open on Friday and so you can't see anything of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg except on Friday.

No Jehovah's Witnesses in Darmstadt on 01.11.2016

The situation in Darmstadt is similarly sad. There, the Watchtower bondsmen club seems to consist of just one kind of hobby world ruler. Since I saw the Jehovah's Witness there with the little watchtower cart I made myself, I can't get rid of the impression that Jehovah's Witnesses live in Darmstadt right next to the pigeon breeders.

Despite all the blasphemous explosiveness and all the perishability of the Watchtower doctrine, it seems rather funny that Jehovah's Witnesses don't seem to have time to do their worldwide sermon work. Does the Jehovah's Witnesses' Loyal Slaves Department downgrade the activism of their seduced and if so, with what ulterior motives? Is there anything grass to grow over? Are the Watchtower Moloch's brain cells working to defuse their inhumane bleeding system?

In Darmstadt, as in Heidelberg, the Watchtower-Jehova did not show up personally or as a representative. Jehovah seems no longer to believe so right in what his slaves announce.

No Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer on 01.11.2016

In Speyer the 01. November was an open holiday, as I had heard. The probability that Jehovah's Witnesses would launch one of their attacks on the people on such a day is indeed close to zero. Nevertheless, I preferred to check whether Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer took advantage of the day's favor or not.

In Speyer, Jehovah's Witnesses have worked their way through anyway and have uselessly exerted themselves due to headwind by facts from their deadly religion. Why should they become active on a holiday open for business?

The lethargy of Jehovah's Witnesses is increasing strongly and gives the impression of the general decline of the Jehovah's organization. Perhaps in a few years the German branch will make a new attempt. But maybe the business situation of this is just too good to put pressure on its foot people. The world headquarters in Brooklyn is sold and has filled the coffers to overflowing. In addition there are the begging campaigns on JW Broadcasting. – If the cash register is right, the pressure on Jehovah's Witnesses decreases and they stay at home.

Hare and hedgehog at Walldorf-Wiesloch railway station

Only in Wiesloch does one still feel the original idealism of the Jehovah's Witnesses. The conviction of the empowerment to world domination through Jehovah's intervention still lives there. There the Watchtower carts are still in use and Jehovah's Witnesses stand in the cold to spread their sacred paper.

At Walldorf/Wiesloch station, two Jehovah's Witnesses stood at the back exit and confronted the streams of people with the sight of their literature. Then I confronted the Jehovah's Witnesses with some simple facts about their religion and Jehovah's Witnesses immediately packed their stuff and left.

Half an hour "rabbit and hedgehog" followed and the two drove up and down with the elevators and looked again and again at the facts of their heresy. In winding paths they walked through the station Walldorf/Wiesloch until they finally reluctantly cleared the field. It is very significant that Jehovah's Witnesses flee like thieves when they are publicly accused of the shame of their religion.

It is not at all understandable that Jehovah's Witnesses, with their overpowering literature from which they draw their overpowering convictions, are as miserable and embarrassing as thieves pile up before the highly held facts of their own religion and this experience, do not get to turn on the brain once. Instead of noticing that Watchtower literature, and thus the Watchtower religion as a whole, makes itself and Jehovah's Witnesses the embarrassing losers, Jehovah's Witnesses seem to enjoy supporting their clique extra against all odds.

Or are the Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses just more nailed up than the rest of the Jehovah's Witnesses? The Hare and Hedgehog game, which the two Jehovah professionals delivered today at Wiesloch station, strongly suggested that it was only pastime and membership of the Entkernten club that count for them.

What a shame it must be to have to disappear on the horizon with the beautiful watchtower carts and the beautiful magazines and books after half an hour of rabbit and hedgehog play! Jehovah's Witnesses are driven out by simple facts like caught thieves and learn nothing from them. That's enough to praise the Watchtower Society's brainwashing. For a person cannot sink any deeper than to commit himself to a false doctrine and then not to notice anything anymore.

The Watchtower Society is like a snake, after whose bite man can no longer move.

One hour watchtower airing in Wiesloch

If Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch hold the Watchtower in front of their stomach, nothing happens. No conversation, no persuasion, and certainly nothing that could interest a person at all. The ventilation of the Watchtower in Wiesloch is only a gesture that Jehovah's Witnesses don't want to see that they might give up at some point. The failure of the Watchtower New World religion is the mega taboo of the Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses, and the woman who took out her Watchtower to air it in close proximity to me radiated the crass November depression. I could read Death in her eyes.

The old self-delarging of the Jehovah's Witnesses through the use of report slips and the accurate reporting of all their activities jumped out of this poor woman's face. She tore to bend and break her exact hour watchtower airing in order to ... yes Рwhat for? Is it possible to escape one's own ruin by airing magazines? Is there salvation through watchtower ventilation? Can one escape God's sure judgment by maintaining a religious fa̤ade? Jehovah's Witnesses really believe that!

So this woman stood there in stoic peace, which every Buddhist guru would have had to envy her for. To hold on to the teachings of the Bleeding Org so coldly in the face of such clear enlightenment is a superhuman achievement. Or is this achievement rather subhuman? Everyone has to decide for himself.

Apparently, the JW-Org hasn't yet found a strategy to make Jehovah's Witnesses appear like a man. After several years of confrontation with simple signs, the Watchtower org has no plan yet. Jehovah's Witnesses are brutally abandoned here by the leading slave class. Perhaps there is some truth in the assumption that the currently well-filled Watchtower coffers are a real disadvantage for Jehovah's Witnesses on the street.

Regardless, I shout to all Jehovah's Witnesses: "Convert to God and never trust an organization again! Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch have the opportunity to speak to me or contact me via the Internet. I will help them find a home that has no flaws.


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