Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 398

Jehovah's Witnesses Betrayal of Secrets – Not the Truth, Only Success

Today my usual tour was cancelled and I drove to Heidelberg in peace and quiet. It was worth it because there I first met a devout Christian who was hardly interested in the situation of Jehovah's Witnesses, and I was greeted with Shalom by non devout people. No stress, no excited Muslim, no danger. On my way home I stumbled across a JW.ORG on the horizon. At Bismarck Square, Jehovah's Witnesses had lined up behind a small toy store and the guide shouted loudly: "Mr. Hentschel!" He pushed the toy shop a bit over to me and asked me to take another photo. But when I wanted to take the photo, he stood there again as uninvolved as before. This seems to be the most beautiful hobby of Jehovah's Witnesses. Promise everything and keep nothing.

I thought when Jehovah's Witness clung to the broomsticks of the toy store like a prisoner to the bars of his cell: "Now the bars are so far apart and he's not using them to escape!" And Jehovah's Witness clung to the broomsticks like an organist to his clarinet. A few other Jehovah's Witnesses came to me and grinned broadly. A black man lit up all of Heidelberg with his white teeth, but then he read my signs and it got dark again. He had lost his laughter. Hopefully this man will become reasonable and no longer believe in a God who forbids human blood without ever having allowed human flesh.

Jehovah's supreme head witness, the prince, as these people can be called, put his hands out like a forklift his lifting linkage and came over to me. The man was bursting with joy that he was superior to me a million times over. After three to five years of Bible study, how beautiful it is to be able to impress everyone and raze critics to the ground. It must be a joy to belong to Jehovah's Witnesses, and when you look like a little businessman, nothing stands in the way of your career. Even God must accept this, who ordered to be saved by Jesus alone, but is not heard by Jehovah's Witnesses in it.

Jehovah's man told me I was about to be picked up by the police. His choice of words was that of the Muslims. Misdirected, misdirected, misdirected. When I asked him why he would obey a ban on human blood when God had not even released human flesh, he did not know the answer. But the reason was biblical. He could still remember that. But the fact that a ban on human blood without the release of human flesh is the last nonsense did not immediately seep into his brain. The man needs a few more months. Then he understands it.

Jehovah's Witness knows no reason for human blood ban

If you have no feet, you don't need shoes, said the snake to her colleague and she was right. But Jehovah's Witnesses, who do not eat human flesh, renounce human blood as if their lives depended on it. Jehovah's Witnesses will present their great legal achievements to God and wonder how God reacts. One cannot buy anything for a dirty rag, even if one is convinced that it is a 500-euro bill.

The betrayal of the mystery of Jehovah's Witnesses

In his conversation, which was to become his personal triumph over me, the poor Jehovah's Witness unintentionally revealed the secret of the Watchtower Society. He asked if I had been successful with my accusations of murder against any man, and then turned away because he was quite sure that he would receive no answer. With that he had landed a coup that was absolutely right. But he didn't know that success was nothing against truth for me. So it happened that this man openly admitted that the Watchtower Society gladly renounced the truth, because it is only about success. The ban on human blood does not exist in the Bible, but the dead that the Watchtower Society produces with it is its satanic success. And these people don't even turn red when they defend the ban on human blood.

Jehovah's Witness said that every year 250,000 people die from contaminated blood. If blood donations were to be made redundant as medical aid, there would be 2,500,000 deaths per month worldwide! Dear people! Never be a Jehovah's Witness! Unless you enjoy unpunished murder.

After the work was done and without Jesus Christ, but with the prospect of Jehovah's tomato and pumpkin paradise, the Jehovah's Witness left so quickly that I had trouble photographing the jumping rabbit. Will this man, once he realizes the bullshit he's fallen for, ever get over his stupidity and snootiness? I think so. But he has to trust in Jesus Christ. No psychologist in this world will be able to help him get over it without blatant drugs. Jesus can and wants it. And he does it as soon as you ask him to. But you have to be able to pray to him. Jehovah's rabbits are forbidden to do that.

Dear prosecutors. Please take note of the Watchtower Society murders and investigate them. Public prosecutors must act on suspicions of murder, you know that. The murders of the Watchtower Society can already be proven beyond suspicion.


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