Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 320

Jehovah's liar unmasked and eposed

But their mother, the Watchtower Murder Org, has them under control.

The passers-by are amazed, shake their heads over Jehovah's advertising groups, give me positive feedback, even applaud and the Watchtower representatives look into the distance or at their feet. When they look over at me, they either grin arrogantly or hate me. In the course of the morning many slaves of the Watchtower Society passed by privately. Those who hadn't read my signs yet got big eyes. Only one, who probably understood more than he wanted to admit, burst into a broad grin. Some Watchtower disciples recognize the dangers of their mad mother's death. (Jehovah's Witnesses call the Watchtower Society their mother because be not born of water and the Spirit, but of Jehovah's wife. This is the Watchtower Society.)

However, the enlightenment about the fruits that this mad mother produces does not help Jehovah's convinced advertising companions at all, because the mother of all mad teachings has her firmly under control. Group pressure keeps the gang of theocratic liars together, even if many of them feel a nervous tingling under their skin and suspect that the Watchtower Murder Org is one of the biggest liars alongside Catholicism.

At Jehovah Org, every single Watchtower believer is in absolute dependence. Imagine your family being made up entirely of man-eaters. Your protest and criticism would almost certainly cause some of your man-eater family to give up this way of living with you. Not so in Islam and in the Watchtower-MURDER-ORG. In Islam there is also the possibility to disappear as a follower. With the Watchtower-MURDER-ORG there is this chance in strongly reduced measure. Every proponent of bleeding who does little or no work will be put under pressure until he works according to the line again, or he will be thrown out as garbage.

Under these conditions, the recognition of facts is of little use. And if you're in Jehovah's big grin group and don't grin along, you've quickly lost your family, your children or your partner. This is so fast and so sure that the grin on the face of a Jehovah's prisoner does not stop early. The art of Jehovah's grin is to turn off the automatic grin in the event of a serious traffic accident, for example. Jehovah's slave still has to get that much right.

So it was written in the face of one of the Watchtower pilgrims who had come as private individuals that he understood the saying "Let Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" immediately and could not and would not deny it. But after a few minutes he had his grin on it again, although he did not strike the right balance amusedly. His Jehovah colleagues probably didn't blame him for that. You know how stony the road to the perfect Watchtower liar is. Jehovah's liars are very considerate of each other. But only when it comes to being shaken on the path of lying in between. Otherwise everything will be reported and punished. The worst thing for a hollowed out Jehovah is his own thinking. Who does not banish this danger with stump and stem from himself, cannot hold out the watchtower life in the long run.

The Helau and Alaaf brothers of Jehovah Altpoertel didn't even hit the ground at all. But it's also only too understandable if the open lie beside the truth loses all desire and prefers to stay at home. Who wants to offer a vacuum cleaner that only increases the dirt and does the exact opposite of what a vacuum cleaner normally does? Jehovah's vacuum cleaner representatives always like to do this. But for them too, there is a limit to exposure. At the Altpoertel, the Watchtower Vacuum Cleaner Representation seems to have shown its limits.

But the rest of the Watchtower Festival in Speyer still likes to be roasted in the sun and resists the truth. Here the fear of exclusion is still decisive and the grins of the Jehovah's fellow citizens are still kneeling before their fear. They act as if they don't understand anything and hope that they don't catch themselves cheating themselves. It is both fascinating and sad to see the self-deceptive stamina of a frightened person. The dead-sighting is a phenomenon that many animals use to escape from hopeless situations. With Jehovah's dead, this technique is learned to perfection long before confrontation with enlightening facts. Those who do not master the fake mental death and the end of all perception perfectly cannot remain in the Watchtower Murder Org in the long run. How simple in comparison is the path of life of the Islamic beheaders! They don't even have to live with enlightenment.


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