Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 451

With Christians in the Jehovah's Witness Territory

Experienced the freedom of children

An ungreen wind cooled the earth in Heilbronn and this year is about to become the coldest year since the recording of the Green Madness. Despite many diesel vehicles on the other roads, people remained healthy and did not drop dead. People didn't die of heat and nobody had sunscreen on them.

Just at the moment when I arrived in the pedestrian zone of Heilbronn, a 12 to 14 year old boy approached me and inquired about my signs. I was surprised and positively surprised. I had never experienced anything like this before. As it turned out later, this boy was one of those Christians who held a Christian rally directly in the Jehovah's Witness district. And in the course of the morning one could observe the freedom and zeal of the children of these Christians. There was not one child who felt uncomfortable or who participated out of compulsion. That was one of the refreshing factors of this morning.

In Bruchsal, I had once experienced a 15-year-old boy who was reluctant to join in the efforts of his Christian parents. I was able to comfort him with my own experiences from my life and ease his predicament. Not all Christians get along without compulsion in these things. However, with Jehovah's Witnesses this coercion is standard, but on a very treacherous tour. This sneaky coercion is applied by Jehovah's Witnesses to all accomplices and all ages. Whoever opens a watchtower will clearly feel the psychoterror it contains. Jehovah's Witnesses do not have Jesus and must carry out their program with the means of the Greens and the Left. Being loved depends on performance and attitude. It's all about ideology, attitude and the correspondingly beaten up heels!

A Christian stood at the Watchtower Propaganda booth all the time and discussed. I went there towards the end of the morning and confronted the Jehovah's Witness with the following announcement: "Someone who does not eat human flesh does not need a ban on human blood either. The moment you let yourself ban human blood, you make yourself cannibals. God never released human flesh. – Just to think. – Just to think."

It is shocking for me how Jehovah's Witnesses let themselves be led into idiocy by the nose ring. They even like to die for these abysmal, God despising lies. And that, even though the Watchtower Society is literally showing them how they are lying..

The Jehovah's Witnesses are, let's say, helpless in many respects. A Jehovah's Witness's benevolent attempt was to offer a sweet to the boy I had noticed so pleasantly. Oh, shame. What a self-delarvation! The question remains how many children were and are seduced by Jehovah's Witnesses with sweets. Or: Anyone who accepts a sweet from Jehovah's Witnesses should definitely have two Witnesses with them!

One of the Christians tried to explain to me that it was pointless to fight. One should not try to rip the weeds off (which looks like wheat) (Matthew 13:24-30). I replied that I hadn't killed a Jehovah's Witness yet, but only addressed facts and hints to them. It's not about doing something like purges, it's about enlightenment.

Another Christian told me that Jehovah's Witnesses were forbidden in Russia and that there were far too many of them in Germany. I also replied that the enlightenment is the means of choice and not the prohibition. He was satisfied with it. In this way we all learned something and brought each other courage and support.

I told an atheist that atheism was a stupid excuse. She reacted with extreme screaming. She was proud to get along without God. That was her hobbyhorse. My announcement that as a good scientist one should dare the self-experiment with Jesus bounced off her.

At the end I had a good conversation with a passerby. What is the result of a person not nailing down an ideology? He can listen to anything. The very possibility that a God exists and that this God became man for freeing us. Not everyone is as nailed up as the Greens and the SPD.

This morning in Heilbronn was one of the most beautiful experiences you can have as a Jehovah's Witnesses care taker. I met Christians who did not remain in some kind of good people's imagination and who pleasantly stood out from the thinking of the green and socialist pseudo-Christians. Above all, the ability of these people to learn is striking. While green and socialist pseudo-Christians shine like Jehovah's Witnesses with ideological stubbornness, these people have a refreshing freedom to think about facts and revise their own traditional attitudes. This is a salient feature of a true Christian. He is thinking and learning and is not attached to any ideology.

Greta Thunberg appeared to me

As I sat in the car, Greta Thunberg appeared to me in the clouds and looked at me with her austere Charles Taze Russell look. She threatened me with her index finger and next to her stood the beautiful Kathrin Goering-Eckardt. Naked. I stepped on the gas. Not to leave this place quickly, but to produce as much CO² as possible. CO² is only carbonic acid!

What a pity! I would have liked to have seen that. lach mich tot


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