Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 305

Can Jehovah's Witnesses be photographed?

Yes! Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to be photographed!

In my narratives I have talked a few times about a strip of condensation that Jehovah's Witnesses produce when they clear the field. Today it was almost so far. Unfortunately, there is not yet the Olympic discipline "Running away with flying watchtowers". Otherwise the German section of the Watchtower Society would have been world champions for a long time.

It is admirable that Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf-Wiesloch station do not lose absolute control. It is unknown how many times they have gone far without me noticing. Today I could just take a photo of the disappearance of Jehovah. This God seems to be a God of shame. His witnesses simply vanish into thin air or sink into the ground. What a Jehovah's paradise it must be, where honesty is the only reason to be ashamed!

In the Wiesloch pedestrian zone there was no Jehovah's Witness at all, so I drove to Heidelberg. But there I first met only Mormons, who liked to speak to young pretty women. Only later did I find two Jehovah's Witnesses in front of the post office's dark inbox, looking hard for something on the horizon. They quickly disappeared into some back door.

For the Mormons I had unfortunately no drastic slogans ready, so that I only held up the signs: "Religion does not save!" and "Only Jesus saves!" That was enough to accelerate the steps of the Mormons significantly. Only when I asked in German and English why the Mormons had become so fast did they turn back and personally react aggressively. I reproached them for their religion coming from the deepest depths of Freemasonry and for Jesus being a fake.

When Donald Trump always talks about fake news, it is confirmed by the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. US America is the motherland of the Mormons, the motherland of the Jehovah's Witnesses and apparently also the motherland of Fake News. This will also be the main reason why Jehovah's Witnesses have been banned in Russia.

The ban on Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia is stupid and pointless. It is only due to panic at US machinations. The whole world is sullied with lies from North America and Russia cannot deal with them. And this despite the fact that Russia itself has become a major actor in false reports.

Prohibiting Jehovah's Witnesses only means ignoring them and no longer having to edit and uncover their lies. It is time for a court to finally rule that the Watchtower Society systematically kills people through sophisticated misinterpretations of the Bible. There are no cannibalism rules in the Bible. Jehovah's Witnesses nevertheless claim that for legal reasons of cannibalism, the emergency medical measure of blood transfusion must be rejected. It is not particularly difficult to prove that the Watchtower Society invented this ethic of cannibalism to take people to the afterlife as early as possible.

And while Islamism is still busy murdering and dictatorship is considered a new fashion – Europe is trickily leading all systems in this respect – the fake system from the USA remains at the old level, because it has been very successful for a very long time. Millions of people have found physical and above all spiritual death in the web of Watchtower fantasies. Systematic murder by religious lies has not yet led to the Watchtower Society being prosecuted for its murders in a single case. Therefore I can also show the claim "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" quite unmolested on the street. The Watchtower Society must fear that its murder motives, intentions and techniques could be proven in a trial that would have to be conducted for the failure to make such an assertion. This discourages the Watchtower Society and that is why it does not complain.

William J. Schnell calls the Watchtower Society the religion of buying and selling. On the Internet, the Watchtower Society is also called the Pimp Sect. I call the Watchtower Society a MURDER ORG and try to warn as many people as possible about it. The robber says: "money or life!" The Watchtower Org says: "money and life!"

But even without looking at the deadly Watchtower Abyss, which has not yet been traced by any public prosecutor in the world, the spiritual and spiritual death of Jehovah's Witnesses can be observed quite practically. Jehovah's Witnesses are a kind of watchtower slaughter cattle that – if kept stupid – thinks they are the elite of the world. So many of them still believe that one can go public and still not lose the right to one's own image.

The smug Jehovah's Witness in Heidelberg once again called the police today to protect himself from being photographed. The age-old Watchtower strategy, which it has legally enforced in the USA up to the highest instance, amounts to all its literature sales being religious practices. True worship! And the courts of the USA ate this nonsense like cotton candy. With this coup the Watchtower Society achieved that its business activities – carried out by unpaid fools – were placed under the protection of religious freedom. In the imagination of many Jehovah's Witnesses, this also includes protection from being photographed. And the Watchtower Society deliberately only solves this problem in cases where the untruth can no longer be held. That Jehovah's Witnesses can be photographed by anyone during their sermon service – that is, in their unpaid function of seducing to lie – is known only to a few Jehovah's Witnesses in the Wiesloch, Speyer, Bruchsal, and Heidelberg area due to the Watchtower's stupidity policy. The small specialist of today did not yet know this side of life.

And so the game started all over again. Threatening, mobbing, telephoning, superiority through state power. It is something wonderful when the state authority is at the service of the citizen, as it is in Germany. But the way to show every single Jehovah's Witness that, as a person who makes himself public in order to be seen, he has given up his right to his own image is laborious.

The police officers who today patiently listened to all this unimportant Jehovah's Witness junk must be praised. They did not disparage like a colleague in Wiesloch and they did not use intimidation methods like the police officers in Speyer who were greeted with a handshake by the Jehovah's Witnesses and banished me to a point 10 or 15 metres away after 15 minutes of discussion.

No one can forbid stupidity and so the ban on Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia leaves a sad feeling behind. How hollow must a nation be to imagine that lies and stupidity can be forbidden! And while the next mushroom-like mistakes are already growing in the humid vaults of the Watchtower Society's Intelligence, Jehovah's fake religion is regrouping underground and gaining new fame – a fame like that of Jehovah's Witnesses in the concentration camps. But the fact that the Watchtower-MURDER-ORG only let its people run into the concentration camp out of anger and defiance remains a nice secret (Hitler had not responded to a petition from the Watchtower-Society).

Today was beautiful, but exhausting. When I ride my folding bike from my free parking lot into the city centre, I always have to shake my head to make room for my knees, and sometimes a shoelace gets caught in my ear. But the encounter with the prisoners of the Watchtower religion is worth it to me. Hopefully they will come to think at some point!


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