Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 462August 24, 2019

Do Jehovah's Witnesses eat human flesh?

If not, the human blood ban is obsolete.

Why does a human need the prohibition to drink human blood when he is not a cannibal at all? Why does a woman need a veil if her religion does not expose her to rape without a veil? Anyone who does not eat human flesh cannot do anything with a ban on human blood. Anyone who is in a religion that does not legitimise the rape of unveiled women does not need a veil either.

Religious unconsciousness

The coma into which religious people fall always only affects certain individual points. What is strange is how the human brain can be so successfully and finally put out of action at certain points. The Muslim woman wears her veil with pride and does not notice that she confirms and actively supports the rape permission of her religion. The Catholic believes in the magical enchantment of an oblate into the actual flesh of Christ. Jehovah's Witness meticulously observes a human blood ban that only makes sense if someone is a human flesh eater.

It is absolutely amazing how people can be so brutally lied to. They accept unconsciously that they have to disguise themselves in order not to be raped. They completely unconsciously accept that by observing a human blood prohibition they make themselves cannibals. They accept unconsciously that their priests enchant wafers in flesh.

Do Jehovah's Witnesses eat human flesh?

If religions are capable of destroying people's perception and thinking so sustainably, who can blame politics if it does not destroy people half as successfully with its lies? Isn't the Masonic-controlled infiltration by the UN and the EU a harmless joke against the devastating effect of religion? When religion produces such inhumane things as legal rape, the self-imposed stigma of cannibalism, and the most absurd wafer-packed stall magic, the question naturally arises: "Why don't religious people recognize these lies?"

Religion is ideology

The entire human history is characterized by ideologies that have nothing else on their agenda but the annihilation of millions of people. The intentions of killing and the program of annihilation are openly visible in different ideologies. National Socialism openly proclaims the annihilation of the subhuman, International Socialism in the green-left colour is planet-friendly in order to justify and hide the annihilation of existences and thus the annihilation of people. In doing so, he applies exactly the methods that were practiced in National Socialism. Defamation, boycotts and stigmatization as subhumans currently play the most important role in green-left politics.

And also here the comatose unconsciousness in religious manner comes to the very top. The Green Left is just as convinced of the importance and correctness of his ideology as the Jehovah's Witness, who carries an identity card that identifies him as a human blood non-drinker. The churches, which, for example, have already partially killed people's brains with the Oblate spell, are diligently involved in the green-left ideology. They are perfectly familiar with the deception of the good man. And the good man has been prepared for lies for centuries. He has long suffered from the partial paralysis of his brain.

If we look at the ideologies of human history, we come across a sign common to all religions and ideologies. This sign always consists in the successful and lasting partial paralysis of the human mental apparatus. Even if people have refreshed their thinking intellectually, they remain trapped in ideological delusion elsewhere. It can be said that there is no man who is truly free in his thinking.

Elite students remain under arrest of Freemasonry. A whole generation in Germany falls into the trap of green-left madness. Hordes of Catholics go to their graves with the unquestioned wafer magic. Jehovah's Witnesses sacrifice their children and themselves to a human blood doctrine that is so absurd that it seems too simple to explain it. A world religion proclaims rape as a just cause against the unveiled. There is no freedom for man from ideological ties. Or?

Freedom in Jesus Christ

Jesus says: The one who is set free by the Son is quite free. This statement is theoretically not verifiable. Only with the trusting Yes to Jesus Christ can the truth content of his words be experienced and proven. Surely many remain out of habit in their ideological fetters, although they believe in Jesus. These "Christians" have not understood that Jesus is not a religion and not an ideology. Religion and ideology cannot save. The only one who can save is God Himself. He has become human for us.


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