Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 62

Every Jehovah's Witness will have to answer for the religious murder by bleeding to death!

Wiesloch: Jehovah's Witnesses Back in Old Form

When I parked the motorcycle in Wiesloch, an older Jehovah's Witness recognized me immediately, who I had met again by chance at the cash desk at the discount store on 25 October. She looked very disbelieving and seemed to think: "He seems to be serious! This is not an occasional grumbler, not one who just happens to be worldly-human. " She and her companion turned to go and turned around again and again, probably also because I called after them: "Every single Jehovah's Witness will have to answer for the religious murder by letting it bleed to death, for he has expressly agreed to the murderous organization!" A passer-by showed herself surprised at my words. I pointed to the two women and said: "These are Jehovah's Witnesses." The passer-by understood.

At the Volksbank an older Jehovah's Witness and a young Jehovah's Witness stood and gossiped. Not the slightest semblance of devotion or earnestness, no semblance of worship was discernible among them, though the preaching ministry of Jehovah's Witnesses is supposed to be the only true worship. After 3 minutes, the Jehovah's Witness departed and returned after another 5 minutes. Then both went away as if nothing was wrong. That is not steady and the trend in Wiesloch will probably also go in the direction of ignorance. But Wiesloch is not as anonymous as Bruchsal. There will be still many possibilities to reproach the false teachers for their mistakes.

In between, I met an old Jehovah's Witness who wasn't in sermon service. I also said to her: "Every single Jehovah's Witness will have to answer for the religious murder by bleeding to death, because he expressly agreed to the murderous organization!" She did not get this hateful expression on her face, did not make a negative gesture, but only seemed insecure. Her husband joined her, I was already some steps away, she told him what she had experienced and both went to a bakery. I looked at the man from outside and said with very clear mouth movements: "They murder!" and pointed the finger at him. Right after that the salesgirl looked up in horror. From this I conclude that Jehovah's Witness must have said something hateful.

After a short shopping – I was actually already on my way home – I drove back to the pedestrian zone. Right next to the parking point for my motorcycle stood three or four Jehovah's Witnesses. Except for one all went away and wished all the best to those who stayed behind. I pulled out my DIN A4 sheet and over the next few minutes I gave her quite a loud and clear argument that the Watchtower Jehovah must be Satan:

  • The Antichrist Behavior of Jehovah's Witnesses at the Antievening Supper. They demonstratively let bread and wine pass by, as only Satanists would do if they wanted to hurt Jesus properly.
  • The first commandment forbids having a second God. The Watchtower God, however, introduces a second God in John 1:1, whom one must have in the Watchtower religion. This forces Jehovah's Witnesses to break the first commandment 24 hours a day.
  • Human sacrifices such as the watchtower variant bleeding to death are present in all pagan cults. This witness will also have to answer for the religious murder, because she explicitly agrees and even advertises it.
  • In Revelation 5:13-14 Jesus is worshipped by all creation. How can this be if Jesus is only a spirit being or an angel, as the Watchtower Society claims?
  • ... and some more.

At the end I walked 20 meters away and took a picture. Jehovah's Witness covered her face and called something after me that contained the word police. I called back twice very loudly: "Are you ashamed of your God? What a religion to be ashamed of! " When I came back to the motorcycle to leave, she (probably without having really called) phoned the police. I told her my name and address and invited her to take a photo of me. Then I drove home.

In between I had a conversation with a cyclist. More and more people are recognizing that they understand the situation comedy better and better. Jehovah's Witnesses are already begging for recognition from passers-by by greeting them neighbourly. Wiesloch is not as anonymous as Speyer. People know each other. And yet it is noticeable that Jehovah's Witnesses are slowly losing the imagination of being a recognized figure in Wiesloch due to the unmasking of their heresies. They notice more and more that a house built on lies cannot really withstand.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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