Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 315

Let Murderers murder out of courtesy

Humanistic tolerance at its best

On the way to Speyer it occurred to me that Jehovah's Taliban could also stand at Walldorf-Wiesloch station. And indeed. The Watchtower religion harassed the travellers there with its propaganda. I took pictures and put up my signs. A trainload of people defiled past the Taliban of Jehovah. Everyone looked at my signs. Jehovah's students looked at their shoes and smiled laboriously.

When Jehovah's advertisers left after a few minutes, they once again threatened the police. I gave a small legal lecture, which did not interest Jehovah's students in any way. These people actually believe that their public activities are a private matter. As private as the systematic murders carried out by the Watchtower Society through its hospital liaison committees?

The embarrassing departures of Jehovah's Witnesses in the confrontation with the works of their religious society also remain inconceivable. How many times does a Jehovah's Witness have to go through the embarrassing exit before he realizes that his Jehovah is "God" a fiction? At least at some point he should realize that this Jehovah can be "God" at most Satan, who forbids contact with Jesus Christ. Jehovah's Taliban are not allowed to pray to Jesus. Jehovah's Taliban must refuse bread and wine at their banquet. Jehovah's Taliban are not saved through Jesus, but through the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Taliban are not Christians!

The unpaid Taliban of the Watchtower Society are calibrated to suffer disgrace and feel confirmed when you Jehovah "God" once again lose out. The pseudogod of this freemasonically designed anti-Christian religion can never win. This pseudogod is the cult figure of constant inferiority as a copy of the persecution of Christians. While Christians around the world are shot, burned, raped and tormented with all kinds of violence, Jehovah's pseudo-Christians feel mortally insulted by upheld signs. The stupidest embarrassment possible is the central quality of the God of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Morally and ethically, this Jehovah "God" is regularly the loser and stands in public as a liar. He is exposed again and again and the embarrassing departure of Jehovah's Witnesses doesn't mean anything to these people. Just as a Catholic priest doesn't realize that his miracle of change is just an embarrassment, so Jehovah's Taliban are resistant to the realization that their Jehovah "God" has to give way to a Christian with slogans on upheld signs like an exorcised demon. The religious tragedy finds its deadly continuation in the organized bleeding activities of the hospital liaison committees.

The old Jehovah's men's lap in Speyer also made off immediately when I arrived. I called after them: "Like caught thieves! Like caught thieves they run away!" Later I was checked by the order authority of the city of Speyer. I asked if the signs should be torn from my hand. No! When I had to show all the signs for inspection, I asked whether this was a test of conviction. No! The three servants of the police department of the city of Speyer kept a distinguished distance and I was able to provide some well-founded explanations about the organized bleeding murders of the Watchtower Society. I emphasized that these organized murders are not investigated by any public prosecutor in the world. Yes, yes!

Shortly thereafter, a man passed by and made the wiping movement. I called after him: "The windshield wiper movement costs you 800 euros! Lucky I didn't report you!" The man was too cowardly to turn around and left.

A senior Jehovah's Witness couple passed by. I looked them straight in the eye. The click of my camera caused violent aggression in the Jehovah's man. His wife had to hold him so that it wouldn't happen again. Jehovah's Witnesses simply don't understand that they can be photographed! Jehovah's Witness carried the Watchtower Society flyer folder open in her right hand. She used it to advertise her religion of lies. These folders show Jehovah's unpaid employees like a doctor on a stethoscope. And those who go public to campaign for the Watchtower Society or others have given up their right to their own photo. At Jehovah's Taliban, women are very often the dominant people. Thus a more serious conflict was avoided.

Two Jehovah's Witnesses from the Muspott pulled a bow and turned again. An eloquent shorthair social green with a rollator taught me about Jehovah's Witnesses. It was impudent to sit here with the text "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" when otherwise Jehovah's Witnesses would always stand here. All my reproaches only led to this woman smiling from above repeatedly repeating her humanistic demands for tolerance. At no time did she lose her superiority, smiling from above. My lectures became louder because the humanism lady was doubly impregnated and let everything drip off. At some point, I just repeated the sentence: "I will win the trial against the Watchtower Society!" (if it bleeds to death against the public accusation of "letting Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" legally).

In order to end the situation, I thanked her warmly and honestly for the opportunity to be allowed to become a bit grumpy once, and gave her my hand. We separated at the height of humanistic all-round tolerance and the woman didn't realize how hollow her all-is-okay philosophy was. Murder remains murder. Whether the murder is carried out with the axe or through the use of a deliberately twisted Bible theory in conjunction with organized committees that consistently manipulate the corresponding bleeding cases into the early bleeding death.

And while the Speyer city regulatory authority meticulously documents the centimeters of space used on the sidewalk, the Watchtower Society continues to have a free hand in committing its systematic bleeding murders unchallenged.


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