Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 446

Jehovah's Witnesses reluctantly make room

The Watchtower statement doesn't seem to suit them.

Preliminary remark 1: The faces of the Sharia Party Germany (SPD) were pixelated as a precaution. The trademark of the Jehovah's Witnesses on these pages is always the pixelated face. So if all lie tellers are pixelated, you should do it consistently.

Preliminary note 2: At the end there is a photo of the war party "The Greens". This party gave Germany the first war after Hitler that was contrary to international law. And now it advertises that a courageous people is not afraid. Through their poster they admit, incidentally, that they have brought all these individual cases of death by knife murder and rape into the country with their policies. They are as bold as Jehovah's Witnesses.

Two Jehovah's Witnesses stood directly at the beginning of the pedestrian zone. The slightly taller one is a very insecure woman. She plucked all the ends of her jackets for a long time and couldn't stop during the sermon service. She now has that under control. The smaller one gives the impression of a leading sheep. I think she can also bite.

When I showed up, there was a certain restlessness in this sermon service team. Not because of me, but obviously because of the new regulation to leave quite quickly without leaving the impression of panic. One could really feel how the renaissance against the new Watchtower order in the leadership sheep did not want to abate. The poor woman, the owner of the truth, should give way to one like me! Outrageous.

After 20 minutes, the two Jehovah's Witnesses returned, but went on without stopping. They certainly hadn't seen me, because I came from a completely different direction. I could observe how the leading sheep was hard to convince to leave the field because of me. The poor Jehovah's Witness was under pressure. The conflict, of course, is that the Watchtower truth has to give way quickly when signs are held up. So the new Watchtower order becomes a boomerang. Some will feel this conflict and may question things.

Well and the right society, the courageous society cannot be frightened. That sounds like a saying from the Watchtower, but Jehovah does not appear in it. My suspicion is that the current UN policy of repopulation, multicutality and gender mainstreaming has been tested in the Watchtower Laboratory according to all the rules of art in the long run. (Politics implements Watchtower experiment)

Al Baker Photography threatened me with violence on Youtube. This is the one with the video about me in which he calls me a rat catcher. The video is downloaded and saved. Currently it is deleted on its channel. Maybe he got a tip from a lawyer.


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