Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 138

Wiesloch: Jehovah's Witnesses do not know what they are doing

Jehovah's Witnesses: Nothing but Show and Clique Behavior

Four Jehovah's Witnesses: two in front of the Volksbank and two in front of the post office diagonally opposite. I shoot with cannons at supposed sparrows by holding up the accusations of murder on laminated DIN A4 sheets. But the sparrows turn out to be zombies sewn with double demonic stitching, the only sign of which is an impressive silly grin. Then I say a few clear sentences, because a word heard by others can touch a hardened heart. What happens? Jehovah's Witness, who always puts on the cartoon Heidi smile, calls the police. She talks about screaming. Otherwise I don't hear anything understandable.

One woman tells me that fifty years ago, as a teenager, she saw a young Jehovah's Witness die by bleeding to death. So for at least 50 years, the Watchtower Society has been killing people because of a deliberately calculated misinterpretation of the Bible. We live in a world in which a religious community can legally kill people. And this for a long time!

A patrol car drives through the pedestrian zone and Jehovah's Witness waves the cartoon Heidi smile. The patrol car continues. Jehovah's Witness Heidi follows the patrol car. I didn't notice if she talked to the policemen anymore.

The Christian Markus runs up, the homeless one with dog, bicycle and transverse flute. It is Christmas and the people are very friendly. The Heidi witness speaks to almost every passer-by in the clumsiest way. She has the knack. A passer-by wishes her a Merry Christmas. Heidi-Zeugin thanks her and returns the wish politely. How broken is this woman? The spiritual position of this Jehovah's Witness is so clouded that she no longer knows that Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas, let alone wish each other a Merry Christmas. At the same level, their minds are bobbing around when it comes to realizing the Watchtower Society's murders. There is zero comma zero reflection, no thinking, no conscience. There is nothing more except the Jehovah clique and the sermon service with Heidi mask.

The three other women stayed in the background and were only advised or instructed once in a while by the Heidi witness. Otherwise, the women stood up to the accusations of murder by defending a good mood and grinning and feigning joyful composure. As soon as I looked the women a little longer in the eyes, the played safety disappeared and the normal person flashed out under the witness costume. But these people are so "trained" that they don't see the fragile Watchtower facade as the cause of their stupidity, but rather long for it, for the Watchtower facade is their only cover that can hide their spiritual nudity. They don't have anything else.

In one picture I marked the two Jehovah's Witnesses standing in front of the post office with the word "incredible". These two Jehovah's Witnesses, of whom the dark-haired one can act very spitefully, behaved almost indefinably differently than usual like the constantly insecure and permanently grinning with embarrassment partner of the Heidi Witness in front of the Volksbank. Somehow subtly still and neutral at all costs. Do you know the feeling: Everything is as always, but something is wrong? The only explanation I can come up with is that the sermon service of these three women under the leadership of Heidi-Zeugin must have been scheduled at very short notice. After the four Jehovah's Witnesses had never allowed anyone to bleed to death the day before at my exclamation "Jesus never let anyone bleed to death" from the Wiesloch pedestrian zone after 6 seconds, the Heidi Witness must have undertaken a special perseverance and restoration action of Jehovah's good reputation. The behavior of these women was strange and I kept seeing the lonely housewives in front of me – the Watchtower facade almost lost. They could be seen in their role as extras.

The homeless man with dog, bicycle and flute had a good day today. The Jehovah's Witnesses also saw that. The two "incredible" Jehovah's Witnesses sat down in the bakery after their action and I met them there when I bought an egg roll. During their second breakfast, these ladies must have discussed because they actually came up to the post office one more time to throw a coin into the box of the homeless man in a big scene. Two Jehovah's Witnesses really did think for themselves and did an act that could be considered a Christian act if it hadn't been done for tactical reasons.

But for these people it is not enough to recognize the abysmal malice of the bleeding murders. The fact that Jesus would never let a person bleed to death does not work for them. These people do not see that a religion that does the opposite of what Jesus teaches is absolutely anti-Christian. They also do not recognize that they make themselves accomplices of the Watchtower Society, the murderer organization, and that they recruit new death candidates. The only thing they have is this supposed security in their clique. The rest is darkness and the tendency for this clique to commit any kind of self-deception and deceit against other people.

But there's resistance to the anesthesia!


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