Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 418

Walldorf: Jehovah's Witnesses Command

SS Witness Jehovah's not at Congress

On Friday, so yesterday, I was at the station Wiesloch-Walldorf and it was totally boring. Walldorf compensated me for that today.

The station Wiesloch-Walldorf was full of black people. Walldorf was bursting with Jehovah's Witnesses. And again I was attacked by this SS Witness of Jehovah. I don't know why the peace-loving dead child elders let this witness do it. Normally a firebug is the enemy of the fire brigade. But here Mister Brutalo is the representative of the Watchtower Society. What is the New World Society trying to tell us?

According to my expectations, the regular place of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Walldorf was empty. Today was certainly another Jehovah's Witness congress, because yesterday I didn't meet any of these people at Wiesloch-Walldorf station. They all must have travelled to the city to roast themselves in the blazing sun2018-07-07-walldorf-home-of-the-six-years-old-bleed to death and let themselves be sprinkled with new light.

As I write this, two black Muslims sit in my garden and are the new owners. That's exciting, because this morning Jehovah's SS witness in Walldorf tried to drive me off the sidewalk. How will the black Muslims act? So far, they are holding on to their artificial conversation and you can hear their humming again and again.

But let us turn to the Jehovah's Witnesses in Walldorf, who are doing everything they can to portray their murder of the six-year-old from Walldorf as something invented. As expected, the place where they always stand was empty. I positioned myself right there with my signs and was very pleased that the Jehovah's Witnesses standing behind the funny little house on the church square in Walldorf did not attack me or threaten me. The morning went really well and I was able to talk to many people who were interested in the background of death by bleeding to death.

But it turned out later that Jehovah's Witness hadn't travelled to the Jehovah's Witness Congress either, but had stayed in Walldorf to frighten me once again, as he likes to drive me forward and intimidate me. He even had the support of a normal person with a bicycle, who liked to swear at me and join in the mobbing against me. Why do Jehovah's Witnesses defend themselves in such a dirty way when they have nothing to hide?

And just as I was feeling quite safe, Jehovah's SS Witness came from the left and almost ran over me. No sect can be defended more primitively. Scared other people with physical effort is the most primitive way to drive out critics.

Now the black Muslims in the garden, which strangely belongs to them, have turned on the music so as not to have to listen to the evidence that brings the blush of shame to every Muslim's face. That is definitely better than being killed by them. Isn't it nice that Muslims are still so peaceful today? Wonderful. I am thrilled.

The Jehovah's Witnesses in Walldorf, the local assembly responsible for the death of the six-year-old, who died on January 30, 2018 because of her human blood lie, all behaved calmly and stood opposite each other. Probably 100 meters away from me. There they stood around and stood around and avoided picking their nose out of boredom. In between, another Jehovah's Witness commando came by and had a hard time carrying his bellies. Maybe it has confused spiritual food with half chicken or it has supernatural wives who can only show their love through what goes through their stomachs. At least these fat-bellied Jehovah's witnesses continue peacefully as if I didn't exist. I was very grateful to them for this, but I would also have been happy if they had embarrassed themselves in direct confrontation, as I have become accustomed to from Jehovah's SS Witnesses.

Outside the music has become quieter. Are the black Muslims who don't live here listening? No, they talk and talk and talk and talk in their language. They are the new owners of Germany. They only have to wait until the democratic situation has turned in their favour. They are increasing in power. No problem. And mother Merkel is watching.

I hope I've had enough to drink when they behead me. They are still sitting in the garden and bubbling. Totally calm and sovereign. As sovereign as Jehovah's Witnesses when they don't listen to anyone. And when Jehovah's Witnesses simply let children die for their religion, the situation is even better. Then they have fulfilled their mission and grin as broadly as they can.

And yet they have a Jehovah's SS Witness up their sleeves, who is living out himself in the most primitive way and does not correspond to one of the Watchtower ideals. The man seems to enjoy something like fool's freedom to finally get rid of the accusation of the murder of the six-year-old from Walldorf. Of course he has to expel me from Walldorf. That is obvious. At least for Jehovah's Witnesses. But they don't realize that the six-year-old himself, who had to die because of the perverse blood doctrine of the Watchtower Society, will forever overshadow Walldorf's manor as an accusation. And Jehovah's SS Witness takes it to the extreme.

Right now he's busy smoothing out his primitive violent derailments by trying to get me to beat him. He approaches me with his butter-soft body and I don't know how to express my disgust. I keep running away from him and he keeps following me. Like a bag of water he throws himself against me to disgust me away. And of course to get me to finally beat him. Then his wrong actions would finally be justified. Then he could be a Jehovah's Witness again. So peaceful and so pious.

There's peace in the garden. They seem to have left, the black Muslims who don't live here and yet own everything. Just like her hostess, who is parasitizing here, that it is unbelievable.

I just looked it up again. The black Muslims and their mistress are still sitting there enjoying their possessions. After all, my garden belongs to Allah. So only a Muslim can be the true owner. I believe that Mrs Merkel is also in possession of this Allah.

Jehovah's SS Witness enjoys driving me around like an anxious animal. Jehovah's Witnesses seem to like blowing up frogs and skinning cats. That's how this man behaves. Now he has to work hard to finally beat him so that he can free himself from all his primitive schoolyard mentality. The whole game is tactics. The stupid thing about the Watchtower religion is the lack of the possibility of true inner reversal. One must justify one's misdeeds by tactics and pursue goals that in the end make one stand in a good light.

My other roommate showed up and blamed me for photographing the black Muslims in my garden. She doesn't read books or watch videos. She doesn't want to drive herself crazy. She just wants her peace and quiet and has to play referee here. How is that supposed to work? Without any basic information about the death religion Islam! Yes, only so it goes. One must not know anything about it, otherwise one cannot make peace. Can one do that without knowledge? The SPD, the Greens and Catholicism can do that. They lie to the limit. Truth and facts are taboo for them. Mrs. Merkel waves to it.

I'm dealing with a gay-soft belly-shooter Jehovah's Witness and a roommate who thinks she has to let as many black Muslims get to her as possible. What a miraculous turn this is! I am used to the normal hostility of the Watchtower Society. Boring. But the new chapters that result from Jehovah's wobbling belly witnesses in Walldorf and the black Muslims in my garden have a funny new quality. Freemasonry always comes up with something new.

No! No! No! It's all a coincidence! The SS-Schwabbelwurst of Jehovah and the Muslims in my garden, it's all just a coincidence. On the other hand, I consider myself fortunate not to live in a skyscraper-preserved environment where retreat to one's own prison is the ultimate remedy. The confrontation with the serial murder of Jehovah's Witnesses and the confrontation with black Muslims who don't even live here are aspects that save me from being a secluded Christian. The Christians, who are mainly in their own prison, naturally have an easy time of it. That's where the mail goes when the toilet gets clogged.

Jehovah's SS Witness in Walldorf is much easier to care for than the black Muslims who oppress me in my own home. Although the latter only make noise and behave like the master humans, their threatening radiation weighs all the more heavily on future developments, above all, because the Federal Republic of Germany is still at the mercy of a humanism sufferer, who signals with her Merkel rue that the country will no longer exist for long. I am sure that without Freemasonry Merkel would never have come to power.

Today the topics have mixed a bit. But that's not wrong at all, because the Watchtower religion is a copy of Islam with a gutted, reduced synthetic Jesus that doesn't even exist. Be careful! Don't let Jehovah's Witnesses get you around, and don't let your sexual desire open the door to Islam.


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