Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 112

Jehovah's Witness couple jumped into Kingdom Service

They don't fulfill their hours!

Arriving at the upper end of the lower pedestrian zone of Wiesloch, I was approached by a man sitting in front of his cup of coffee: "Now you've all driven them away!" I replied: "They'll still come." Last Saturday even three or four Super Special Mega Witnesses of Jehovah with special brainwashing had to give way to my clear arguments. It was therefore to be expected that the Jehovah's Witness advertising campaign in Wiesloch would only start very slowly today.

Like a deer, a Jehovah's Witness couple jumped into Kingdom Service. (The original sentence in a Watchtower publication was originally: "Like a stag they jumped into Kingdom Service.") The two have something about them that is very repulsive due to their arrogance formed out of necessity. These people are already very old and have probably invested a lot of their lives in this false doctrine and so they cannot and do not want to open the slightest rift through which light could fall on the matter. The pinched, wrinkled soul of these people is recognizable from the outside. They make an impression comparable to people in the Kingdom of Jehovah who, despite all the other promises of the Watchtower Society, still have the need for bowel movement. Somehow you can see that they are not stupid enough to believe everything that is written in the Watchtower publications. But they have opted for this concept and let every argument bounce off their grim facade.

The reaction of the passers-by was interesting. They were all very interested in the matter and I was even able to present several arguments orally, so that the two Jehovah's Witnesses had to lay their spiritual corneas twice over each other. But some things have certainly penetrated to them. I must have told them 20 times that they should read Revelation 5:13. It says that the Lamb is worshipped by all creation, which contradicts the teachings of the Watchtower Society, which claims that Jesus should not be worshiped.

Another Jehovah's Witness appeared in the pedestrian zone and walked past the Volksbank. The location was too close to her and she let herself be carried away by her legs to the Fielmann branch. There she staggered and took a stance and I repeated in broad outline the accusations I had already made to the above Jehovah's Witnesses (including responsibility for the religious bleeding murders). The stag-like Jehovah's Witness from above (the spiritual Tyrannosaurus) came down to the Fielmann branch, laid her hand on the insecure Jehovah's Witness's shoulder and told her something. After that the poor Jehovah's Witness staggered like half stunned directly to the lower bus stop and left.

The Tyrannosaurus Witness of Jehovah had also been the Jehovah's Witness who had managed in a few minutes to turn a man strangers to me against. I met this man again today and had to pass him. The sheer hatred is written in his eyes and I don't know what this woman told the man.

As for the hours Jehovah's Witnesses have to spend to possibly have a certain chance at forgiving sins, Jehovah's Witnesses are surprisingly inaccurate. They don't care that they work full hours, and probably now charge by the minute on their slips of paper. However, I would also expect them to measure the sermon service with the stopwatch or at least to note the minutes they have spent. None of this happens. If you observe Jehovah's Witnesses dealing with time, you can dismiss the Watchtower Society statistics as pure fantasy. Jehovah's Witnesses let the Watchtower see the sun for 40 minutes and write down one hour of sermon service. How can such a sin be wiped out? Are sins removed by lying here?

Jehovah's Witnesses also lie in Bruchsal

How credible is the acceptability of a Jehovah's Witness before Jehovah if the Jehovah's Witness cheats generously at the time of preaching? Someone who is already unfaithful in such small things by rounding up scarce hours, wrongly "documented" in writing, has he a real chance before God? The very idea of being saved by hour bars is a mad joke that cannot be found in the Bible. And yet Jehovah's Witnesses believe they will find salvation through the satisfaction of the great Christ (Jesus plus the 144,000 Anointed). At the same time, they are bleeding people to death for this Jehovah God and are promoting one false prophecy after another.

The arrogance of Jehovah's Witnesses toward criticism confirms the erroneous path taken by Jehovah's Witnesses. They are so arrogant in their sense of we that it is impossible to describe it. Hand on your heart! When Mafiosi greet each other, aren't they also very cordial with each other? The closer occupation with the lost from the Watchtower Brotherhood makes very sad. Not only because one is shown the whole tragedy of this false doctrine, but also because the people concerned let their whole dirtiness come to light without recognizing it themselves. They are like sick people who show off their bumps. The Watchtower religion turns people into completely perverted (upside-down) people who believe their twists alone and perceive anything but dirt. But there are also those who let Jesus save them from this vicious circle.

Of course, all this sounds very degrading, but it is Jehovah's Witnesses themselves who cause this situation and persevere. As much as I have sympathy for each and every one of these people, the change of character expressed in their arrogance towards criticism and critics is hardly bearable.

The poison that the Tyrannosaurus Witness injected Jehovah's Witness from Wiesloch into the man with the gold chain is also evident in the behavior of other Jehovah's Witnesses. This poison consists of hatred and contempt that have absolutely nothing to do with the God of the Bible.


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