Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 122

Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses fall into stiffness of death

Preaching has priority, Jehovah's Witnesses turn on blind, deaf and dumb

Every normal person reacts somehow when criticized. Jehovah's Witnesses do not. Everyone comes up with an excuse when exposed. Jehovah's Witnesses pretend to be martyrs. The objective unmasking of the Watchtower lie takes up Jehovah's Witnesses like a martyrdom. They practice steadfastness and deny all facts. Again, Jehovah's Witnesses are positioned just like the Nazis, who simply deny the truth so as not to have to recognize and acknowledge their own sin. Jehovah's Witnesses must do this because otherwise they would have to realize that they no longer have a conscience. Whoever no longer knows the lowest ethics and lets people jump over the blade with self-invented religious regulations, must lie to himself and to others in order to be able to live on at all. Jehovah's Witnesses have actually thrown the minimal ethics overboard to be able to kill people because of religion like the IS (Islamic State).

Whether someone kills by beheading or by misinterpreting the Bible, it remains murder. People beheading followers of Islam are even more considerate than Jehovah's Witnesses, who often make people suffer for long. Beheading is quick. The bleeding process lasts. And when a Jehovah's Witness realizes that he prefers to live, Jehovah's Witnesses form a committee that maltreats him until he finally bleeds to death. These committees are called "Hospital Liaison Committees," but the facts are they're bleeding enforcement committees.

And the German judiciary not only allows this to happen, but also makes this gang of murderers a public corporation. If the Islamic state were not foreign by chance, it could invoke the legal dispute "Jehovah's Witnesses against the Federal Republic of Germany" and force recognition as a public corporation!

The Jehovah's Witness scene in Wiesloch is a very special case. But Wiesloch is still relatively representative, because the maximization of stubbornness affects all Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide. The retiree clique of Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch shows us how a self-proclaimed elite goes under and can't let their fantasies go by. Just as Nazi Germany could not and would not understand anything, so Jehovah's Witnesses live in a nest of self-deception. They prefer to hit their thumbs with a hammer again and again, because they don't want to believe that the person who says: Hey, you don't have a nail in your hand! That is their homemade martyrdom, from which they conclude that they are true Christians.

When I came to Wiesloch, I enjoyed the absence of the scammers and ate an egg roll. Then I went up the pedestrian precinct to see if Jehovah's Witnesses had taken up position somewhere. And lo and behold, the troop resided at the maypole with the presents table and looked as harmless as possible. A passer-by responded to my announcements, which I sent to the harmless-looking fraudsters, and he recommended Jehovah's Witnesses to call the police first. He then became insulting and could only be persuaded to distance himself by clear words. It remains unclear, of course, how many of Jehovah's Witnesses' helpers were hired out during such a chain of events. Spy material is easy to find in today's poverty of the people. Who wouldn't want to do such a mini-job on the side for 100 euros?

To the dark-haired young Jehovah's Witness, mid-20s, I was allowed to explain the whole tragedy of lies of the Watchtower doctrine in just a few words. But the man remained ironic in his love of murder by religious rule. It is incomprehensible that these people do not realize that they in no way differ from the IS, the Islamic state. Both are killing people because of religious rules and the worst thing is: The Watchtower Society's blood rules were also developed through a deliberate misinterpretation of the Bible. Islamists are even still in the advantageous position of being able to say themselves: We are optimally informed and the Koran contains these things. Jehovah's Witnesses must deal with the deception that the Bible does not contain the deadly provision, but that the Watchtower Society artificially invented it. The deception underlying the Watchtower Society's murders is even greater than the Koran deception. Because the Watchtower scam was imprinted on the Bible.

A former teacher made me pretty stupid: Would you like to keep your camera longer? I reacted harshly, but later it came to a good longer conversation. This teacher had no idea about the fraud Jehovah's Witnesses are carrying out. A person who had formed people all his life was completely unaware at this point and on a par with Jehovah's Witnesses in the way that he saw his view of things as the supreme valid yardstick. Stupidity as teaching material seems to be rampant in schools like the deception in the meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The traveling overseer who was in charge of the Jehovah's Witnesses' presentation in Wiesloch had two qualities: He was the ruler in himself and at the same time a strawdoof when I made facts from the Watchtower doctrine clear to him. The man successfully hid as he suffered from his proven lack of conscience, and convulsively captured his self-image of the ruling Jehovah Envoy. The scenery was extremely embarrassing for him, especially as all passers-by listened when I reproached him. This man's face was pure façade and he always looked as grim as possible in all directions, rarely at me (only two or three times). He didn't have a single counter-argument and his whole performance was ignorance of facts.

Jehovah's Witnesses have forgotten the lowest ethical standards. They let people die for religious rules, although Jesus did exactly the opposite. Jehovah's Witnesses are spiritually dry Jesus deniers and very proud of them.

This Friday, for about five hours, I was allowed to show people the lies of the Watchtower Society quite vividly and the Jehovah's Witnesses turned deaf, blind and dumb. They are beaten all along the line, but they cannot acknowledge the embarrassment because it is not foreseen in their concept. Jehovah's Witnesses are too stupid to realize that with their stubbornness of hourly abstinence they provide me with a great platform to expose their religious lies. Five times, after naming the Watchtower murders, I called out to Jehovah's control witness: "You will recognize them by their works. The man was simply helpless. Piteously helpless. Because of his Watchtower pride.

The intelligence of Jehovah's Witnesses is reduced to the Watchtower Booklets and they can only use their thinking apparatus to deny the very facts that would restore their intelligence. A pig can do nothing for his death. Jehovah's Witnesses deliberately take spiritual death upon themselves and imagine themselves to be spiritually superior to humans. Jehovah's Witnesses see stupidity blasphemy as a vehicle of martyrdom and go into sermon service like gambling addicts to the gambling room. But Jehovah's Witnesses must also assume this role of victims because they have no arguments against the truth.

Thank you, Guenter, for your good wishes. I found your note on the motorcycle and was very happy. The day was extremely victorious in the Lord.


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