Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 160

A letter to the Jehovah's Witnesses

Look at your works!

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses,

You claim to be the true people of God. Who besides you claims to be the true people of God? Right. The Catholic Church. The most antichristian under the sun, whose leader gives himself the God title "Holy Father," is convinced of the same thing as the Watchtower Society and you. While in the Catholic Church the doctrine of having replaced the Jews as the Chosen People is drowning without a sound or a song similar to your bleeding murders in worldwide jurisprudence, you are regularly trimmed to this elite status of the "People of God" displacing Israel.

No man who has not made Jesus his Lord in prayer can be a Christian. First of all, you are forbidden to pray to Jesus as idolatry. For according to your teaching Jesus is another God and not the Father who became man. Jesus cannot be your Lord because of this idolatry. Unfortunately, you do not realize that you have less than nothing to do with Jesus. You invent rules that help you bleed people to death worldwide without being prosecuted for murder. Jesus broke the highest religious rule to heal people. You are doing the direct opposite. You murder people with the help of your special religious statutes.

You do not realize that you are doing exactly the opposite of what Jesus did. The entire Bible interpretation assigned to you by the Watchtower Society is highly anti-Christian. You can recognize it by your bled out Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus never let a man bleed to death.

Your "Truth", as you call the Watchtower Society, deliberately misinterprets the Bible and is therefore easily recognized as a Masonic attempt to ridicule all faith in God and Jesus in particular. You are regulated and controlled by loss anxiety. You are prisoners of the Watchtower system and you feel comfortable in it because everyone is equal in the bucket. If you knew Jesus, you would not care at all and you would leave the Watchtower prison immediately. Because Jesus is more than your colleagues. Much more.

When you joined the Watchtower Society, you knew that your "truth" killed people for your religion by bleeding to death again and again. In view of this fact every man would have resigned with conscience. But your conscience was already destroyed, disturbed, Watchtower-biblically trained. You scold the Catholics and hope for their imminent destruction. But not only are you no better than the Catholics, you are even more superficial. You are in Watchtower deep sleep like Catholics in Catholicism coma. You are no longer reachable as humans. For everyone who is capable of thinking, you are like zombies, undead without life.

Stupider than atheism is the theism that turns Jesus into another God and thus into an idol. Where evolutionists still have a small rest of their own thinking, your "truth" has installed you a dark hole that swallows every hint and every appeal without problems. You trust in a "knowledge" that you will be thrown to the grave by the Watchtower Society for life. You do not want to know that you are only subscribers to a newspaper publisher who denies Jesus as the Father who has become man. You have conspired to create your self-rescue through advertising for a newspaper publisher.

As someone who got to know Jesus, it hurts me especially to watch you do your work. You seduce yourself and carry the antichristian seduction out into the pedestrian zone and into the houses. You do not trust Jesus to save, but you trust a handful of fat ideologues who have declared themselves the channel of God. Your mediator consists of 144 thousand Spezis, which no one really knows, plus an imaginary pseudo-Cristus, who in the Watchtower literature is sometimes called Sage Apprentice and times as elitist lace monkey is represented.

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses, begin by observing yourself and ask yourselves if God, who sacrificed Himself for us as human beings, could find your behavior well. Have you never wondered why your religion demands blood sacrifices as practiced in ancient natural religions? Have I never asked you why your "truth" to this day delivers false prophecies? Have you not wondered how "knowledge" can save, when Jesus always said: "Your faith has saved you!"? Do you really think you could climb up to God through Watchtower preaching while at the same time rejecting God who came down to us as man?

Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus is saved. All who disdain Jesus must be like you. Self-rescuers and hard-core religious service providers. Finally realize that self-righteousness does not save, but that it is someone else who does us justice. Please recognize that the justice that is valid before God cannot come from us or from a newspaper publisher. Seize the chance in Jesus. This chance in Jesus is a single prayer to him, in which a yes to him occurs.


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