Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 11

Speyer, 28 July 2012

Ice cold and elitist

28.07.2012 Speyer – As soon as I arrived in Speyer, I came across two Italian Jehovah's Witnesses who were recognizable by their literature, some of which they left hanging openly. I walked behind them at a reasonable distance with the cardboard sign. They should have noticed me, but they walked calmly from the pedestrian zone into the adjacent park. After four hundred meters of the perfectly executed ignoring I spoke to them and got to hear directly middle wild insults. One of the two also justified the reaction: "I don't want anything to do with Satan." My answer that this Jehovah must be Satan, because he is stopping contact with Jesus, no longer penetrated his ear.

I decided on a Matjes Herring roll, which I had already planned to eat in the morning. But it came differently. In the pedestrian zone the Jehovah's Witnesses, probably from the Italian Kingdom section of Speyer, had set up a stand with their advertising material. I stood in front of the stand with the cardboard sign saying Jehova "God" is Satan. He forbids contact with Jesus and stopped 3 hours before with two short breaks. I saw the shift change, where the young male, relieved witness approached me friendly. My counter-questions didn't upset him, but he didn't have a word to answer. He left unanswered the question of how many lords to serve according to Jesus' words, having previously stated that Jesus was also his Lord. Then he threatened me with the police if I took any more photos. I said that this was only relevant when I published the photos and that he should call the police. He had emphasized his threat by saying that the police were only three corners away.

The bottom line is a harsh, aggressive rejection, which I can well understand. But if, as a Jehovah's Witness, I were so sure of myself, I wouldn't avoid open discussion and documentation through photography. However, I have become accustomed in the meantime not to let the Jehovah's Witnesses conduct the conversation because it always has the same suffocating structure. Of course, this frightens them off and they can then only make threats and sarcastic allusions.

The sermon service of Jehovah's Witnesses has a distinct business character in Speyer. None of them are passionate about it. None of them is interested in examining and refuting the accusation I have made. Nobody makes even the slightest attempt to think about the fact that their God is rigorously stopping contact with Jesus. This behavior is due to the obligation towards the group and also here it shows that the deification of the organization is taking effect. The only goal is the undisturbed pursuit of the business goals.


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