Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 225

Fight of the giants against me

Professional manipulation against upheld DIN A4 sheets

I'm going to Bruchsal. It is cold but beautiful. The roads are not yet dry after the rain. So I drive comfortably and with the necessary caution. Arrived in Bruchsal I park the motorcycle and am welcomed very friendly by an official of the Bruchsal police authority. I greet back with joy and think: Nanu? Has the realization prevailed that the criticism of the Watchtower doctrine is more than just an outward peace and a formal peace in the city?

In Bruchsal there were no Jehovah's Witnesses and after a short tour in Bruchsal I drove on to Speyer without any transition. I entered a pedestrian zone where Jehovah's Witnesses behaved like mice who are sure there are no cats here. These people's feelings of power literally dripped out of their coat pockets. Spoiled and loyal, they had conversations with all sorts of passers-by. Like generous top politicians, they became involved with the common people as if they had an infinite amount to give away from Jehovah's casket.

On this cushion of the meanwhile accustomed self-confidence, the advertisement for the Watchtower Society must have driven around like an air cushion boat in Speyer for a long time, because many passers-by were surprisingly friendly towards these false teachers. That was recognizable. All the more interesting was the holding up of the DIN A4 sheets with facts about the Watchtower doctrine. The attention of the people in Speyer was directed to these facts in a way not yet experienced. I would never have thought that Jehovah's Witnesses would be able to eat up society spiritually to such an extent that this could be seen in the very public behaviour. Unbelievable!

The bookstands at the fountain have probably finally gotten used to Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer because of my appearances. The embarrassment of the Watchtower religion was simply too great. Now they only run around with their drivable vendor's trays, with their sermon service sack trucks. With their watchtower trollies. At the moment, the Jehovah's Witnesses of Speyer are doing it like the Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg. They drive a certain route with their trollies and line up for a few minutes at fixed points. Of course, the length of stay also depends on whether someone is present with DIN A4 sheets held up. I assume that Jehovah's Witnesses vary their presence depending on the situation.

Of course, they must pay close attention that no unfavourable impressions are created. So they waited another three minutes of decency before they left. I had shouted out loud three times: "I don't belong to a religion that makes people bleed to death!" People looked and looked and read and read and looked. Jehovah's Witnesses looked at their wristwatches and read the time. In those few seconds, the Jehovah's Witnesses must have gone by at a breakneck speed, for Jehovah's Witnesses then broke off their mission in an organized manner. Only my mate, the Jehovah's Witness Mecki, stopped after he had fumbled out his handy advertising pencil case from the shoulder bag in a cumbersome and conspicuous way.

When the three other Jehovah's Witnesses left with the Watchtower Trolllies, I immediately walked behind them at a proper distance and realized that the Mecki Jehovah's Witness had hoped to attract my attention. That the other three Jehovah's Witnesses were struggling with a certain uncertainty was not only due to my exclamation: "I don't belong to a religion that bleeds people to death!" but it had been quite clear before. I need not mention that such situations always fill me with compassion. But the truth is more important than the undamaged self-deception of a Jehovah's Witness.

Imagine, you have a mushroom cultivation in the cellar and come only after years to harvest the mushrooms. Each cut with the knife falls a few kilos of mushrooms at once and you have the feeling of drowning in mushrooms or suffocating under them. That was the experience in Speyer today. From the first to the last second, people's attention was so serious and great that it made me feel as if I had finally come home after many years. Absolutely wacky! I, who did not believe that I had achieved much in Speyer, had to recognize by the pure opposite that without the enlightenment about the Watchtower heresies, a Jehovah proliferation had spread in Speyer, which can be recognized by the behavior of the people. Jehovah's Witnesses had obtained a polite to friendly acceptance in Speyer that I would never have thought possible.

Today it became clear with what ambition Jehovah's Witnesses must have worked in the meantime and on the level of complacent devotion people had made themselves well-disposed. All the more drastically I noticed the reaction of the passers-by, who took up the critical points of the Watchtower religion with unusual attention.

A Muslim approached me. In conversation, he said they were for all religions. I replied that I am against all religions because they are only human work and cannot lead to God. Why do people ask how to come to God when they can ask God personally? In Jesus, God has ensured that every person can ask Him directly. The Muslim was very friendly and didn't give a damn about my words. At least externally.

The Jehovah's Witness with the mecki hairstyle constantly tried to maintain his posture and repeatedly approached some restaurant guests sitting outside or waiting passengers at bus stops to force small talk on them. Somehow he wanted to demonstrate that he was at home here in Speyer and not me. But the DIN A4 sheets held up were stronger than his social threads, because they simply correspond to the truth. This is also the case with the elaborate advertising that Jehovah's Witnesses constantly carry around with them. At the sight of clear facts about the Watchtower religion, the Watchtower brochure becomes recognizable as fraud and loses its effect. The Watchtower advertising giant becomes a dwarf in the face of reality.

The real goal of the Watchtower Society

Despite the long period in which Jehovah's Witnesses had a free hand in Speyer, there has been no sign of increase as far as I can see. The old extras were on their way and the troop suffered from the old lonely abstrusity of heresy. This correlates exactly with the assessment of the Watchtower Society I gave on the page "The apostasy of Jehovah's Witnesses – an anti-Christian strategy to punish Jesus for lying".

The Watchtower Society is not at all interested in bringing about a New World situation or in establishing a hope for a better world. The Watchtower Society has only one interest, namely to ridicule any belief in God. It is the strategy of all the illusory religions that kill people. They are calibrated to let people become dull atheists.

Behind me, a little child read aloud: "Only Jesus saves!" A scene like written for a movie.

Forget all religion, forget Catholicism with its clever lies, forget the Watchtower religion with its victims of bleeding. Come to Jesus. There is no one on this earth who cannot come to God without detour.

A human experience

On the way back I was still shopping fast and at the cash desk of the discounter stood a young Muslim woman, who very obviously enjoyed the looks of the people. She checked again and again whether she was still being looked at. With her hair tied high under her headscarf she looked like an alien. While I was still thinking about my personal reservations about the Muslim women's façade, the cashier paid this woman a nice compliment. She asked if the eyebrows had been traced, and when she said no, she said: "Very beautiful eyes!" The Muslim was visibly pleased and I realized that our cashier had done the best integration service I have ever experienced. She had seen the person and had responded to him. Honest and simple. Without ambush. And yet she had exposed the Islamic lie of women's oppression like hardly anyone else. She had met the Muslim woman's natural need for attention and at the same time exposed the way veiled Muslim women often behave. Because: How can a veiled woman get compliments? Only through the exaggerated outward beauty of the remaining clothing slits. And I have seen that again and again. Even under the whole body bag with the slit, Muslim women often present themselves in such a way that one can hardly look away. The eyes are made up so blatantly that their beauty compensates for everything that the Muslim woman otherwise has to hide. And the Muslim woman in question wore only this alien headscarf. She still had the possibility to be recognizable as a beautiful person by her face.

Here again it becomes clear that religion forces people to lie about their behaviour. In the adaptation to religious regulations man must find ways out in order to be able to breathe at all. This is not the case with Jesus. With Jesus everyone is allowed to be as he is. Nobody has to pretend or put on make-up in order to be loved. Jesus makes us free. He is the truth.


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