Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 259

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch Shy Deer – Collegial in Heidelberg

Heidelberg and Wiesloch strongly enlightened

Where does this superiority of Jehovah's Witnesses come from? Are they simply better than other people? Better people? Better in Bible knowledge? Better than organized community? – The reader will suspect that Jehovah's Witnesses are no better than other people. But Jehovah's Witnesses are better drilled than other people. And yet it turns out that depending on the region, Jehovah's Witnesses differ greatly from the Watchtower norms. Nor can they just jump over their shadow because the Watchtower Society commands it.

In Wiesloch, Jehovah's Witnesses behave like shy little deer who, at the slightest provocation, seek out the next edge of the forest as cover. In Heidelberg, Jehovah's Witnesses behave elitist, adapted entirely to Heidelberg's snootiness, from above down and, at best, like a friendly mafia boss who desists to forgive a mistake made by a protection money blackmailer.

So I experienced in Wiesloch only fast disappearing Jehovah's Witnesses. The picture of the caught liar was the Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses monument. In Heidelberg, on the other hand, a smug superiority of Jehovah's Witnesses opened up completely new possibilities for me. Not only could I deliver regular sermons without notifying the police, but I could tell Jehovah's Witnesses that I loved them as people and didn't want them to appear unnatural when I told them the truth. And the fact that I was able to tell them the truth at all was precisely because the Heidelberg Jehovah's Witnesses somehow did not want to give up their superior position at any price. As a superior you don't call the police. You don't protest as a superior. Every resistance marks the loser. So I could finally open my mouth due to the Jehovah's Witnesses general superiority, without ambulances, fire brigade and police being called immediately.

And I told the two Heidelberg tourists who were Jehovah's Witnesses a lot. I am sure that everything hit the heart, but the twisted and mutually controlling Jehovah's Witnesses were not allowed to show anything. The only thing the male Jehovah's Witness produced as defense was the usual Watchtower arrogance. Jehovah's Witnesses are naturally dear people, but after their Watchtower studies, they can't help but embody all the arrogance of Watchtower society. Who can save them? Only Jesus alone. But they must not have any contact with Jesus. That is what their pseudo-god Jehovah commands.

While in Wiesloch the Jehovah's Witnesses are still celebrating the role of the victim and are making off like shy deer, Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg resort to the means of contempt. Jehovah's Witness, who was the Touri Guide for his partner, treated me like someone who had to follow his instructions in all inferiority. "We go on now. Are you coming with me? We'll stop back there again. " Or: "Haven't you had enough? Do you have to go on?" Of course I went along very nicely and showed the many people in the Heidelberg pedestrian zone my warning signs. The number of astonished passers-by was enormous. And quite a few understood the situation. Some were thrilled that someone consistently resisted Jehovah's Witnesses.

The young, handsome and totally convinced Jehovah's Witness took his confidante to a place in the blazing sun to make my stay impossible. I left them with the words: "The thing is not against you!" Then I let them fry alone in the sun. I don't know how long they lasted there, for I had already met the other Jehovah's Witnesses on their way to seduce Heidelberg.

The glorious trio of Jehovah's three Heidelberg supergrowers with the fat hair guide stumbled right in front of my feet and I only had to pull out the signs to achieve the necessary educational effect. These Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg don't realize that their insanely superior calmness helps a lot of people to get the message across. The ignorance of these Jehovah's Witnesses is the basis for the fact that hundreds of Heidelberg visitors and inhabitants get the facts about the Watchtower heresy. These three superheroines of the Watchtower Doctrine make the appearance of the Enlightenment possible in a special way. Heidelberg benefits from all the ignorance of these three sad representatives of the Watchtower doctrine.

But the fact that today the sunny disposition was widespread among Jehovah's Witnesses is shown by the meeting of all those caught at the mailbox. The two sun-roasted Jehovah's Witnesses joined the others with the words: "We are the Reinforcement." Oh how funny is Jehovah's Witness's life if you can make fun of it. A few minutes later, saying goodbye: "And when you see one standing there with signs ..." wiping away hand movement.

The autocracy with which Jehovah's Witnesses appear in Heidelberg enables people to be enlightened on a grand scale. Passers-by join me and go with me while I walk through the pedestrian zone with the raised warning signs. They ask interestedly about where and where and why. I explain my motives and hopes and the conversations are always good. Jehovah's Witnesses unwind their standard program, providing a platform for their own exposure. The bottom line is that today has been a very eventful day. Jehovah's Witnesses are well informed about me, but are unable to deal with me in a way that preserves Jehovah's much-praised Watchtower sovereignty. The Jehovah God of Jehovah's Witnesses leaves feathers. The Jehovah God of the Watchtower Society, who cuts off contact with Jesus, embarrasses himself.

The physical and spiritual murder of humans makes the confrontation with the Watchtower doctrine a long-running issue. The explosiveness of this topic does not diminish and there is still a lot to do in the field of enlightenment about the heresies of Jehovah's Witnesses. But the task is also attractive in the sense that the conversation between strangers takes place and an experience of togetherness emerges that is stronger than the Jehovah's Witness cronyism. Strangers from the wild agree and together recognize the necessity to set truth against lies and to take the risk of being despised.

In Wiesloch the practice of avoiding me as a devilish enemy like the plague and playing the role of victim dominates, even if this becomes a caricature of the victim. In Heidelberg, Jehovah's Witnesses demonstrate a superiority of their own and shoot themselves in the knee. What is better? Neither, because both tactics get by without Jesus and lack faith. Both tactics are only acts of conviction and ideological. There is no living faith, but only dead conviction as in communism or capitalism. Representatives of an ideology are confronted with true truth and can only react with a wrinkled nose. Trained and vaccinated machines become perpetrators of contempt or artificial victims. The Watchtower Society has not yet found an answer to the simple confrontation with the truth. Facts can make lies visible. They just have to be presented. In fact, Jehovah's Witnesses have not yet found a cure for this.


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