Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 47

Jehovah's Witnesses in Neulussheim at the roundabout

What a funny performance!

Today we drove in the direction of Speyer without any prospect of a reasonable educational work, always bearing in mind the possibility of having already missed the day. And indeed, there was no Jehovah's Witness to be seen in Speyer. How nice that two Jehovah's Witnesses in Neulussheim saved the day for me from the fire of senselessness.

We were on our way to Speyer and came through Neulussheim, suspecting nothing. Suddenly we spotted a Jehovah's Witness at the corner of the street and I stopped immediately in front of him on the sidewalk and parked the cart. While we were still getting our helmets off, I realized that a second Jehovah's Witness was standing across the street at the corner, also waving watchtower material around. They were the watchtower winkers at the roundabout and left immediately in view of our arrival. The whole thing seemed as if they had only waited for Nadja and me. What else should they have done with the Watchtower at the roundabout? Show drivers the way to Jehovah's Kingdom? They looked at each other briefly and went away grinning.

This situation topped everything I could imagine experiencing in terms of nonsense. Of course, I then developed various theories that could explain this abstruse situation comedy. The obvious thing is: Jehovah's Witnesses want to show me that they know my habits and therefore my routes.

So it came to a small experience at home when Nadja wanted to enter something into her laptop. The default selection in the field where she wanted to enter her name suggested some very strange things. And both of our thoughts were: How can Jehovah's Witnesses generate this? The fact is, of course, that this phenomenon was in no way related to Jehovah's Witnesses, but the simultaneous association in our brains indicates how meaningful and useful it is for Jehovah's Witnesses to give the impression that they are monitoring you and seeming to have you under control. The show at the roundabout actually fits quite well with this concept of the uncertainty of "world people".

Most of the uncertainty takes place in people's brains and hearts, Jehovah's Witnesses need only give the impression that they are the originators and controllers of that uncertainty, and they either have power over people or can imagine having power over them. I would bet that this kind of manipulation is extensively tested and refined every day in the Jehovah's Witness circles.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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