Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 171

Jehovah's Witnesses at the end?

Yes! At the dead end of the pedestrian zone

The question was: Do Jehovah's Witnesses line up next to the broken watchtower in Bruchsal or not? When entering Bruchsal, it was recognizable that Jehovah's Witnesses were not standing at the neuralgic spot. I turned off my motorcycle and walked through the Bruchsal pedestrian zone, not without mourning the Jehovah's Witnesses, who always give me the opportunity to confront the population with facts from the Watchtower heresies. The only question that interests me in the background is: Did Jehovah's Witnesses voluntarily withdraw or were they forced or persuaded to do so?

Given the case that the Watchtower Society itself has decided that the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses may no longer be in the realm where this strange symbol of the broken Watchtower is located, then it is very likely that the reasonable and logical cooperation of those who initiated both the Watchtower religion and ecumenism has taken hold. For from the point of view of the ecumenical makers, there is only one reason why a symbol of the broken Watchtower in the pedestrian zone was set up at the very place where Jehovah's Witnesses always had their bookstall: Jehovah's Witnesses have to leave the center of the pedestrian zone and with them this idiot who holds up signs for Jesus! Because this advertisement for Jesus doesn't fit the ecumenical makers at all!

At a time when even Evangelical Christians are beginning to represent the great insights of Freemasonry, it would be a particular pity to give a free hand to a Christian in the pedestrian zone who is still working with real facts. If this assumption were correct, both would be explained: the so peaceful withdrawal of Jehovah's Witnesses and their unbelievably symbol-laden sculpture of Watchtower Destruction.

If an apparatus like the Watchtower Society, which lets people and their criticism of itself drip off worldwide, reacts as courteously and flexibly as it did in Bruchsal, then this indicates a power to which it must bow. This power complex, which stands above the Watchtower Society, cannot be anything other than the Masonic Upper League, which has an almost insatiable interest in ecumenism. The aim is the Adamic ecumenism, which brings all religions into line and wants Jesus to be understood only as a kind of Buddha or something similar. The overriding interest of the worldwide forgetting that Jesus is the only way to God explains the seemingly unique process in Bruchsal. Jehovah's Witnesses kindly and courteously renounce their location and tolerate the symbol of the Watchtower smashing at their regular place. Thus the cause is eliminated that someone in an unspoilt way puts the human being to Jesus' heart.

The masterminds of the European dictatorship did not expect that a single Christian would disturb their plans so severely. The Bruchsal permanent dispute between Jehovah's Witnesses and a person who only holds up DIN A4 sheets with the deadly facts of their invented religion promptly had resonance in the FEG Bruchsal, from whose pulpit the blanket prohibition was pronounced to missionize in the pedestrian zone of Bruchsal. Indeed the phrase "I resent myself that ..." was used by the covert regent of the FEG Bruchsal. And the Christians sleep on!

If the Bruchsal City Council had banned the Jehovah's Witnesses from the most beautiful center of the Bruchsal pedestrian zone without the support of the worldwide Masonic Brotherhood, the Watchtower Society would have gone to court with Trara and Juhuu to legally enforce the status that had been valid until then. There must be a reason why Jehovah's Witnesses so readily yield, which the Watchtower Society must accept as an offshoot of global Freemasonry. Otherwise, it remains simply incomprehensible that Jehovah's Witnesses so submissively accept the symbol of the Watchtower's downfall in the middle of the most beautiful center of the Bruchsal pedestrian zone and allow themselves to be displaced by this symbol of their embarrassment to the deserted edge of the pedestrian zone.

What comes across here as a conspiracy theory is an attempt to understand the abnormal behavior of the Watchtower Society and its vassals in Bruchsal. A worldwide apparatus of power renounces one of the best places for a book table. The Bruchsal Watchtower Section voluntarily gives up everything it has worked on so far. The alleged omnipotence of Jehovah greets the symbol of the Watchtower destruction at one of the most important places in Bruchsal. Measures are being taken in public to eliminate the basis for upholding Watchtower religion facts.

And Jehovah's Witness smiles.

The scenario of the underlying power relations depicted here naturally lacks any logical basis, because Freemasonry does not exist of course. Freemasonry is only a rumored association of good people who hold strange rites and whose God is worshipped in the highest degrees as Jehovah and Lucifer. It cannot be that such an absurd association has influence on the city administration of Bruchsal and even more influence on the Watchtower Society and the local Jehovah's Witnesses. Anyone who sees Freemasonry as the background for the abstruse events in Bruchsal must of course be crazy.

It will probably be the case that the "house with ribs" only happens to be the destruction of the Watchtower. The fact that the thing was set up in front of the shop windows of a large fashion house in Bruchsal, of all places, and deterred the customers, is certainly only a coincidence. What has Jehovah got against the fashion house JOST in Bruchsal?

The calm and serenity of the Jehovah's Witnesses driven from the most beautiful place in Bruchsal is not only unusual. This compliance with which Jehovah's Witnesses evacuate their ancestral stand in Bruchsal does not at all correspond to their usual behavior and the announcements in their literature. The pullback that Jehovah's Witnesses are organizing in Bruchsal points to connections that take place far above their decision-making authority. The Watchtower organization bows to overriding interests of an ecumenical nature. Thus it itself confirms that it is only a building block in the building of the Jesus deniers who want to establish a godless zone with Europe from the ground up. And the FEG Bruchsal is a player in this game. This confirms once again fundamentally that religion does not save. Only Jesus saves!


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