Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 311

Speyer: Huge Jehovah's violent

A Jehovah's Witness is attacking.

Last week I already alluded to the very special feeling of "we" at the Altpoertel, which one finds or at least feels in the circles of the Watchtower slaves and their sympathizers there. Uninvolved people spontaneously ask to speak, I should disappear with my signs, one does not want such a thing. Again and again people appear who seem to be so old that they still knew Hitler and give you the feeling that they are on the side of Jehovah's Witnesses in the sense of sympathy for a conspiratorial clan.

Again and again the two old Jehovah's mighty men greet some people after them, bus drivers, delivery truck drivers, pedestrians on the other side of the square. And the mighty Jehovah's are grinning all the time, the one who always ran away so fast does a lot of physical training. His mouth constantly makes movements of a fish's mouth, he is so busy putting on the grin of the millionfold superiority.

When I lined up at about 9:20 a.m. in front of the buddy of the JW, who was always running away so fast, I was told by him loudly and with vile gestures to leave immediately and far away. This watchtower slave approached me very threateningly several times and demanded that I keep a certain distance. After a few minutes, Jehovah's Witness, who used to run away so fast, joined me.

This Jehovah's Witness somehow seems to own the whole neighborhood. Everyone knows him and greets him and turns up his nose at me. Only when he left his usual place did the whole thing normalize. And half an hour later you could feel quite normal again like in a pedestrian zone.

The first thing that this master of the average joke-squeeze did was again this waving of a patrol car. Like others waving to a taxi, this man stops a patrol car. He told the officer the blue from the sky. The officer radioed a patrol car crew and until they arrived I had to listen to them again and again: "They'll be here soon! They'll be here soon! They'll be here soon!" A passer-by also took part in the threats and in the joy that now at last the police would ensure order.

The requested patrol car official was busy with the problems of Jehovah's senior buddy witness and finally told me not to take the picture. I responded with an astonished "how" and told the officer that someone who stands in public to be seen loses the right to their own picture. The official felt compelled to inform me that he had studied this for three years. Apparently I had injured some strange pride in him. Anyway, the buddy Jehovah brothers, in cooperation with this policeman, had managed to seriously intimidate me.

After about an hour I sat down on the bench of the bus stop and held the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" so that everyone could read it. Then suddenly a woman about 30 years old with an Italian impact came up to me, grabbed the signs and said, "May I see what you have?" With these words she ripped the signs and I was pulled up with the signs. With the utmost effort I was able to pull back the signs that this woman was holding tightly. The woman attacked me again, and I screamed, "No violence!" At that moment, Jehovah's Witness in Chief rushed towards me to defend the poor helpless woman. This led me to shout loudly for help. The acoustics at the Altpoertel are surprisingly good. The cries for help caused the Jehovah's Witnesses to let me go. They stood in their place the next second and talked loosely about what they were going to do that day.

My signs were totally bent, so I had to keep them bent so they didn't fold back. Apparently the facts on these signs are so revealing that Jehovah's Witnesses can barely control their anger and aggression. At least the Jehovah's street fighters at Altpoertel seem to be ready for every outrage. In any case, however, they are regular customers of the police when it comes to eliminating the truth about their religion.

Just after ten o'clock the two aggressive Jehovah men left and I could breathe a sigh of relief again. Also the passers-by seemed more relaxed and came to ask questions. Several good conversations resulted and the day was enjoyable again. The violent Jehovah's Witness was also no longer visible, so that I could hold my signs more loosely again. Two fat Jehovah's Witnesses passed by and could not close their open mouths. A nun cycled by, looked over and read the text. A miracle had happened!

Later I drove quickly to the central propaganda place of the Jehovah's Witnesses and held up my signs there as well. The Jehovah's Witness Bookstanders grinned and made fun of me. Around 12:30 p.m. I stopped the clearing up attempt, because the crowd decreased at noon. Should the smooth watchtower people die alone in front of their books? I didn't care.

The Jehovah scene at Altpoertel is, according to all signs, a small parallel world with a Mafia influence. The well integrated German Watchtower fighters are happy to be supported by a spirit that does not shy away from the use of force. These people are so convinced of themselves in the clique that they radiate the desire for violence. The police know nothing about it, but they know how long they have studied the lost right to their own image. And a not small part of the uninvolved makes me feel that I have to disappear there.

The nose of wrinkled older ladies and gentlemen in this area gives me at Altpoertel the feeling of having met the remains of the Nazi world. And not only now and then, but again and again. I don't know how long Jehovah's Witnesses have been knitting their shallow sympathy structures there. But the acquaintances of the acquaintances of the acquaintances of these buddy witnesses' friends look back on successful lie years of these Jehovah's Witnesses.


The elitist clique formation of the Watchtower princes is transmitted to normal people. The group-dynamic paradise hope of the Watchtower doctrine inspires a local group. The cohesion is carried by a mixture of ignorance, National Socialist feelings and Mafia family loyalty. Jehovah's illusory world takes shape in a neighborhood in Speyer. The whole thing runs under the mainstream of humanism, which represents the right to call the true true and the false true. And the police like to be hired, because it's rude to hold up facts.


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