Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 128

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch behave like flies

They're easy to scare away, but they're still a nuisance.

Jehovah's 144,000 special witnesses, on whom the welfare of the other Jehovah's Witnesses depends according to the Watchtower doctrine, describe themselves as crickets that sting people with their scorpion sting. These grasshoppers plus the anti-Christian Watchtower-Jesus are the great Watchtower-Christus. The Jehovah's Witnesses, as they appear in Wiesloch and elsewhere, are only flies dependent on the 144000 grasshoppers. And they behave like flies. They are easy to scare away, but can also be penetrating nerves. That's what the Watchtower Society itself writes on the flag that Jehovah's Witnesses torture the whole of humanity. The real behavior of the Jehovah's Witnesses corresponds to these standards actually so published by the Watchtower writers in a quite amazing way.

The stubborn fanaticism of Jehovah's Witnesses, which always culminates in this arrogant complacency, is the means the Watchtower strategy uses to put people at their service on the streets. The great elite feeling – they constantly communicate it to each other – gives Jehovah's Witnesses so much of this "steadfastness" before themselves that they confuse sincere seriousness with stupid stubbornness. They are addicted to the high-flyer feeling that results from the Watchtower organization's world conversion ploy. Jehovah's Witnesses experience isolation and mental isolation as a grandiose anticipated final victory and bathe themselves in it. The martyr feeling plays an important role in these mixtures of feelings.

As an imitator – I expose myself even more to embarrassment than they do – I can understand these psychological processes very well. However, there is a big difference between the proudly raised game of self-congratulation of Jehovah's Witnesses and my imitation! I don't want to torture anyone, as it is binding for the Jehovah's Witnesses in the thought program of the Watchtower Society, but I want to enlighten them. I do not expect a final victory, but I want to help people and make them think now and here. Jehovah's Witnesses are driven only by the deceptive dream of the final victory.

Jehovah's Witnesses are normally completely autonomous in the daily performance of their "preaching ministry" and they can make their plans according to their own taste within the framework of the guidelines of the faithful and circumspect slave. But due to the enlightenment missions of a Christian with laminated DIN A4 sheets, they have been forced to give up their arbitrariness in Wiesloch for some time. They have to realize that a so-called worldly man is tampering with their glorious watchtower human puzzle. Then there is one who spits Jehovah's Witnesses into their final victory soup! Ugh!

Instead of noticing at some point how hollow it is to constantly have to tear out a DIN A4 sheet in front of a world man, these monstrosities of final victory fanaticism make a real sport out of scattering their "preaching service" hours as closely as possible around my appearance. They observe me and design their performances accordingly. For example, they also resort to other Watchtower advertising manoeuvres. They walk through the city with their anti-Christian material and involve people in conversations. Only one Jehovah's Witness, who is probably not yet sufficiently trained in Watchtower biblical, did the usual sermon service, so I had the opportunity to tell passers-by some things with my sayings.

The feedback from passers-by was once again devastating for Jehovah's Witnesses. The Hero of Jehovah's Stubbornness left after three quarters of an hour and probably had no idea what damage he had done. The exposure by my DIN A4 sheets is so enormous that one can say: Every second counts. It will come so far that I won't even wait for Jehovah's Witnesses to build up somewhere, but will carry the signs through the pedestrian zone without them. The Watchtower Society's evasive tactics may achieve a certain minimum of damage. But their flies must renounce their great elite feeling and, like any other political campaigner, involve people in talks. That's what's bothering them so much.

At the end there was a special spectacle. A Jehovah's Witness, who apparently lives right next to the pedestrian zone, had waited until I finally left on my motorbike. But an incident caused me to ride back again. When she saw me arrive, she immediately took flight. As proud and upright as possible.

Jehovah's Witnesses are final victory flies. Like excrement attracts flies, the hoped-for Watchtower final victory attracts Jehovah's Witnesses. Millions of Jehovah's Witnesses are eating out of the Watchtower Society's hands. According to the motto: Dung is delicious! Millions of flies cannot be wrong.

Read the Jehovah's Witnesses' self-assessment! Jehovah's Witnesses torture and kill. For example, by bleeding to death.


Hello Rüdiger,

Jehovah's Witnesses are not only as annoying as flies, they also serve the "Lord of the Flies". Flies were the symbol of madness in the Middle Ages. And if you look into their own ranks, you see almost only mentally ill people. So the "lower class" of this insane religion is more affected than the so-called supreme ones, who wallow in their arrogance and torture and maltreat their "flocks" to the point of death that I still feel sick when I think of my youthful days.

I have found my salvation in Jesus Christ. I have to say, I'm doing brilliantly and I feel great. How good it is that I had a Christian father who not only introduced me to Jesus, but also taught me to love my Savior and Redeemer above all else.


Anita [March 09, 2024]


If someone has stepped in shit and it is pointed out to them but they refuse to admit it, then I call that total ignorance. It's the same with Jehovah's Witnesses, who simply don't want to admit that the shit they've stepped in is all over them and stinks to high heaven, so much so that you can't normally ignore it. Instead, they talk about smelling good and defile themselves and others with it, instead of detaching themselves from it, cleaning themselves up and admitting their misstep. Jehovah's Witnesses feel comfortable in their shit and reject everything that could free them from it.

Jürgen [March 13, 2024]


Don't forget that JWs are still people that we have to love. But the choice of words on these pages and comments almost suggests hatred. Pull yourselves together!

United in the Lord Jesus,

Michael [March 17, 2024]


Hello, should and can we really love people who put Jesus on the cross? Or put him in a place according to their will?

Yes. [RH]

Does Jesus love these people who nail and nail him?

Yes. [RH]

Once only Noah and his family survived.

Yes, we have it in us, but we can't be better than God.

Love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you, let them beat you.

The servant is no better off than his master.

But Jehovah's Witnesses mislead, consciously or unconsciously.

We love and feel sinful. We need our Lord.

Anonymous [March 20, 2024]

The phrase ... can't be better than God ... reminds me a bit of the Greens. They are better than God. [RH]


Hello, on the subject of "hatred of Jehovah's Witnesses"!

There is a serious difference between hate, anger and criticism.

Objective good criticism can be very useful and helpful, while hatred and anger towards people is useless and counterproductive.

In the case of Jehovah's Witnesses, I hate and criticize the false teachings and not the people who have fallen for them, because they are only to be pitied.

Jürgen [March 22, 2024]


Yes, hatred of false doctrine. If Eve had loved her Lord, she would have recognized the lie.

The lie that leads astray. The lying humanity that thinks it can recognize good and evil and be like God.

I hate lies and liars and I hope and believe that I will not go astray. But for that I need the love of the Lord with the name Jesus. The one who is God, who went to the cross for us.

Best regards

Doris [March 28, 2024]

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