Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 444

Only flown in Jehovah's Witnesses in Walldorf

And again, Jehovah's Witness documented his embarrassing cluelessness

Saturdays in Walldorf – danger – aggression – persecution – hatred and agitation ... Renate and I experienced none of this today. When we arrived in Walldorf, a Jehovah's Witness couple stood at the central point of the Jehovah's advertising and both grinned so wide that the shop windows cracked. After a few minutes, Renate and I left for three to four minutes. When we came back, Jehovah's grin witnesses were gone. They had seized the opportunity at the mop of hair to leave inconspicuously. They must have known about the signs or even read them with their own eyes. How nice that they had gone with their hats.

Porsche Driver

A Porsche driver drove by and discussed religion with us. It became a very short conversation.

The man with the hat

From a biblical point of view, worship for a man is allowed only with his head uncovered. Therefore, you will never find a man with a hat at worship services. Only in the Catholic Church there are these men with the funny hats in worship. But they violate many more biblical commandments. In any case, a Christian does not wear a headgear in church services.

All the more comical is the appearance of a Jehovah's Witness who, in his allegedly true worship (which, according to WTS doctrine, is the Watchtower advertisement), is standing there with a fat hat on his head. With this signal, Jehovah's Witness is marked as someone who completely ignores the Bible, because he doesn't know the most basic things from the Bible and he doesn't care about them either. This gives the Watchtower Society the pleasure of showing completely ignorant people to other ignorant people as Bible researchers. And the man with the hat is grinning proudly.

There are particularly willing Jehovah's Witnesses who like to be deployed where "need" exists. But these people also put up with very long car journeys. This is often tantamount to a special heroism and these special Jehovah's Witnesses feel superior accordingly. They are master humans, who stand still higher than the usual master humans. The quick departure of these people was all the more beautiful.

When Renate and I came back after the three said minutes, we stood at the "warmed-up" spot, as Renate used to say. We had very good conversations. The main topic was the demand that one had to reproach "... of Jehovah's blood doctrine" very clearly. As if one had to present an official letter with a stamp, this demand was put forward again and again. However, the fact that the brainwashing of the poor parents of the six-year-old could only have come about through contact with Jehovah's Witnesses was not taken into account for the time being.

But the woman had patience and behaved very fairly, so that we could make it more and more plausible for her that the conclusion is not possible otherwise. Just as an expert can reconstruct accidents and similar occurrences in the tracks and testimonies, and just as a criminalist can find the culprit by putting the facts together, so too can the death of the six-year-old von Walldorf be reconstructed. There is no one who refuses to treat his child, except Jehovah's Witnesses and those who have been seduced by them.

The day in Walldorf was very nice for us and Jehovah's Witnesses were only seen for a few minutes.


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