Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 167

Jehovah's Witnesses fight against one man with 20 men and lose!

Jehovah's Witness mass posse for nothing

Wiesloch, 26 May 2015, 09:21 am. The central place where Jehovah's Witnesses like to show their power to the people is full of them. And more and more are coming. The wave of Jehovah's Witnesses power demonstrations in Wiesloch is so extreme that vegetable sellers and others with whom I have eye contact grin broadly. There's probably nobody in the pedestrian zone who doesn't know how to interpret the Jehovah's Witness march. It's not art either. Where else than in Wiesloch does the confrontation between the truth and the Watchtower Society regularly take place in the pedestrian zone?

It is a delight to walk back and forth with the clear signs (Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for a religion). Because no matter where you turn, Jehovah's Witnesses stand convinced that stacked stupidity becomes an irresistible superiority. An elderly lady – not a Jehovah's Witness – doubts that the statement "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for a religion" is true. I explain to her in a few words the connections and she thanks for the enlightenment. She hadn't known anything about the hospital liaison committees organized by the Watchtower Society to manipulate the bleeding person into refusing blood transfusion and thus to kill him quite safely. We are very close to the Jehovah's Witnesses when I explain the details to her. Jehovah's Witnesses can't call the police even though they have to listen to every detail.

The number of Jehovah's Witnesses has now risen to about twenty. The public disgrace is perfect, but only two or three Jehovah's Witnesses notice anything. And they will certainly keep silent later, because a Jehovah's Witness is not allowed to make anything critical of itself.

Later I visit the Watchtower colleague with the Heidi smile. She stands in front of the Schlecker ruin and immediately looks for someone she pretends to recognize on the distant horizon. This gives her an excuse to leave without losing face. When I arrive at the Volksbank again, she has disappeared. Only the two mega-witnesses of Jehovah are left, who in any case get eternal life on earth, as long as advertising for magazines can save people.

A man stands in front of me and proudly tells me that although he has not yet been baptized, he is a Jehovah's Witness. I reproach him for the responsibility he takes on by saying yes to bleeding human destruction. He stands in silence in front of me for several seconds and then turns away with a repellent gesture of his hand. A little later I see him coming up the pedestrian zone at a goose step. His mouth movements, which are moved downwards, indicate something evocative without one hearing a word.

The overwhelming mob of Jehovah's Witnesses has disbanded and no one notices the two mega-witnesses in front of the post office. Everyone is just looking at my signs. I am standing at the Jehovah's Witness square in front of the Volksbank. A man comes up to me and asks if my statement "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for a religion" is a true statement. I answer him that in fact I have been thinking about it all morning. If this statement were not true, the Watchtower Society would have taken legal action against it long ago. But if the Watchtower Society were to legally challenge this statement, it would not only have the risk, but the certainty that this statement would be confirmed by the courts and legally verified would have an even greater enlightenment effect. The Watchtower Society must prevent this at all costs. Therefore, it will never legally challenge this statement.

The well dressed gentleman does not go into the context, but asks me if I have ever read the Bible. At this moment I realize that he must be either a Jehovah's Witness or an Adventist. I react to his dominance of conversation with the request that he put on a tie so that he could also be recognized as a Jehovah's Witness. He is waiting for the opportunity to spin away his thread, but I am reluctant to repeat it out loud again and again: "Jehovah's Witnesses invent rules for killing people." This against the background that Jesus even broke the Sabbath (the highest religious everyday rule of the Jews) to heal people. Fortunately, this man left after I had repeated this sentence about 5 or 10 times.

Today, Whitsun Tuesday, was great. Jehovah's Witnesses, who actually wanted to demonstrate their superiority, failed so miserably that even the police could not have helped. And Jehovah's Extra Adventist or Extra Witness, who wanted to throw his weight incognito into the bowl, did not get a chance to speak. It doesn't make sense to let these pseudo-Christians finish, because behind their love façade they are only haters of people and destroyers of truth. The seducers of Arianism live from the support they give each other in the group of seduced people. They do not live from Jesus, but only from their group dynamics.

Parallels between Jehovah's Witness suppression and Hartz 4 suppression

Originally, I intended to look more closely at the amazing parallels between the Watchtower system and the Hartz 4 system. But the overpowering action of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch was topic enough for a website. I will make up the subject Hartz 4 in details piece by piece and weave it into the future reports about Jehovah's Witnesses. The parallels, the inner correspondences between the German oppression system and the Watchtower system are embarrassing and shocking. One thing I can and will anticipate: A state that destroys people according to all the rules of human contempt cannot help but make a system like the Watchtower religion a part of its own existence. The German state has integrated Jehovah's Witnesses into itself as a public corporation. With Hartz 4 he is doing on the material level exactly what the Watchtower Society practices on the spiritual level with its illustrated slaves. People are threatened with the destruction of their existence if they do not submit unconditionally. People are excluded from the community and left to nothing if they doubt the truth of the Watchtower oppression system and the Hartz 4 system. Systematic oppression is the sacred means to an end.

The German oppression system Hartz 4 not only gains a frightening closeness to what was imposed on the German nation under Hitler, it also resembles the Watchtower system. The open trend of German politics to again expose people to extermination under certain circumstances makes life in this people a dirty feeling. The Watchtower religion depicts this dirtiness one-to-one.

Inge Hannemann and her exclusion from the society

A striking correspondence between Hartz 4 and the Watchtower religion is the exclusion of unpleasant and truth-loving persons. The exclusion is decided by a few powerful persons. Negotiations and procedures are now only pro forma. The decision has been taken a long time ago and everyone who observes the process knows about it. The persons exposed to exclusion may no longer be greeted, no one may speak to them. This behaviour is one of the most brutal means of power, which is systematically applied to the people in the Watchtower Society and which in the German state is gripped by the natural fear pattern of those involved.

The fact that the German state – instigated by Gerhard Schroeder and Peter Hartz – uses oppressive techniques of the Watchtower Society and resembles these sect killing people produces in our society precisely the fear that holds the shop together in the Watchtower religion. Evil is spreading by a state applying it itself.



george coons [April 27, 2020]

You want to say that Jesus Christ is just a fairy tale. However, I can, may and must tell you that He came into my life with indescribable power, in response to my announcement that I wanted to give Him my life. That is amazing to me all my life. [RH]


Hentschel is Satan, he forbids contact with Jehovah!

Judith P. [April 29, 2020]

That thing is funny! Let's take a look at this thing. If I had the power to forbid contact with the Watchtower Jehovah-Satan, what could be better? Warning people not to contact this Watchtower Jehovah-Satan is wonderful. Because this Watchtower Jehovah-Satan bleeds people to death, covers up child abuse, and prevents people from coming to Jesus. Can someone become Satan who warns against a God who kills people? [RH]


Dear Rüdiger,

Thank you, which means in reverse that with the spell on your slips of paper: "Jehovah is Satan, he forbids contact with Jesus" – not everything can be true either.

In the end it is man himself who falls into the trap there and can also find his way out of the misery into which he has thrown himself.

Judith P. [April 30, 2020


Hallo Judith,

the Watchtower Jehovah is portrayed as a god who tolerates a secondary god next to him, but insists that this secondary god is not worshipped under any circumstances. That would be idolatry. Thus, the Watchtower Society makes an idol out of Jesus.

This Jehovah God is obeyed by millions of Jehovah's Witnesses. The statement that "Jehovah is Satan, he forbids contact with Jesus" is one hundred percent true. In fact, it is supposedly the only true religion.

This Watchtower God can only be Satan if he exists. Satan under an alias.

Rüdiger [April 30, 2020]


Hello the lady and gentleman, I want to install myself at this point:

Would it not be possible that the Jehovah and Jesus are identical? I am no expert, but I know that Jesus is God incarnate. So when Jehovah's Witnesses pray to Jehovah, they are also praying to Jesus. Then the Jehovah's Witnesses may not be worshipers of Satan. I have met Jehovah's Witnesses myself and they were quite nice. If they worship Satan, they hide it well.

MuselManne [May 01, 2020]

It's the other way around. Christians are those who have realized that God is Jesus. However, the Watchtower Society's Jehovah is not Jesus, but this art god has made an angel calling him his son. That is as mentally deranged as all Masons. [RH]


Are you saying that the Jehovah's Witnesses have degraded Jesus from God to an angel? That would be very strange indeed. But does that make them Satan worshipers? Do the Jehovah's Witnesses then also identify themselves as Satan worshipers? (Just as our German Chancellor uses the Merkel rhombus to let us know which Lord she is following!?)

MuselManne [May 02, 2020]

Yeah, that's one way to put it. They make Jesus an extra-god who is in competition with that Jehovah. [RH]


Hello MuselManne, Jesus and Jehovah are not identical. Christians pray to Jesus. Jehovah's Witnesses cannot pray to Jesus and must deny that Jesus is God.

Which God do you think this Jehovah is that forbids prayer to Jesus? It is obvious that only Satan has an interest in preventing prayer to Jesus. Satan wants to be worshipped himself, and Jesus is denied in this process. This is exactly what happens in the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses are Satan worshipers and most of them don't even know it.

Jürgen [May 02, 2020]


So I did not recognize this connection at first sight, I must admit. But it makes sense. And it's incredibly horrible! Then the Jehovah's Witnesses are being lied to in a very bad way! That's what I call a really sick number! It's just like the Catholics! After all, the churches of the Catholics are full of demons (called gargyles). And then some strange cleric with a big grin tells you that these gargyles are only supposed to deter evil from the churches and their believers. But these demons are not only outside but also inside the churches! If the Catholic churches are really houses of God, could evil really enter them? And how they represent Jesus! Nailed to the cross, with hands and feet full of holes. Blood streaming down with a crown of thorns on his head. in horrible agony! Is that how you portray someone you love and worship? It's all so sick!

MuselManne [May 03, 2020]

Yes, in Catholicism the defeated Jesus is shown. [RH]



the defeated Jesus.... – it is in being defeated that there is a chance for reconciliation.

Reconciliation is nothing if Jesus is not the victor. This is why Jehovah's Witnesses and Catholicism are very fond of celebrating the death of Christ. Both religions place the failed Jesus in the foreground.

Reverend Stolle is also looking at you!

An attentive observer [May 04, 2020]

Are you threatening me with the priest? [RH]


Hello Observer, in the Catholic Church Jesus is detested. Think about it. Think about a loved one. And that person is suddenly hit by a truck. Would you then go there, take a picture of the body and hang it up in the living room? When the Roman Catholic Church and other "Christian" denominations show Jesus bleeding and destroyed on the cross, that is a message. Nobody can claim that Jesus cannot be depicted in any other way. But they depict him like that. Obviously because they want Jesus to suffer, feel pain and be completely defeated. And who will have an interest in Jesus suffering?

MuselManne [May 04, 2020]

In true Christian churches the empty cross is depicted, which means that Jesus has defeated death. I have deleted the last paragraph. Please do not burden these pages through the back door. Thank you. [RH]


I never had any intention of burdening this site. Why should I?

By the way: The person I mentioned is quite a bit of a weirdo, to put it euphemistically. I can't help that this person is like that.

MuselManne [May 05, 2020]


It doesn't matter. These things happen. But the feedback has a value in any case, after all, you were able to address interesting issues. By this I mean especially the thing with tolerance. I think the term had a certain justification.

But it seems to me that the concept of tolerance has degenerated in the meantime. Today it seems quite obvious that tolerance means accepting people with the most different world views. Completely independent of whether such a world view might have harmful consequences for other people. Exactly the situation you mentioned.

If a devout Muslim man wants to marry a 10-year-old child, you have to tolerate that.

When Jehovah's Witnesses prevent the blood transfusion for an injured brother in faith, this must be tolerated.

If certain politicians simply cancel an election, you have to tolerate that.

And if in the "places of worship" by certain religious communities Satan is more or less openly worshipped, one must tolerate this.

In this way tolerance has become a poisoned word. Any criticism of even the most frightening conditions is nipped in the bud by the argument of "tolerance".

At least that's how I see things. Maybe I'm wrong...

MuselManne [May 06, 2020]


Hello MuselManne,

according to the rule of law, there can be no "tolerance" in the very facts you describe, as this simply contradicts the law.

Excuse me, Professor, if I interfere. It is well known that the law applies double standards to people of Muslim origin. Likewise, the rule of law has been a scarecrow in the field for several years now. And the tolerance of the do-gooders gladly allows everything. In the name of tolerance one accepts the dead and turns to buying bread rolls. Many people drowned in the Mediterranean because they had to be lured to Europe by all means. [RH]

A 10 year old cannot marry, at 16 years it would be different (= here the requirements are checked), there are regulations for this.

Not so with people of Muslim origin. The authorities are very tolerant. So is the justice system. [RH]

In the same way, please give an example here that a JW was not given a blood transfusion unless the person could still refuse it. In the emergency outpatient clinic, they certainly do not ask, JW – yes/no and then the measures due would not be carried out or would be considerably restricted. This would be failure to provide assistance.

Exactly that led to the death of the six-year-old whose parents were not even Jehovah's Witnesses, but were already so brainwashed by contact with them that they let their son die. And every Jehovah's Witness who voluntarily puts an end to his life through his brainwashing is also one death too many. [RH]

These are further examples of how you can turn everything around on this page the way you want it to be.

Many greetings

Prof. Dr. W. [May 07, 2020]


Hello MuselManne, you have put that wonderfully to the point. Through the so-called tolerance, which everyone has to stick to, any criticism is nipped in the bud. This is also one reason why Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to get away with their blood doctrine unhindered and continue to advertise for blood killings. Under the guise of tolerance and religious freedom, it is the perpetrators who are protected, not the victims.

Many also confuse tolerance with charity.

But Jesus did not say: "Be tolerant of your neighbor" but "Love your neighbour."

This is something completely different.

Charity means above all to point out dangers to people in order to protect them from them. Charity means not letting people just walk into an open knife.

Jürgen [May 07, 2020]


Believe me, Professor, it would be really nice if I were wrong about the points I have mentioned. Unfortunately, you're not. Child marriages are not unusual here in Germany either. Even our press doesn't hide this fact:

Child marriage in Germany: a challenge for the authorities

In the above article, however, it is not mentioned in which group these child marriages are practiced. However, it is suspected that these are especially immigrants from Islamic countries. After all, child marriages are allowed in Islam. Mohammed already had several women. One of his wives was Aisha, he married her at the age of 6(!) years. And since there are without doubt also pederasts among Muslims, the permission for child marriage is also used.

You're right, child marriages are actually not allowed. But as Rüdiger already mentioned: The justice system is "tolerant". There is little or nothing done against child marriages. And in the few cases where the police did want to do something about it, those affected simply went to Sudan, Saudi Arabia or Iran to get married. Sad but true.

And as far as bleeding is concerned: I cannot give a concrete example of the circumstance you mentioned. But what I do know is that Jehovah's Witnesses are also active in hospitals. When a Jehovah's Witness is injured and needs a blood bag, his fellow believers come to him. Not so much to comfort him, but to talk him out of accepting donor blood under any circumstances. Blood must not be accepted; those who do must expect cruel destruction at Armageddon. The person is talked into accepting blood until he or she "voluntarily" refuses to accept blood.

Professor, please consider this: There is an injured man and he needs a blood transfusion. Then this man will be visited by people he knows. They tell him not to take the blood. He should rather accept death, even though he can be saved! He should rather die.

Can there really be a benevolent God behind this? This is pure madness! This is sick. Sending a man to his death when you could save him. Can this really be divine will?

Jürgen, thank you for the interesting information. I only wonder in what terrible state our society is already in that one does not immediately put an end to such deadly activity.

MuselManne [May 08, 2020]


Very good MuselManne! I am pleased to hear what you have said, especially regarding the handling of the blood doctrine, which is repeatedly applied to Jehovah's Witnesses in hospitals, through so-called liaison committees. According to the Jehovah's Witnesses' own ranks, there are said to be about 9000 people a year who fall victim to this kind of work of destruction and pay with their lives.

This is approximately the same as the Phoenicians did about 3000 years ago. They also sacrificed people (mostly children) to the Moloch. Cruel rituals are still practiced today.

Basically not much has changed.

One wonders, then, what kind of God is this, who demands human sacrifice in such a brutal and inhuman way. A God who enjoys seeing people slowly put to death can only be Satan. Nothing else is this Jehovah.

Jürgen [May 09, 2020]


Thanks Jürgen. I didn't know about the Phoenicians. Nor did I know about the 9,000 dead Jehovah's Witnesses a year. That's really scary!

However, I have also had the thought that Jehovah's Witnesses and other religions basically offer human sacrifices. I have always thought of the Roman Catholic Church in the first place. When you look at their history, it becomes obvious that they cannot do without human sacrifice. Even in the Roman Empire, Catholics murdered numerous heathens and non-Catholic Christians. Under Charlemagne "the Great" there were bloody campaigns against heathen Saxons, Alemanni, Thuringians and Slavs. Then all the Jewish pogroms and the crusades. The bloody persecutions of alleged heretics, witches and sorcerers. The Catholic "missionary work" by the conquistadors in Latin America. And until the last century it was not at all unusual that in Catholic children's homes some children were tortured to death! Probably such sick machinations are still taking place, but in secret!

But it was and is no different in Islam. Also the "peaceful" Buddhists murdered and kill a lot. It is no different in other religions either. Jehovah's Witnesses seem to fit in well with this diabolical trend.

How can Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, and others "Christians" refer to Jesus alone in their acts of blood? I have read the Bible only once, but I have NEVER come across a saying from Jesus that says:

"Murder as many people as possible in my name. Bring me many beautiful victims!"

I also have a very strong suspicion that Satan must be at work there. Who else would have an interest in us people killing each other as bloody as possible?

MuselManne [May 10, 2020]



9,000 dead JW per year – where, in Germany, in Europe, in the northern hemisphere, in the world?

Pretty sure 9,000,000 deaths per cubic millimeter in your noggin. All kidding aside. What should such a number refer to, if not to "worldwide?" [RH]

Aren't they people who would have died soon anyway? No, I think that if you make such a statement, you should be able to prove it more precisely.

The fact that you are calling the corona deaths to cover up the JW.ORG bleedings indicates that there are still some synapses in your brain after all. It was enough of a brazen lie. Jehovah's Witnesses must die at any age with appropriate injuries, although they could have survived with blood transfusion. [RH]

It is generally the case that the JW do not reject blood because they have an elitist approach to health, for example. Only by rejecting the blood are alternative, medical methods of healing discovered.

Aha! Jehovah's Witnesses, who allow themselves to be turned into cannibals who must be banned from human blood, are thus only serving the progress of medicine. I see. [RH]

It says here, for example, in a specialist magazine: "Foreign-blood-free surgery should not be limited to JW [Jehovah's Witnesses], but should become a completely normal surgical standard".

After all, the JW.ORG regularly and continuously makes human sacrifices. Politics is now also accepting a certain number of stabbing victims for certain goals. The Masonic and Socialist agendas have a lot in common: human lives count for nothing and the dead must be generously calculated. We also see this in the Corona crisis. The expected death toll from the shutdown will far exceed the very average number of deaths from the 2020 flu. [RH]

I am looking forward to Rüdiger or Jürgen being under the knife and being treated alternatively.

For the blood refusal of the JW there are many important Bible passages: Genesis 9:4; Genesis 17:10; Genesis 12:23; Acts 15:28, 29, which do not only refer to the food laws.

Genesis 9.4 But you must not eat the flesh while his life, his blood, is still in it!

What does the Bible say? It gives a feeding law.

Leviticus 17,10 And if any man of the house of Israel, or any stranger that sojourneth among them, eateth any blood, against the soul that eateth blood, I will set my face against it, and cut it off from among its people.

What does the Bible say? It gives a feeding law.

Deuteronomy 12.23 Only hold fast that you do not eat the blood, for the blood is the life, and you shall not eat life with the flesh.

What does the Bible say? It gives a feeding law.

Acts of the Apostles 15,28-29 For it has pleased the Holy Spirit and us to lay no burden on you except these necessary things, that you abstain from idolatrous sacrifices and from blood and from suffocation and fornication; if you keep yourselves from them, you do right. Farewell!

What does the Bible say? It gives a feeding law.

How can you read the Bible passages of Jehovah's Witnesses? Then their theology collapses like a withered corpse. [RH]

Come on down.

God be with you

Wilfried M. [May 11, 2020]

This is the worldwide Jehovah's Witness trend! Be normal and don't take everything so seriously. The Governing Body and Angela Merkel will already know what they are doing! [RH]


If a six year old child falls dangerously ill and the doctors determine that the child needs a blood transformation to survive, then the child will certainly get this. Independent of the will of the parents and I think that is a good thing.

Mr Hentschel where do you live ? Either you are ignorant or you lie on purpose.

Friedhelm May 16, 2020

Hello Friedhelm, if a minor child is being treated by a doctor, the parents must always agree to this treatment. This is, by the way, the secret struggle of those in power to overcome this barrier. Forced vaccination and so on. The longing of the rulers goes exactly in the direction of taking the child away from the parents as early as possible. The artificial problematization that Jehovah's Witnesses manufacture on the basis of a nonsensical cannibal law plays into these wet dreams of the powerful. Because the doctor is given crabwise power to override the parents' right if they are Jehovah's Witnesses. You do something good by breaking the law. We know that from Mrs. Merkel.

Instead of solving the problem once and for all, one takes the path of the lie on the do-gooder's pedestal.

Jehovah's Witnesses now rely on being deprived of the rights over their children in the event of an incident. What a farce! What madness! The state meets the obvious lie with such a handsome breach of law and paves the way for the lie through this untruthfulness. Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to lie as pigs wallow in filth and have the certainty that the equally lying state will prevent the worst from happening. This is the experimental exploration of what the current lying state has been applying to people since Mrs. Merkel.

The six-year-old from Walldorf was the child of Protestant parents. These parents had already been made Jehovah's Witnesses without any formal change. Their logical thinking had given way to the Jehovah's cannibalism mania. But they were not yet Jehovah's Witnesses. So they truthfully told the doctors that they were not Jehovah's Witnesses. This was the death sentence of their sick boy. The doctors could no longer apply the state-ordered lie and let them go.

Who is lying on purpose, is more likely you, Friedhelm. Or you are as cheated and poor as the parents, who sacrificed their child to the cannibalism doctrine of the Watchtower Society. [RH]


The Civil Code section 1666 allows office to intervene when the welfare of the child is at risk. Parents are rightly deprived of power over the child in such cases.

Friedhelm May 18, 2020]

Then the children in Germany should be protected from the death wish of Jehovah's Witnesses. Why is this not being applied openly? Why do they lament something from "... did the boy go home with his parents "? The bottom line is that under the conditions of § 1666 BGB no child has to fear the blood regulations of the cannibal god Jehovah. How then do such incidents still occur? [RH]


Hello Mr Hentschel,

do you know for sure that the parents were formally still Protestant but already indoctrinated by JW and therefore did not let them treat the child and left the doctors in good faith, so to speak, that they were not Jehovah's Witnesses?

I would like to publish this with reference to you.

Many greetings

Andreas Buder [May 19, 2020]

Hello Mr. Buder, Pastor Klomp told me personally the above mentioned circumstance (the people were protestant). And the termination of treatment can only be due to the blood transfusions the boy should have had. Another reason is out of the question. Please publish these links: german and english. [RH]


Hello Mr Hentschel,

I'll ask you again. So Mother Klompp literally said to you on the sidewalk that the people who were actually Protestant and highly influenced by Jehovah's Witnesses, so that they even denied their son the necessary medical treatment.

I never claimed that Ms. Klomp expressed an evaluation of contact with Jehovah's Witnesses. She informed me that the boy had been baptized a Protestant. The conclusion that only the Jehovah's blood doctrine was the reason for stopping treatment of the six-year-old is self-evident. If that is not the case, Mr. Buder, then please feel free to give me an alternative. Was it an interesting TV show that you didn't want to miss? Or was the reason for the treatment discontinuation the lawn, which urgently needed to be mowed? I look forward to a nice answer from you. [RH]

Or was it not much more the case that Mrs. Klompp said to you on the sidewalk that the people were Protestant and you thought the rest – concluded?

On your website, for example, it is said that you first apologized and then, one day later, you were convinced, as you said yourself, that only the JW could have been involved! Wasn't it rather like that?

Nothing about "Wasn't it more like this?", Mr Buder. It was never different. Pastor Klomp + Jehovah's Witnesses contact = Jehovah's Witnesses endanger human lives through mere contact for several weeks. Thank you for your attention. [RH]

Many greetings

Andreas Buder [May 19, 2020]


Hello Mr Hentschel,

...there's no point in quibbling. Despite my spelling mistakes with which I embarrassed myself, you admit that you only made up important parts of the story about the death of the 6-year-old boy.

Despite your spelling mistakes, I admit something? Your logic is flawed, Mr. Buder. Can you admit something you never denied? In the most beautiful Jehovah's Witness manner, you insinuate something and make the claim that I confirm your insinuation – despite your spelling mistakes. Wow! Jehovah's Witness is at his best with his lying tactics. [RH]

I still wish you a good day in Christ our Lord!

Christian Greetings

Andreas Buder [May 20, 2020]

The fact that you, as a Watchtower-trained liar, then also resort to Jesus Christ, reveals the tactics of Jehovah's Witnesses. You cannot be a Christian. Otherwise you wouldn't lie like this. The death of the six-year-old from Walldorf can only be attributed to the blood doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses. [RH]


Hello Mr Hentschel,

This comment was removed for hate speech.

Andreas Buder [May 22, 2020]

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