Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 130

Jehovah's Witnesses: Who Has the Power?

On the road on behalf of the Watchtower Society

If Jehovah's Witnesses no longer dare to take their lie literature out into the streets because they expect a Christian to come and refute them, that is a great victory. Today was the day in Wiesloch. What had been latently announced for weeks was a fact today. Jehovah's Witnesses were too cowardly to take to the streets with their lie-books, because they knew that a Christian would appear who would expose them argumentatively before all people. The city of Wiesloch was empty of Jehovah's Witnesses.

I had already resigned myself to the fact that today I could probably not warn anyone in Wiesloch of the lies of the Watchtower Society. But the work that has already been done has already had an effect with a high degree of certainty. The people of Wiesloch know about the lies of Jehovah's Witnesses. Many have been warned, and I know of some who have been prevented from committing the Watchtower lie by my work. However, the disappointment that Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch seemed so easy to hand over their territory to a Christian naturally outweighed the disappointment. They were not seen – in their former home. Despite this frustration, I sat peacefully on the bench in front of the Volksbank and looked at the people.

Suddenly two young pro-blood murderers (Jehovah's Witnesses) approached me and nervously handed me a leaflet. If I wanted something to read ... I answered: "Oh, beautiful! I've been waiting for you all this time. May I take a picture of you?" The two Jehovah's Witnesses, who had travelled with high certainty from another region, replied: "Why would you want to take a picture of us?" I: "I'll take a picture of you and then publish it on the antichrist-watch tower." The two Jehovah's Witnesses didn't ask what it was. They knew and answered: "You don't need that. We just wanted to give you this to read." Then they turned around and made them come away. At all costs. You can see that beautifully on the photos.

Here is the message of the Watchtower Society:

Who has the power?

Jehovah's Witnesses seem to be concerned only with the issue of taking power. This has often been heard. I have reported several times that Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch behave as if they already owned Wiesloch. That is the only intention of the Watchtower Society. It pumps its people full of hope for world domination under the guise of the Kingdom of Jehovah. So today Jehovah's Witnesses are actually already thinking about which house they will move into after the end of the world and how they will furnish the house according to their wishes. Jehovah's Witnesses live around the clock in and from the hope of world domination. They seek power over the whole world, and the Watchtower Society promises them that their Jehovah Satan will realize these world domination plans.

The hidden message to me, of course, was: "Look, there are no Jehovah's Witnesses here. And yet we have the power. Completely foreign Jehovah's Witnesses you've never seen stand in for the convicted liars."

Jehovah's Witnesses actually imagine they could have power even if they lie here and there. They are so well organized that they believe they can take power from Jesus Christ and execute it themselves. They like to believe that the Jehovah's organization claims to be the executive organ of Jesus Christ. But they know pretty well that only they want to execute the world power, because they do not follow Jesus Christ. Jesus never let a person bleed to death for a blood rule.

After the two heroes of the Watchtower hemorrhage had completed their mission and handed me the little paper entitled "Who has the power?", their legs moved all by themselves into mechanical motion and carried the Jehovah's Witnesses away in lightning speed with the special mission. I went after them to document their journey. In the photos it is very nice to see how the Jehovah's Witnesses' self-distance mechanics work. There is no stopping anymore. It's good when the way is clear in such a situation.

The great organization of the Jehovah's organization, with which they want to take Jesus' power out of their hands, is based on the bondage of the Watchtower slaves, who take relatively harmless orders, but also ensure the safe bleeding of a willing Jehovah's Witness. Jehovah's Witnesses joyfully participate in their "top-down" hospital liaison committees and manipulate the willing healer until he refuses the blood transfusion. The manipulative power shown here actually gives Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the world domination of the Watchtower Society and they call this world domination "Jehovah's Kingdom. With the hemorrhage murder using a verifiable misinterpretation of the Bible, the Watchtower World Brotherhood has come through in all nations and unchallenged by every judiciary. This, of course, increases the Jehovah's Witnesses' hopes for the implementation of their world domination plans.

And not a single prosecution whose duty it is to punish murder has become aware of this Watchtower World Rule strategy. No public prosecutor's office in the world is concerned with the diabolical enforcement of human murder on a religious level. No judge in the world is pure of the blood of all those killed by the Watchtower Society under the guise of religiosity.

The commission of our two young Jehovah's Witnesses gives us a picture of how they basically proceed: go, bite and run. In Jehovah's Witnesses, escaping is their piety, their religious devotion, their devotion as we find it only in Islam. They manipulate people to death. And until today they have not been prosecuted for it.

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord!
Hurry, hurry, hurry! Jehovah's Witnesses are in a hurry!


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