Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 197

Jehovah's Witnesses Icy Cold and Embarrassing

They deny their own religion!

An important core of the brands Watchtower and Jehovah is the mentally implanted killing of people by refusing blood transfusions. It is certainly not the case that doctors knock the blood bags out of their hands or that Jehovah's Witnesses cut the blood bags suspended from the infusion stand with a pocket knife. However, it is true that Jehovah's Witnesses intervene in an ice-cold manner as committees, organized and organized, and pray the bleeding Jehovah's Witnesses until they agree to his premature and unnecessary death. This tactical and long-planned approach of the Jehovah's Witnesses is what I call murder, according to all legal factors. Only the skill with which the rejection of blood transfusions has been arranged shows the wicked purpose of the Watchtower Society. The sophisticated hypocrisy of the Watchtower Society's alleged biblical teaching already proves in itself with which murder-lusting objective this organization approaches people.

I have long been waiting for the Watchtower Society to take legal action to prohibit me from publicly describing Jehovah's Witnesses as murderers and murdered persons. But nothing happens! Why?

I held up the sayings, "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death." And, "Jesus never bleed anyone to death." The Jehovah's Witness with the wine-red jacket walked past us when I was talking to a passer-by and said, pointing to the accusation of bleeding: "That's a lie!" I turned to her – she was already 10 meters away – and asked: "Whom did Jesus bleed to death please? Who? Hello " Jehovah's Witness moved away all the faster and my interlocutor's mouth remained open in the face of denial of facts. This Jehovah's Witness showed the passer-by in a very practical way what the Watchtower religion really is. It is the living out of a Watchtower-like inhumanity that can only be endured if one has been brainwashed to the limit.

Of course, I could not follow Jehovah's Witness on why the claim that Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death is true. Therefore, I focused on the short conclusive question of who Jesus bleeded to death. For with this I could still tell the woman that Jehovah's Witnesses trampled the will of Jesus underfoot by bringing people to their deaths in a religious way.

The remaining old women, who at the end of their lives had become important once again and who could read about their importance on the monthly report of their preaching ministry themselves, changed their locations every minute. Thus they satisfied the flight reflex of the caught liar. But they somehow had to hide this flight reflex from themselves and so I heard the woman with the greasy hair say: "We are doing this very slowly." In this way we walked together with very small steps through the Heidelberg pedestrian zone. It must have looked like a small procession.

A visibly run-down man spoke aggressively to me, saying that God would curse me for making these accusations against Jehovah's Witnesses. He would certainly not stand there like that. Then he went to the two Jehovah's Witnesses and texted them for 20 minutes. I could hear that he had "studied" with Jehovah's Witnesses sometime before. And he showed the same symptoms as the Jehovah's Witnesses. For them, religious murder is a virtue necessary for salvation!

The response to my sign-holding actions in Heidelberg is greater than anything I have experienced in Bruchsal, Speyer and Wiesloch so far, due to the much larger crowds. So it is all the more incomprehensible to me how Jehovah's Witnesses willingly surrender to the embarrassment that lies in the obvious denial of facts. But only the brain-washed among them can do that. They must be brute existences that keep up the open lie in public. Apart from these two old women, all Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg have more or less quickly disappeared from the scene with their Watchtower Trolli.

The actions in Heidelberg are worthwhile. They give the feeling of a farmer ploughing a treasure of gold every three meters into the daylight. The response is incredible and it remains exciting how the Watchtower organization will react. So far it has ignored the problem of simple A4 sheets for them.


Bunch of evil beings who exclude other people.who give them the silent treatment as a form of coersive control.

JW's pretend to be friends but would let you die.

Liars one and all. They know no love.

They will use predatory tactics of acceptance love and friendship to lure you but will show none of these qualities.

They use the cold shoulder and silence treatment to "hurt" you.

Reba [October 12, 2022]

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