Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 324

Are Jehovah's slaves really that stupid?

Big shrug at Jehovah's Mecki Witnesses

Bus stop at the Altpoertel, passing cyclist: "crackpot!!" The greeting of a Speyer citizen made me think. I am not a madman, if I live beautifully adapted and silently and only call out to others in between: "CRACKPOT! "? I should rather do something more meaningful according to the recommendations of the iron bender Jehovah's and some of Speyer's citizens. Earn money, eat sausages, watch TV, dig up the garden, wash cars, polish cars, clean cars from the inside, earn more money and so on. But I can't take much pleasure in all these meaningful activities. The warning of people against lies and fraud brings me much more. If that makes me a crazy person, I have to accept that.

Just by the way: Who in Speyer has managed to persistently warn people against the deception of the Watchtower religion? Can any Speyerer hold something similar against it, which is also only somewhat as meaningful as the warning against the lies of the Watchtower Society? It is obvious that you have to be a crazy person in our world to do something like this and, above all, to hold out for the long term. And I have to say: Before I go to Normalo, who washes and polishes my car, I'd rather be a crackpot for another thousand years.

Watchtower Cannibalism Ethics as Religious Basis for the Bleeding Murder

Apart from the Watchtower religion, there is no religion, no ideology and no state in the world that has issued rules for cannibalism. Only the Watchtower Society has developed a set of rules that deals with cannibalism. The equation of human and animal blood makes the Watchtower interpretation of biblical dietary rules true cannibalism laws. These cannibalism laws are actually used, although Jehovah's thirsty do not drink human blood. They are used to deny people the saving blood transfusion in the event of a case. Nothing else is the meaning of these Watchtower cannibalism laws, which do not exist in the Bible at all, but which the faithful and understanding slave reads out of it under the influence of the Jehovah spirit.

If Jehovah's dying of thirst does not drink human blood, and they actually do not, then nobody needs cannibalism laws. But the Watchtower Society, led by a group that is the only one that can understand the Bible correctly, sets up cannibalism rules. What for? Are Jehovah's people who die of thirst perhaps true cannibals after all, who until today only feed on any substitutes? Are Jehovah's dying of thirst perhaps in reality vampires who cannot yet live out their true needs publicly?

No matter how you turn it around, the cannibalism laws of the Watchtower religion have the sole purpose of ending people's lives when they depend on blood supplies. This is especially fun for this Jehovah God, who comes from below: to take people to the afterlife through pious and religiously beautiful regulations. The spiritual death of Jehovah's zombies is accompanied by physical death through bleeding. The God of the Bible has sacrificed himself for humanity. The God from below, Jehovah, loves human sacrifice. Just as human sacrifice was a cult everywhere thousands of years ago, so is human sacrifice a cult in the Jehovah's religion today.

Mecki-Slave Jehovah's can't understand that.

Jehovah's Wiesloch anaemia yesterday immediately understood the statement: "Why do Jehovah's Witnesses need cannibalism laws? In order to let people bleed to death." Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch disappeared immediately, by return of post, immediately, unstoppably, consistently, resolutely – and did not come back. But Jehovah's mechanical witness in Speyer had the big shrug. He stood in front of the pharmacy and took no tablets against the twitches. Because he expressed something with his shrug. And this is where we start:

Jehovah's sheepskates aren't stupid! The Wiesloch anaemia understands immediately and runs away. The Speyerer Meckizeuge, which with its hairstyle is rather a bristle-like animal, has a special kind of pride. And so that he doesn't sink into the ground or have to leave immediately, he pretends not to understand.

The whole time today was marked by this maneuver of fake stupidity. Year and day ago, I stood in front of this bristle-like Jehovah and held up the sign: "Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood!" At that time, the Jehovah understander was already quite excited and even started a conversation with me, because he suspected what might be behind it. Today I came up with a much clearer and easier to understand statement and the same Jehovah's infiltrant suddenly couldn't understand anything anymore. He couldn't understand that his organization was murdering people and desperately needed these cannibalism laws that are not in the Bible.

Jehovah "God" is the first God in the world to issue cannibalism commandments, but forgot the commandment: "You shall not eat your neighbor – neither grilled, nor with mayo". And so our proud Mecki witness stands at the roadside and can understand nothing. He must not understand anything. It is hell for a Jehovah's cutlery grinder to recognize his own God as a god of lies. Jehovah's Witnesses actually have a cannibalsimus god and have to close their eyes cramped to ignore this simple truth. This is insanely embarrassing and I take my hat off to a man who becomes a Jehovah's monkey in public and yet keeps his composure. It is only a pity that such an achievement is psychologically based on pure fascism and that many people do not understand the connections. Jehovah's poor blind man still has many friends who greet him friendly on the street.

How long can such a game of deception and death last? We will see.

A young, attractive (supposedly non-)Jehovah's Witness, who had already sucked away all her lipstick, gave me some advice, because my warning of the Watchtower Murder Org seemed a waste of time. I should do something more meaningful. The discussion was accompanied by not particularly serious physical attacks on her part and by a strict refusal to take up the subject of cannibalism, which only exists in the Watchtower Society. I shouted out loud: "Jehovah's Witnesses kill people by letting them bleed to death! And they do that with the help of well-organized hospital liaison committees. The Watchtower Society is a murder orga". That was a joy, because with the best will in the world it couldn't say anything more, and Jehovah's mecanic witness bent in the sun and his face took on other forms.

If, as a car mechanic, I cannot make it clear to the customer that it is quite harmful to drive against the wall again and again, I prefer the lucrative repair of the car and otherwise leave the driver convinced. But when I have to make it clear to the customer that it doesn't make sense to run people over again and again, things get tight. This escalation forces me to continue to denounce the machinations of the Watchtower Society. That's why I like to be a CRACKPOT.


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