Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 347

Hail Jehovah – The future owners of Heilbronn: miserable

Heilbronn, the pavement on which Freemasonry dances in a triangle, promised us, Erwinname changed and me, that probably only the FDP and the weather ... and also still without sausage roll! Boredom spread and Erwin wanted to go shopping because no Jehovah's Witness showed up. But an alleged watchtower spy was spotted on the horizon. And then came this professional Tibetan with twisted sneakers and the crutch, which always made a loud crack when he put it on. His colleague, who yesterday addressed everyone in Wiesloch demandingly because of their great need, met him and greeted him in such a way that one knew immediately: These are colleagues.

The suspected Watchtower spy was watching us and must have been in constant contact with someone via an espionage app, because he didn't care that I was watching him as well. In between he secretly photographed Erwin, then went on and wrote and wrote and wrote. It was just too boring for me when this beggar professional showed up. He played his role perfectly. He could hardly hold himself upright and dragged himself under extreme pain through the pedestrian zone of Heilbronn and cursed mimed everyone who gave him nothing. Gross! His legs shook and trembled. The man was about to die and no one gave him money! Probably he would have collapsed dead under the weight of one euro.

Erwin and I figured out that no Jehovah's Witness would dare come to light because of the political election campaign, because then the danger would be too great that he would also recognize himself as a cheap majority buyer. And yet I later came across a triad of Jehovah's campaigners, far removed from all politician advertising. After a few minutes of confrontation with my signs, the white-haired senior eldest with omnipotence over the JW assembly indicated a big hike through gestures. And the two ladies who served him joined. The three went off and I went after them.

The passers-by were more attentive than ever. Every step after Jehovah's Witnesses was worthwhile. All people quickly realized what "Jehovah serial murder" could mean. But the fact that my three new friends were about to embark on a little trip around the world surprised me. The Jehovah's Witnesses' evasive maneuver was crowned with little success. At every bend and at every corner more spectators came to light and realized the case knacktus: Jehovah – serial murder. Even a group of tourists who concentrated on their tourist guide seemed to know quite well about the incident after my return. I could see it in their eyes. The two who had seen the play must have told the others.

The three king's children of Jehovah and I went and went and went and went. I took a photo of my three new friends every now and then to document the rapidly changing environment. If Jehovah's booksellers want to survive before God with this tactic, they have very bad cards. These people want to earn their living by watchtower advertising, but after a few minutes run away with all their stuff if someone comes with A4 sheets. Can a Watchtower society save that doesn't stand up to the public mention of its deeds? Since when is God gracious to people who deny Jesus but offer anti-Christian literature? The rescue of the Watchtower Society already failed today in Heilbronn in three cases and in front of all spectators.

The search of these three Jehovah's Witnesses for cover led us far out of the pedestrian zone and all drivers who were standing on the bridge in a traffic jam or only slowly progressed read my signs. I could tell from their faces how relevant this information was to them. An uplifting feeling! Brilliant. And in front of me the rabbits with the watchtower carts ran. Simply ingenious. Exposing the lie.

This tour of the Watchtower Exposure, which now informed many uninvolved people about the basics, did not depend on me, but only on the route Jehovah's people chose on their own to avoid the embarrassment in the pedestrian zone and to end it as quickly as possible. I met the people who got wind of this situation comedy again on my way back and it is a pleasure to see the different facial expressions. In these few minutes people process the new information that affects them and reflect in their faces what they have discovered and understood in this short time. It is simply fantastic to experience something like this. And the elite troops with their watchtower carts have no idea. She can only feel something. And what they feel is the discomfort they have suppressed in their false religion. They recognize only involuntarily.

Let's recapitulate the whole thing: There is the Senior World Chief of Heilbronn and Better Knowledge, an ultimate Watchtower Majesty, a Newspaper Stand Guru, a Watchtower Prophet, a Man! A man with women among him. A man the women must automatically listen to. A prince of the Watchtower world, a luminary who wields direct and ultimate power in the local gathering of Jehovah's Witnesses. A power man, a royal greatness by watchtower grace. This man is standing in the middle of the pedestrian zone and has to admit his spiritual nakedness by making the shameful sneak with his wives and his watchtower carts.

The man is really naked to the bone. All the people who meet him read my signs and think about it. And the spiritually naked man walks ahead and works desperately to maintain his facade.

Then the mentally naked man crosses the Neckar canal bridge. The drivers who meet us can hardly believe what is happening on the bridge. After looking at my signs, they grasp the situation and the sad situation of Jehovah's Witness. What a situation! Isn't this the situation that only a false God can lead us into? And yet it is better to be publicly exposed on a bridge in Heilbronn than to die stupidly and in your sins.

Today it turned out that the Watchtower Society can't do anything with the facts I present. The naivety and lack of preparation for the subject of "serial murder in the Watchtower Society" is shocking. On the other hand, you have to ask yourself the question: How is the Watchtower Authority supposed to address the issue? Shall the elders stand before the assembly and say: "Someone is accusing us of serial murder! " Shall the elders explain that they have a completely absurd law of cannibalism, which is not in the Bible, but is nevertheless necessary? Should the elders tell the infantry that they are responsible for this law of cannibalism, but not for the bleeding to death? They believed in it all by themselves! That is difficult. So it is to be understood that Jehovah's Witnesses fall out of all the clouds on the street and seek the distance.

Christians don't run away when they're photographed. In the pedestrian zone there was one who, like me, enjoyed the time. A man who stands for Jesus and not for a religion. Here I link his theological background.

After my return from the Tripp over the Neckarkanal, Jehovah's Witnesses stood again in the pedestrian zone of Heilbronn. I held up my signs again and the two poor things immediately packed their stuff together to get away as quickly as possible. What a tremendous steadfastness! In between the blonde turned around to photograph me. Just at that moment I photographed them both and the lady's face took on other traits while looking at her photo.

These two Jehovah's Witnesses also began a journey that would not end on the horizon. With respect to my decayed shoes I also stopped this hike early.

You will know them by their fruits. We are not in a position to reach Jehovah's Witnesses by logical reasoning, because the doctrine of the Watchtower Serial Murder Society has shut these people down to the cerebellar stump. You will recognize them by their fruits. The shock – Jehovah's serial murder – is likely to give an impetus to Jehovah's Witnesses. These poor people live and know this doctrine. The slogan "Jehovah serial murder" throws super bright light into the otherwise dark cellar of repression and allows no looking away. Whoever wants to help the prisoners of the Watchtower religion must bring this reproach: Jehovah Serial Murder. This accusation is not an argument, but it works. Fortunately, people can't shut themselves off from everything. Jehovah's Witnesses have not yet had their brain amputated physically, so they still have a chance.


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