Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 252

Watchtower-trained conscience prothesis

After conscience amputation: Jehovah's Witness

How can a person deny facts not only secretly, but also in full publicity, and hold to the fact that the Watchtower Society is the truth? It is due to the amputation he underwent. The living conscience was operated out and a prosthesis was inserted: the Watchtower-trained conscience of Jehovah's Witnesses.

During the two and a half hours in Speyer several people asked how all this was connected. I was allowed to explain many things and name the simple facts. Jehovah's Witnesses intervene ice cold in the lives of bleeding people and manipulate them until they are dead. Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate a Jesus rejection ceremony once a year, the opposite of the Lord's Supper, where bread and wine are rejected. A woman to whom I had explained these things walked past the fearless Jehovah's Witness and he said, "If you need information, then go..." Krass! The man really believes that only the Watchtower Society information is true!

With this heroic attitude, Jehovah's Witness stood two and a half hours in front of the unicorn pharmacy in the pedestrian zone in Speyer and did not move. He watched as hundreds and hundreds of people were warned of the Watchtower lies, ice-cold and completely untouched inside, and firmly believed in his pious Watchtower mask. A festivity was on the agenda and the crowds were growing. Today as many people have been warned as perhaps not in the rest of the year. And the hero with the Watchtower did not notice that he was representing lies. The Watchtower hero could not see that his religion was killing people.

Without having the human conscience amputated, no one can become a Jehovah's Witness. No one can approve of belonging to a group consisting of grasshoppers who inflict pain on a third of humanity with their scorpion spines. (Thus the Watchtower Society actually represents Jehovah's Witnesses!) No one can cope without amputation of conscience with celebrating the Christian supper in exactly the opposite way and rejecting Jesus ceremonially. No one without an amputation of conscience can hope for the annihilation of all evil, because he knows that there is no one who is good. No one who still has a working conscience can worship an organization and trust it to save men.

Jehovah's Witnesses receive a free spiritual intervention from the Watchtower Society in free Bible study. Consciences are killed and mutilated completely free of charge and a synthetic version is used as a substitute. As soon as the perhaps not completely dead conscience appears again, Watchtower elders, so-called princes, must intervene again in pastoral visits and kill the remaining conscience or the newly budding conscience again with well-tested poisons. Jehovah's Witness is then again able to follow the Watchtower heresies without scruples.

Jehovah's Witnesses, who are absolutely certain of their cause, can do without a conscience of their own. They have been amputated and have become exemplary Jehovah's Witnesses. In this state, they are no longer able to even notice that they are spreading lies and shaming people. According to earthly jurisprudence, such Jehovah's Witnesses are not accountable. Jehovah's Witnesses are not guilty at the height of their consciencelessness. They are as innocent as children who pull out wings of flies, throw stones from highway bridges, or commit burglaries for their parents.

The Jehovah's Witness hero in Speyer behaved in exactly the same way today. His words "If you need information, then go ..." were not lying, but absolutely honest and serious. He really wanted to help the woman I had enlightened about the Watchtower facts!

The step into death or into life is thus actually the decision to get involved with something with skin and hair. That is why the decision for or against Jesus Christ is so groundbreaking. What counts is not what one does after this decision or whether one is then as pious as possible, but the following, the following, the decision to follow is the fork in the road at which we bear the responsibility that makes us just or unjust. So it can never be the Masonic rough-stone grinding that improves us, but only the decision made far in advance to whom we entrust ourselves. With the decision for Jesus everything is done what God demands of us. Nothing can influence the salvation that then occurs unless the decision itself is changed.

We're watching the Antichrist. He produces an inflation of the term "follow". Every Facebook participant has a follower or is a follower. These people follow people or become leaders of people. Most have forgotten that God requires us to follow Jesus, to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

When watching the videos, please keep in mind that this Jehovah is only a subtle fiction of the Watchtower Society.


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