Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 85

Jehovah's Witnesses Promote Anti-Communion

Wiesloch's Jehovah's Witnesses with pavilion tied to unfavorable stains

After four o'clock I couldn't sleep any more and started up the computer and came across a comment, which I could process wonderfully because of my insomnia, before I drove to Wiesloch. On the way to Wiesloch I noticed that I had forgotten two little things. So I arrived in Wiesloch with the thought of going home again. There still had to be an egg roll and when I came out of the confectionery, I saw – oh wonder, so early – the old lady standing at the Schlecker-Ruine, whom I had already met at Penny in Dielheim at the cash desk. This old lady has the habit to stop her watchtower advertising when I show up immediately and to walk zigzag through the pedestrian zone like a rabbit. She walked up the hill to the right at the end of the lower pedestrian zone of Wiesloch. I looked after her for a while and then drove home to fix my forgotten things.

Then I drove immediately back to Wiesloch, of course, to take advantage of this beautiful day according to all the rules of art. Because in Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses are particularly aggressive and audacious and I have no desire to let it happen without resistance. It's a strange feeling to feel responsibility for a city in this "weird" way. Sometimes I ask myself if I am still normal. But when I imagine Jehovah's Witnesses in my immediate vicinity seducing people to an invented God, I immediately have that urgent motivation again and no more questions concerning my normality.

It was clear, of course, that my favorite Jehovah's witness would no longer be there. But if I did, then I wanted to start the confrontation anew, because the penetrance with which these people try to seduce people is amazingly intense. But this Jehovah's Witness wasn't there any more and so I decided, considering the fact that since my activity Jehovah's Witnesses prefer to avoid Wiesloch on Fridays, to simply walk all over the pedestrian zone. Maybe my favourite Witness Jehovah's Witness had chosen a new stand somewhere, but I didn't really trust her to do that, because she is obviously not interested in thinking and rethinking.

So I went up the street at the end of the lower pedestrian zone in Wiesloch to the right like her and almost froze inside, because a splendid pavilion appeared and under it stood two women perfectly styled according to the watchtower pattern. One young, the other not so young anymore, but to look at them in their outfit deliciously, they ignored me completely from the beginning with my stupid DIN A4 sheets. I mention this because these ladies have never been seen in Wiesloch before. So they were prepared for the precarious sermon service situation in Wiesloch and were not at all surprised when a guy appeared who raised his voice against the Watchtower doctrine. While I simply read my signs out loud because none of them looked at them, and mentioned some clear facts from their counter-religion, no reaction came from these women. It is the same as killing a corpse. It is terrible to see these trained people playing their ignorance so masterfully in the face of the clear truth that not even Jesus would have a chance if he suddenly appeared there. They would not see him. Do not want to see!

In Wiesloch the same scheme takes place as in Speyer. The organization has put its foot down. The book table is looked after in short shifts by Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses have deliberately kept their advertising holdings for short periods of time, because otherwise they would not be able to maintain their ignorance. The masses of organized Jesus deniers are supposed to fill the hole that they cannot fill with genuine Christian teaching. They calculate how long the Watchtower-transmitted human psyche will endure the truth and send as many people into Jehovah's ministry as necessary to avoid the scandal, the collapse, the embarrassment.

Today, however, this collapse was recognizable by a circle supervisor (?) who talked to me from person to person and wanted to tell me who I had to photograph and who not. His outer appearance was very vitaminless, ashen, sick, crumpled, dried out, malnourished and very sad in the sense of a lack of zest for life. In the meantime I recognize the circling guards (vultures) of the Watchtower Organization. This man gave me instructions and tried to intimidate me by saying again and again: "You know!" I answered him every time: "Nooo!" Because I hadn't even photographed him.

When he retired to his Jehovah's territory, I called out to him very loudly: "You'd better stop bleeding people to death, then you might be able to tell others what to do!" Then I let some more facts follow that Jehovah's Witnesses don't want to hear about their own religion and especially not in public. I enjoyed the situation where I could speak as loudly as I wanted without anyone in Wiesloch wondering. The Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch are now in a situation where they are more likely to embarrass themselves than I am.

The man sat down again at his place of control and his posture showed the sheer hatred. This man must have asked heaven and hell to finally destroy me so that he could finally bring forward the Anti Abendmahl, for which he has worked all his life. At the Anti Abendmahl, Jehovah's Witnesses reject bread and wine, and Satanists could not disfigure the Lord's Supper more beautifully than Jehovah's Witnesses did and do. The great art of Watchtower Jehovah is to bring the celebration of the Lord's Supper into a version in which all those involved deliberately refuse to participate.

I could shout these connections in short words to the Jehovah's Witnesses under their pavilion and beside them to the Jehovah's Witness of Control loud and clear and the physical reaction of this circling overseer touched me. He was as if destroyed, obviously already suffering physically and his body language consisted of irrepressible hatred under highly concentrated self-control.

At 12:00 o'clock I had an unimportant appointment, so I left shortly before 11:00 o'clock. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ for this day and for the polarization between truth and falsehood. I pray for these seduced and seducing people to see through the dead teaching of the Watchtower Society.


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