Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 264

Jehovah's Witnesses grey as the weather

Tuning at zero and below

The business with the Watchtower is already extremely dreary and boring, even without special incidents. But the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to make long faces is forbidden to them by the faithful and circumspect slave. Jehovah's Witnesses must always smile contentedly. I saw the Queen of Grins among Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal in 2016. She grinned that the beams were bending.

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch today were very, very sad. No, not sad, just angry. While I held up the signs and everyone involved knew that nothing new was happening here under the sun, my activity gained attention and weight bit by bit, while Jehovah's Witnesses and their watchtowers moved far into the distance. Only once in a while did a passer-by look at Jehovah's Witnesses because he wanted to check why I was standing there with my warning signs.

Already after about 15 minutes the Watchtower women put their advertising goods back into their Watchtower transport bags and left. A Jehovah's Witness quickly took a picture of me. I stood by with the signs, but came too late. I asked her if she wanted to take another photo. She said cuttingly: "One is enough for me!" Jehovah's Witnesses got out of the pedestrian precinct in a snap, as a canal worker rises out of the gulli. Jehovah's Witnesses could be seen on their faces that they were happy to leave the place they thought was under Satan's rule.

The rocking elephant in the zoo

At the lower end of the pedestrian zone was already the next loyal Jehovah's Witness, walking back and forth like an elephant in the zoo. It was the angry Jehovah's Witness who had believed some time ago that I always had to keep a certain distance from Jehovah's Witness and who had to be informed by a police officer that this was not the case. Accordingly, the angry Jehovah's Witness had to control himself violently. His face became longer and longer. Only in the situation when this Jehovah's Witness gave a tip to a truck driver did his being brighten up briefly. Jehovah's Witnesses are not ice-cold in all circumstances.

While the Jehovah's Witness remained bored at his post, a Christian woman approached me who thought I was a Jehovah's Witness. The conversation was very lively and controversial until the error cleared up. Then the conversation became even more animated and the Jehovah's Witness lost his steadfastness. This Jehovah's Witness always celebrates packing up his advertising material with his back to me and all other people. I don't know what he wants to hide.

Jehovah's Witnesses use a hell of a span of their lifetime to study the Watchtower Doctrine so that they become less and less aware of the errors of the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society maintains an in-house thought-police system that under no circumstances can a Jehovah's Witness free himself from his clutches. But the long faces of Jehovah's Witnesses that I saw today in Wiesloch signaled to me that it doesn't seem that easy anymore for them to obey Jehovah's thought police. Something must have happened in Wiesloch that shook Jehovah's Witnesses to their foundations.

Frustration – a reason for hope?

The frustration of Jehovah's Witnesses can only be a glimmer of hope to the extent that it is a signal of the increasing exposure of the much-praised Watchtower doctrine. What the Watchtower Society offers the Jehovah's Witnesses as clothing shows up as a torn, old, dirty piece of clothing. The knowledge that leads to eternal life is not the Watchtower doctrine, but Jesus Christ himself. Jesus says that we must know the Father and the Son and that this is exactly eternal life. Jehovah's Witnesses have changed the knowledge of God, which is only possible by accepting Jesus, into the ongoing study of the Watchtower doctrine. The permanent study of a human doctrine should be the key to eternal life.

But now Jehovah's Witnesses, who previously thought they were in the tower building of the high-ranking Recognizers, are being shown that a small stupid Christian stands up for Jesus with much more power, penetrating power, perseverance and joy than Jehovah's Witnesses can do for their Jehovah "God". That naturally hurts. Jehovah's Witnesses are in a human system. Therefore, the consequence is the wrath of the upstream people who imagine they could not have lost so much against this little stupid Christian.

Never before has this great worldwide organization of Jehovah's been so led by a single little stupid Christian. Never before have both the Jehovah foot people and the leaders of the Watchtower Society experienced that the simple, permanent, yet argumentative, corrective on the street disturbed their circles. All reasonable approaches within the Jehovah's Witnesses lead to the immediate exclusion of the persons concerned and to their immediate branding as apostates. This protective mechanism of the Watchtower-Org runs into nowhere on the street. Jehovah's Witnesses must find that their steadfastness is due only to fanaticism and, where it still works, continues to lead to Jehovah's Witnesses being convicted of lying.

Besides, I have to mention that I wonder myself that I have this perseverance and joy. I have always been the one who gives up quickly and turns to something else. With this statement about me I want to give the honor to Jesus Christ, because I do not know it from me to have really carried out a matter in my life once to the end.

But as far as Jehovah's Witnesses are concerned, a small irregularity is looming in the Speyer, Heidelberg, Wiesloch, Bruchsal area as far as the power of the Watchtower Society is concerned. Something rumbles under the skin and is on its way. This eludes my personal knowledge, but I have such a feeling. There may be many more who mock me and comment snobbishly on this website. But in a way unknown to me a situation arises, the outcome of which I am very curious. How long will Jehovah's Witnesses continue to stink at the exposure of the Watchtower Society's obvious lies by deifying their organization? How far does the power of their semi-military drill reach in the Kingdom Halls?

If the Watchtower Org, after all these years in which it has not been able to take action against the public assertion that Jehovah's Witnesses are bleeding to death, cannot finally put a victorious end, the disaster of the Watchtower Doctrine must continue to run its fatal course. Without a clearly and widely visible act of superiority, the Watchtower Society can no longer cover its shameful nakedness. If the Watchtower-Jehovah does not soon let Armageddon come over Wiesloch, Bruchsal, Speyer and Heidelberg, the Watchtower Society will look old.

Even if I misinterpret the situation and Jehovah's Witnesses have only had a louse over their heads, there are still years to go. The reserve battalions of the local Jehovah's Witness branches will continue to be replenished for a long time to come. The Watchtower Society will continue to truck supplies of new faithful Jehovah's Witnesses.

And yet a point has been reached which I perceive but cannot yet interpret precisely. The most accurate description of my suspicion is: The Watchtower Superiors show the first evil boils in their faces and the Footfolk see them.

Jehovah's Witnesses – Why "Servants of God" have to endure so much suffering


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