Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 449

And again, Jehovah's Witnesses are calling the police

The American superhero takes action

This report concerns yesterday and today. So 24 and 25 May 2019.

Yesterday in Heidelberg I got in direct trouble. An American hung himself on my heels and ordered me not to take any photos. Then he called the police. The police told me that I could not publish any photos that the American would recognize himself on. This was an order that is nowhere to be found. Because someone who recognizes himself recognizes himself by his position, by his trousers or by anything else. Legally, however, only applies that the person must not be recognizable to others. That's how easily the law is bent in Germany.

So after a major trial with the police had been chewed through, I decided to go on a one-man procession through the Heidelberg pedestrian zone without Jehovah's Witnesses and signs. The response was enormous, as you can see from the following video.

Meanwhile, Jehovah's Witnesses sat on a bench with their legs apart and let the sun shine on their stomachs. That they didn't have their headrests with them was all. The appearance of these people was absolutely negative. Hail to the laziness and impudence of Jehovah's Witnesses. Everyone could see that they weren't up for it.

Today I repeated the one-man procession and turned the camera off every time I passed the bank where Jehovah's Witnesses were flapping next to their commercials. The response was very good today as well. Probably the direct warning of the people is even better and more effective without the presence of the Watchtower representatives.

Today I also had a conversation with an evil saxon. I would have liked to upload this conversation to Youtube, but it hasn't been going forward for hours. Do they have to call Heiko Maas first? The key words are: Civil war, the German is patient, green religion, windmills, being Saxon is sin, no redemption, Jehovah's Witnesses do not decapitate, killing religions, serial murder, green religion, conspiracy theory

Will I ever be able to upload this video?

Yippie! Heiko Maas has given his okay!


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