Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 464September 12, 2019

Jehovah's Witnesses cheer

A visit to the spiritual zoo

At the zoo, the bars and cages are a nuisance. In the monkey house, visitors can sometimes be addressed through the bars with looks and gestures. This is how Jehovah's Witnesses reacted. The old Jehovah's Witness couldn't help but cheer and raised his arms for a few seconds. Mindful of the fact that factual communication with Jehovah's Witnesses is not possible, I did not react.

In the picture coming after the arm-high picture, you can see Jehovah's Witness looking disinterestedly to the side. This is exactly what visitors to the zoo experience. The attention was just focused on him, but just two seconds later he is forgotten and the prisoner looks somewhere else.

The female Jehovah's Witness at times made an utterly evil face. The sheer hatred jumped out of her.

The cage in which Jehovah's Witnesses sit is of a spiritual nature. When we compare Jehovah's Witnesses to Greens and Leftists, the spiritual imprisonment of these people jumps right into your face. No liberation from spiritual imprisonment is possible for these people. But not because the cages are locked, but because the prisoners want to remain in them with all their might. If they left the fanatical circles of Jehovahism and Green Communism, they would be declared dead. They know that very well.

The old Jehovah's Witness came so close to the little girl that she wanted to pull her mother away by the hand. The other two Jehovah's Witnesses stood on the sidelines.

Jehovah's capable witness on the phone must have received instructions from the prison administration to disappear quickly. The visit to the spiritual zoo was over.

It would be exciting to learn what Jehovah's Witnesses have been told about me. Perhaps then one could understand this rejoicing of the Witnesses. We have in the Jehovah's Witness sect exactly the same false and underhanded information situation as in politics. The goals of the Watchtower doctrine are strikingly consistent with those of the current government.


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