Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 196

A good Pilsner needs seven minutes

Then Jehovah's Witnesses are already gone.

In Heidelberg there are many people and Jehovah's Witnesses hiding behind their Watchtower Trollies. In Wiesloch there are fewer people and Jehovah's Witnesses hiding behind traffic signs. On the moon there are no people and no Jehovah's Witnesses.

Once Jehovah's Witnesses have built themselves up, they should actually show some steadfastness and not run away immediately just because someone is holding up a few signs. In Heidelberg, Jehovah's Witnesses recently took a wild flight from the truth. In Wiesloch, Jehovah's Witnesses can last at least about seven minutes! Perfect performance! In the big city, the Watchtower Fraudsters degenerate into a kind of sideline hobby where you don't want to get caught. In the small town the Watchtower scam is still a matter of dishonour and you wait a few minutes before you walk away indignant.

In the day-to-day fraud of Jehovah's Witnesses in small towns, we have a clear line that is subject to almost no fluctuations. While the evil world keeps coming up with new scams, the lie of the Watchtower Society remains the same. There you know what you have, and you can get used to it so nicely this way.

So Jehovah's Witnesses actually believe that offering the Watchtower literature is their salvation. These people do not trust God to save them themselves because of the Watchtower Special Doctrine, but believe that the Watchtower Organization is their savior. How hollow must a person be to believe that a human religious organization can do more than God? People who have descended to this level are also people who have a firm belief in evolution and in the eternal existence of matter. People who believe in a human organization (including Catholics with their papal church) have a "stronger faith" than Christians, because they do not allow healthy testing doubt. Atheists are exactly of this caliber. Before revising their belief in materialism, they prefer to die.

The faith of Jehovah's Witnesses, atheists, Catholics, evolutionists and the like is now only ideology, for testing doubt is forbidden. The faith of real Christians is never conviction or ideology, because real Christians are the most skeptical people under the sun. And under the moon.

The trust Jesus demands is a personal heartbeat that never ends in blind obedience. Through his only representative on earth, the Holy Spirit, Jesus ensures that all who trust him find certainty in him. This is a certainty that comes from God and cannot be systematized as the brother churches and the like do. There is no man on earth whom God does not love. But many simply do not trust him. They love human stability in ideology and conviction.

Get involved with Jesus Christ. As personal and open as a child. You will not be disappointed!


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