Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 194

Heidelberg Jehovah's Witnesses disappear like caught thieves

... through the back door!

There are things under the sun that can only be experienced as Jehovah's Witnesses or as critics of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses did not appear in Wiesloch. An independent politician told me that two young male Jehovah's Witnesses had walked up the pedestrian precinct toward Woolworth. Since there was nothing Jehovah's there either, I went to Heidelberg. It was there that I first experienced a shy Jehovah love couple who rappelled down through the back door of a store like secret service agents. After that, I saw a Jehovah's Witness who had probably never noticed anything in her life.

The Jehovah Love Couple

The Watchtower Trollli pony and his girlfriend trotted off as soon as I arrived. Jehovah's Witnesses must never gallop, or they will reveal how embarrassed their religion is. They casually went into a shop, ran back and forth and then disappeared after 10 minutes. As it turned out later, there was a back exit for the staff. An employee told me when I asked her. The two poor shy Jehovah's sheep must have been so finished that they asked people to let them out through the back exit.

I took the opportunity and calmly held up my signs in front of this shop and hundreds of passers-by read them. When Jehovah's Witnesses leave like a secret service, I don't let them impress me, but pass the enlightening information on to the people even without their presence. It really paid off, because almost every single one of the crowds that passed by from both sides took note of the problem. Many stopped and marveled at the news and thought about it. It's a pleasure to see people taking in the facts about Jehovah's Witnesses. Often the word "bleed to death" can be read from their mouths. The Jehovah's Witnesses, believing in triumph, don't seem to have a clue what platform they offer to warn people about them. The public sermon service immediately backfires on my appearance and Jehovah's Witnesses react either like fearful rabbits or like the famous naked emperor pretending to be clothed.

Either they want to sink immediately into the ground or they bite slowly and deliberately into the middle of the toad. They don't swallow the toad. They eat it very slowly. For hours.

In between I saw two Jehovah's Witnesses who had turned in front of me so that they would not have to pass me. Embarrassing.

The Jehovah's Witness who never seems to have noticed

After the two "anxious rabbits" Jehovah's Witnesses, I met the other type right away. This is the type of Jehovah's Witness who bites the toad with pleasure – or doesn't even know what it's about. The three Jehovah's Witnesses who came after the Jehovah's Witness departure, which was the same as that of the secret service, were the whole range from sucking toads to sheer stupidity. I must apologize for putting it this way, but I am very anxious to describe the facts in such a way that as little as possible of the spiritual vacuum of Jehovah's Witnesses remains unmentioned.

A bossy superior Jehovah's Witness with sunglasses and a hard-boiled, painless Jehovah's Witness with greasy hair insisted on a man in the pedestrian zone. Someone pointed out to the hard-boiled, painless Jehovah's Witness that someone was standing there with embarrassing statements on signs. The woman just made a big refusal gesture and said, "Oh yes, he has something against ..." That's all I understood. Then she put change in the man's hand and the other said, "We'll be back!" Then they stood one or two hundred yards further up. There, during their alleged sermon service, they discussed some contractual matter with a colored woman whom, for safety's sake, I made unrecognizable in the photos.

The hard-boiled, painless Jehovah's Witness was as hard as iron and bone dry. Like all Jehovah's Witnesses in the Kraichgau/Heidelberg area, she has certainly been well prepared and, in her ignorant way, relinquished her zeal by viewing the harsh accusations against the Watchtower religion as non-existent with autocratic ignorance. This is the highest triumph of Jehovah's Witnesses that they simply ignore obvious facts. This is the victory that Jehovah's Witnesses are bringing in to perceive their brainwashed remoteness from reality as loyalty to Jehovah "God". They live in a fiction. And when reality cuts into this fiction, they call out to people through their behavior: "Don't you do wee-hee! Don't do wee-hee! That's the life of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Back at the Kaufhof, the hard-boiled, painless Jehovah's Witness said goodbye to the bossy Jehovah's Witness and a rather insecure-looking fellow Jehovah's Witness joined in. They lined up in front of a tree at the large stop, which is more busy than Heidelberg main station. I kept holding up my signs and two policemen passed by. One of them looked at me so grimly that I was frightened. Later an English speaking couple came by. The woman hit me on the shoulder. "Good man! Good man!" Both laughed. At the bus stop they both laughed again, because it was only from there that they discovered the two Jehovah's Witnesses.

Around 15:00 o'clock the two Jehovah's Witnesses put their Watchtower Troll into each other and rolled it very close to me. The hard-boiled, painless woman said, "Pretty brave!" (Or something similar.) "That must hurt in the arms." I said nothing. But here I say: "It hurts above all in the heart!"

When crossing the road, the painless Trolli pony was faster than the runner who stopped because of red. The Watchtower Trolli Pony then waited on the opposite side of the road and actually showed signs of embarrassment. That was another nice experience. So the woman was capable of human emotions after all. The only thing I can't understand is that she finds such a small thing embarrassing, but sees the Watchtower Society's bleeding to death murder as normal and even a virtue. How sick must a person be, how deep must a person sink, that he no longer recognizes the relations of life? The self-deception of Jehovah's Witnesses is shocking.

In Heidelberg, Jehovah's Witnesses hell is loose. The Jehovah's Witnesses put a lot of hope in their Spiritual Food Carts and I will probably warn the people there many more times. In Speyer, staff from the store came to me to tell me how intensively the Jehovah's Witnesses problem was discussed by the people. Will things be similarly interesting in Heidelberg? I'm pretty sure that I'm going to experience a lot more there and that it's absolutely necessary to warn people about this exaggeratedly pious religion, which is only designed to make Jesus ridiculous. Religion does not save! Neither Jehovahism nor Catholicism! If one saves, it can only be God himself. Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is reachable for everyone directly in prayer.


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