Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 33

Bruchsal (08. June 2013)

Jehovah's Witnesses peaceful and civilized

After the Police-Special and the informer event in Speyer I drove to Bruchsal with certain anxious expectations and decided to place myself discreetly and cautiously in the pedestrian zone and to give the Jehovah's Witnesses no flimsy reason to call the police again. The situation remained cool and the behavior of Jehovah's Witnesses was exactly the same as before. Either the Watchtower Society learned from the Speyer spectacle, or the Bruchsal Assembly is somehow more humane than the Speyer Special Force.

It must require a very very thick fur to ignore the sentence resulting from the Watchtower doctrine "Jehovah's Witnesses confirm Jesus' death sentence – he makes himself God" simply for hours. While passers-by quickly realize what the Watchtower Society is really like, Jehovah's Witnesses sit at their book tables and are not at all clear about the abysmal embarrassment they face. They would love, if they could, to reduce their psyche to zero, so that they don't have to let such facts get into their brains in the first place. Jehovah's Witnesses are as fascist on this point as all Nazis, Communists and capitalists are. Ignoring the psychological achievement of facts and their deadly consequences is the only viable outcome of free Bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses.

A woman walked by and told me it was a good thing I was standing there. A man came by his ear with a phone, screaming, reading the sentence "Jehovah's Witnesses confirm Jesus' death sentence – he makes himself God," and then yelled at me: "It's time for you to finally bathe!" His hand movements should amplify his speech. Jehovah's Witnesses came by and pretended to get reading material from the book table as non-witnesses.

Five to twelve, the Jehovah's Witnesses dismantled their stand. I followed them to their parking lot and watched them drive away. The man at the wheel could not control himself and looked at me twice. It's funny to see how ignorance and brainless steadfastness have to serve as tools to keep the Watchtower doctrine program going at all. When all the information comes together, especially about the Watchtower Society's lies, these tools will fail. It is not worth closing your eyes and ears to remain in this religious community, for ignorance and tunnel vision are not the attributes of those who are in the hands of the Son and Father. Christians are fundamentally open to everything. Jehovah's Witnesses cannot do that.


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