Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 343

Heilbronn: Jehovah and his serial murder

Jehovah's recruiters over-foam with charm

The offensive of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Heilbronn was so exuberantly eloquent and captivating that one rarely sees it on television. Young men flew to the Jehovah's Witnesses only so and the notes to note down any addresses were not enough. Skeptical family fathers were overwhelmed by the radiant friendliness of Jehovah's Witnesses. For a young woman, the book "What does the Bible really teach" was unpacked from the self-made welding. The book was looked through together and the young woman saw everything at once and was very happy. And on the horizon the next uninvolved people were already waiting to be convinced theatrically and by special friendliness.

All these willing learners had one thing in common: they didn't see me, they didn't read my signs. And they sometimes joined Jehovah's Witnesses as if they had been baptized after a few minutes of recruitment. Everything fit together very well and the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses grew by 200 percent in Heilbronn. A grey haired man came accompanied by other young ladies. This perfect sermon service was a real pleasure. The New World dominated the pedestrian zone. The undue happiness of Jehovah's Witnesses outshone all horizons, and the Masonic buildings of Heilbronn were bathed in new light. Passers-by became finished Jehovah's Witnesses and I was allowed to watch this miraculous process.

At the end of the impressive success story, the witness leader turned to me and very kindly said to me: "We're going home now." I asked: "Do you have a glass of water?" You: "No." I: "I meant: at your home." She laughed and stayed very kind. But you could offer me a tangerine. I thankfully refused and took two farewell photos.

The grey haired man with his Jehovah's Witness escort sat a few yards outside a restaurant waiting for the well-deserved meal. I loudly and clearly gave the explanations about the serial murder in the Watchtower Society and could observe that the whole family was literally petrified. Jehovah's salt columns remained so seated while I went to my bicycle. The Watchtower Society's outrageous tactic of applying animal blood-related regulations to human blood was fully understood by these people. I believe these people will either get out together or have to take very strong medication to suppress the truth. At least one young person was there. They will not simply return to the Watchtower society's mire of lies. The fact that the Watchtower Society murders people through the lie of the Cannibalism Law stood like a statue of truth on the waiting table. Would the waiter be able to comfort the poor Jehovah's Witnesses? Maybe with a bloody steak?

And then comes Walter. This is a super-nice Christian who stands in the pedestrian zone and wants to lead people to Jesus. He has something against my approach to reproach Jehovah's Witnesses for their error. And of these Christians there are many. With them the pious look is more correct than a clear statement of facts. But we know the sweet smile of distributing literature well enough from those who work for the Watchtower Society. That clear messages are more helpful than licorice rasping is not the case with many Christians.

Did Jesus grate licorice? I am not aware of any case. Did Jesus make clear statements? Always and everywhere.

Pious and long-lasting smiles, spittle-hackers and warm handshakes, flatterers and soft-hearted religious people cavort in the Freemason city of Heilbronn. They jump like dolphins around and over each other, screech and giggle and play a theater that they themselves do not understand. And if someone works as an enlightener, he is punished by Christians. Many true Christians obey more the Masonic doctrine of tolerance than their own master. And they look as pretty and acceptable out of the wash as someone who applies for a new job. Is this squeezing out of scrawl obedience to Jesus?

Even if that were the case, I'd never do it because Jehovah's Witnesses already do. Jesus said, "Be like the children!" He did not say, "Be like the Jehovah's Witnesses!"


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