Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 96

Jehovah's Witnesses are required to wear a tie

Watchtower world empire with fixed rules

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch may have been confronted with new, old rules of correct behavior. Today was quiet and no insult. Not even hateful faces or open contempt met me. Today the negative reaction was limited. Some Jehovah's Witnesses left after just a few minutes, others just strutted through the Wiesloch pedestrian zone with a grin on their faces, but one of them advertised Jehovah for almost two hours. A hard-ass convinced Jehovah's Witness, one whose tie didn't really fit, wanted to win over this Jehovah Advertising Hindrance. He kept up his Jehovah advertising until I held up two A4 sheets next to each other: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for their God!" and "Whoever idolizes an organization is a fascist!" He endured that for only a few minutes, because both facts fit together and explain each other a bit.

My trip to Wiesloch was marked by extreme inner insecurity. I had no motivation, no courage and I was only thinking about what people think of me and so on ... As I stood in front of the Jehovah's Witnesses, a man came by and asked, "Is this the opposite of the Jehovah's Witnesses?" When I affirmed, he said, "Jesus is Lord! Amen!" I said: "Amen!" and was amazed.

People who have no idea of the Bible cannot, of course, immediately follow the denounced trains of thought and just shake their heads. Perhaps, on the basis of the theses, they will take care to be informed by the Bible, perhaps they will never get involved with the Bible, but it is certain that the confrontation with the content of Jehovah's Witnesses cannot be shaped for everyone. The false doctrine of the Watchtower Society is too sophisticated for that, that one could present facts even more clearly in short sentences. The people actually walk through the area with their moral and ethical values, without ever having got to know the inner context of the Christian message. This is the fruit of Catholicism and the godlessness of the Protestant state church. These produce uninformed people who are as far away from God as possible. They are people who have a moral cushion of detachment from everything Christian and no need to ask themselves in any way whether there is a God or not.

Jehovah's Witness with his tie on a short-sleeved shirt picked up his wife somewhere after his failed attempt to win and took her back down to the bus stop. There he got rid of his orange tie. The world empire of the Watchtower Society is forced to wear ties. Anyone who does not wear a tie is not allowed in. Whoever does not joyfully accept every single, however crazy, teaching point of the Governing Body and represents it all over the world, however, will not be helped by a tie.

The Russian variant of democracy is more dictatorship and corruption. This has become normal in Russia and you don't mind it. The Jehovah's way of life is even more extreme dictatorship and mutual spying. You don't know it from your own experience, you don't mind it. The average citizen is used to seeing superfromme Jehovah advertisers left or right in the corner of his eye, he doesn't mind. But if someone brings clear facts that make the subject seriously recognizable, then it becomes exciting, then the eyes are rolled, the mouth is crooked, the head is shaken, and then you feel so superior in your enlightened egocentricity. This is the breeding ground of the false doctrine. Especially the Watchtower Doctrine is tailor-made for people who are already endowed with a meter-thick pride and have no desire to confront the Bible controversially.

What's funny is that many of these people, dripping with pride, let themselves be tied up by a wacky bear and become Jehovah's Witnesses. The only explanation is: they get a target for their natural pride. They are hamsters who have a slight resistance built into their impellers. This gives hamster life a tangible meaning.


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