Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 424

No hunts in Wiesloch, but massively threatening Muslims

Hey, how sick are religions that mutilate, whip or even decapitate and bleed people to achieve their goals? How sick and how related are such religions and how sick are the people who fanatically defend and propagate such religions? Has the war-loving ideology of the Greens and Angela Merkel made room for such religions in our society? I believe so, yes. For what Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses can afford in public can only happen on the basis of our Green and Merkel dictatorship.

Anyone who is surprised that the people-killing religion of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the people-killing Islam in Germany are receiving more and more rights need only look at Kathrin Goering-Eckhard and Angela Merkel. It seems to be the latest fashion in politics to establish the deadliest of all religions in Germany. What is the motivation behind it? Is that really just politics?

In Wiesloch, a blue Jehovah's Witness stood at the corner and two men stood with him. When I had positioned myself with my signs "Jehovah's Witnesses bleeding to death" and "Six-year-olds from Walldorf deceased because of Jehovah's blood doctrine", the man who had talked to Jehovah's Witness asked me in a tone like a Muslim knows him: "Aren't you ashamed? – Aren't you ashamed?" I asked: "Let people bleed to death?" The Muslim: "That you are bleeding people to death?" I asked: "I bleed people to death? – Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death: "That's not true. That's a lie. We'll make sure you get out of town.

It is very striking that Jehovah's Witnesses are not only working shoulder to shoulder with Islam, but are already working very hard together. The younger Muslim said of the six-year-old's death by bleeding to death: "But nobody wanted it that way." What a treacherous statement! Not only is it confirmed on a grand scale what I had already stated before, namely that Islam and the Watchtower religion have strong parallels, but the Muslim revealed with his innocent statement that the flow of information between the two religions is already strong. The people are informed and are building a common front against facts. Muslims stand in front of Jehovah's Witnesses and the German public prosecutor's office allows the Watchtower Society's murder by bleeding to take place without being touched.

A passer-by who defended me against the growing Muslim Witness Jehovah's Brotherhood then involved me in a conversation in which he claimed that the Bible had been copied by the Sumerians. Meanwhile, some people came to the Jehovah's Witness and demonstrated their friendship with the child molester protecting religion. All these people generously accept the death of the six-year-old from Walldorf. What is this ethical attitude? The mother of this six-year-old from Walldorf only had contact with Jehovah's Witnesses and that was enough to make her own child jump over the blade. And some citizens of Wiesloch think they have to demonstrate sympathy for this religion that kills children. Adult, thinking people have learned nothing from the racist past of Germany and are going over corpses again. In this case about the corpse of the six-year-old from Walldorf.

What is behind the unbridled settlement of Muslims in Germany and what is behind the unbelievable ignorance of the public prosecutor's office towards the dead, who are produced by the Watchtower Society with the help of a lied trick? What chances do Christians have when the first Muslims in Germany take up persecution? Will the German public prosecutor's office then intervene in a protective manner? In this case it is only a matter of religion – as in the case of death of the six-year-old from Walldorf. Are the victims of the Watchtower Society a kind of exercise to get used to the imminent upheavals in Germany? A public prosecutor's office, which completely ignores the bleeding murders of the Watchtower Society, can or wants such a thing to protect itself against Muslims before Christians?

What is to be thought of an unknown quantity, which just carries out a racist experiment in Europe and lets a Mr. Mounk in the Tagesthemen report about it quite succinctly? What about a government that calls half of Germany right-wing radical human hunters and does not take back this infamous lie in an appropriate way? What is to be thought of a Federal President who invites to a left-wing extremist event? What is to be thought of a minister who is ice-cold enough to officially reintroduce censorship in Germany? What about Mr Schaeuble, who, after a secret three-quarter-hour conversation, had to cede the chairmanship of the party to the new member, Mrs Merkel?

If one observes the naïve superficiality with which the Germans not only let the public theatre endure, but also take part in and support it from good humankind, one can almost forgive the sympathizers of Jehovah's Witnesses. Nevertheless, it remains to be said that our houses and apartments are once again full of people who openly stand up for letting people die for a religion or ideology. This is the core and the fertile soil on which something like the racism experiment can function. Without the spiritual Nazification of our society, without the racism that wants to breed a new race in Germany, without the old, cheap, cold newness with which one lets a six-year-old die for a blood doctrine, the unbelievably far-flung developments in Europe would be inconceivable. This is precisely the state that the planners of the racism experiment have been waiting for in order to open the door to Islam. Because Islam has exactly the same structures as National Socialism and the Watchtower Society. And the hatred of Jews connects not only these three with each other, but with them also left-wing extremism, as it can be found among the Greens.

What has already been brewed up in Germany, as in other European non-nations, can no longer be regarded merely as political. A planning power is at work here that miraculously brings together very different social and religious groups. Here the Greens are protecting the murdering Muslims. Muslims protect the representatives of an organization that kills children. Public prosecutors look bored at their fingernails. The Federal Chancellor is appealing for understanding for the criminality of the newcomers. The Federal President advocates left-wing extremists. Half of the country is degraded to a right-wing extremist Nazi sow. And what is not possible? Border protection does not work at all. They love the outlaws. They want even more of it. What do these people thread?

A Federal President who openly advertises for left-wing radicals has either been badly advised or is not suitable for the office. In both cases, he must resign immediately. But he can stay in the slipstream of the Chancellor, who is protected by a foreign hand. Only one Schaeuble had to give way at that time. And that was to make room for Mrs Merkel.

The abyss on which we stand is expressed both in the Chancellor of the Diamonds and in the attitude of many Germans who, without batting an eyelid, are prepared to let children die for an ideology. And the abyss shows itself in the Jehovah's Witnesses, who also advertise for this bleeding murder org.

The man who ran amok in Kerch (Ukraine) was the son of a Jehovah's witness. At least he doesn't seem to have screamed: "Jehovah God is greater!"

The elders of Jehovah's Witnesses are appointed by the child molesting spirit.


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