Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 134

The Antichrist is very devout!

No Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal on 06.12.2014

For Jehovah's Witnesses presence does not seem to be really important and therefore one must draw the conclusion that Jehovah's Witnesses are not about the salvation of human souls. First, according to their teaching, man has no soul at all, and second, Jehovah's Witnesses do exactly the opposite of what Jesus commanded. Jesus established for all eternity that religious rules do not have to decide life or death. Jesus consciously broke the Sabbath to heal people. Jehovah's Witnesses have introduced a religious rule that allows them to slowly let people die. They manipulate people until they let themselves bleed to death by refusing a blood transfusion. And so that a bleeding Jehovah's Witness really dies of this religious rule, they persecute it until death with their anti-Christian religion. Doctors are influenced and Jehovah's Witnesses willing to live receive special manipulative treatment through so-called hospital liaison committees. But these murder committees should be called "Blood Enforcement Committees" according to their true motivation.

On St Nicholas Day, when true Christians indeed have reason to educate people about clichéd Christianity, Jehovah's Witnesses prefer to stay at home. If an idol is already at work, they no longer need to be active. Satan does not compete with himself.

The Antichrist is as pious as Jehovah's Witnesses

The knowing look into the Bible, the prayer with pressed hands, as if one had to crush a frog, and the naivety of the colored man who appears like a retarded pupil, that is what the Watchtower Society wants for its victims. The first is pure arrogance, the second is the worship of a fictitious Jehovah "God" and the auto-suggestion that is connected with it, the third is the obedience of an imbecile. These human traits are very important to the Watchtower Society so that it can ever do its business. Without the exaggerated piety of Jehovah's Witnesses, nothing goes at all in the Watchtower world. After all, the gang of murderers has the task of being well respected in public as the only true Christian religious community and not to let the deceitful murdering of people for self-invented religious rules appear as treacherous murder for base motives.

In the past, people who were looking for the truth would give themselves up to trusting a newspaper publisher founded by a Freemason more than their own intellect and God. There people surrender like Muslims to a publishing house and finally brainwashed. There death is demanded for those who bleed to death and the killing of renegades is grudgingly renounced as long as the nations with their legal systems still exist. These people actually believe to be devoted to the channel of God, but do not realize that they are doing exactly the opposite of what Jesus commanded. They do not realize that they have become part of an antichristian institution and feel that their completely exaggerated devotion is genuine.

Jehovah's Witnesses do exactly the opposite of the commandments of Jesus

The Jehovah's Witnesses faith community is the only one in the world that kills people slowly and purposefully according to established rules. And in public. Anyone who thinks that a Jehovah's Witness can kill himself quietly in order to be particularly pious and godly is making a huge mistake! Because every Jehovah's Witness is manipulated through and through, so that we can no longer speak of suicide. The murder is decidedly prepared and requires only one of the appropriate preconditions, such as a serious injury or a disease requiring the administration of blood.

While every other inhuman cult has to work covertly, the Watchtower religion commits the religious cult murder in public and also manages to recruit new death candidates with its cult killings. At this point, at the latest, the religious perversion of the Watchtower religion can be seen clearly. The collective annual rejection of Jesus in the form of the symbols bread and wine, performed as a ceremony, coincides with the rest of the Watchtower cult. Everything happens in public and no one sees a reason to intervene. No prosecution has yet noticed that the cult murder within the Watchtower Society is deceitfully planned and based on a deliberately misinterpretation of the Bible. All Jehovah's Witnesses who have bled to death are victims of an anti-Christian cult and not a single person with legal knowledge has been prompted to think about whether the dead were murdered after all. – And suicide can definitely be ruled out, because these cult victims are accompanied to their last breath by the manipulators of Jehovah.

Wiesloch at 09:17 o'clock

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch now calculate their steps at certain times, taking into account the fact that they are being publicly refuted by someone. They were not seen in Wiesloch before 10:00 a.m. today. It was only shortly after ten that they appeared in a kind of surge and positioned themselves in their favorite places.

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch have no sense that they support the murder by bleeding to death, because they seriously believe that their God demands death if a blood transfusion were to be given. That Jesus broke a much higher religious rule, the Sabbath, to save lives does not occur to them, and they cannot respond to the shaking announcements on laminated A4 sheets. Only rarely do you see a small reaction in the eyes of weaker brainwashed Jehovah's Witnesses, but it immediately goes up in smoke because the collective madness is always there as an invisible accompaniment.

Jehovah's Witnesses stand in their places and do not perceive how their cult dismantles itself through the clear references to DIN A4 sheets. For decades they have lived in certainties that only exist in their imagination, and they fail to notice how all people passing by the point of conflict look deep into the abysses of the Watchtower cult and shudder to turn away. The permanently repeated brainwashing of the Jehovah's Witnesses, as can be seen in the naive black man in the above picture, deprives them of any chance of realizing what embarrassment they have indulged in and what a god of the dead they are working for as freelancers in sales.

For centuries Catholicism has practiced the devilish cult that people are saved not by God but by belonging to a church. In the Watchtower religion, this deadly cult is pushed to the top by three steps and the offering of the Watchtower scriptures becomes the vehicle of possible salvation. Catholicism, Islam and the Watchtower religion strangely renounce the certainty of salvation and suggest to their people that everything is on a can-do basis. This must be a firm belief that does not aim at the salvation guaranteed by God himself, but leads to a pure could-be product. Anyone who accepts such an uncertain outcome as a salvation for himself must have already fallen into a violent confusion by its very nature. For most of them this can be justified by their religious socialization, but there are many who, as Islamists today show, get involved in such windy cults for very strange reasons. The Watchtower religion is among them the one that builds firmly on these oblique motives. It is about the position of power in a millennial empire.

Today I was on my way with the following signs, which you can download and print:

There is an organization that has taken up the cause of doing the job for Jesus. The kingdom of heaven is the object of their efforts and their self-imposed tasks. Jehovah's Witnesses take the implementation of the kingdom of heaven out of Jesus' hands with a strained devotion. And if they never make it, the publishing business runs and the accumulation of religious corpses of a spiritual and physical nature flourishes.


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