Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 367

Speyer: Watchtower Trolley with a Dead Man

What is the Resurrection in Jehovah's Witnesses?

There was not a single Jehovah's Witness at Walldorf-Wiesloch station, but there was one at Speyer station. I left the two Jehovahism heroes from Altpoertel on the left. I wanted to visit them later, but at Speyer station a Watchtower Trolly was already shining from far away. The man behind it did not give me the impression of a Jehovah's Witness. Rather, I had the feeling that someone had given him the order to look after the trolley. So was his reaction to my photography and the raised signs. The man looked at me like a horse in the pasture and didn't move otherwise. Somehow the trolley and this man did not fit together at all. There was a kind of trolley robot, which was uncomfortable that the real Jehovah's Witness didn't come back. A depressed turtle would have been more alive.

This attitude, which reminds me very much of one who was parked in front of the department store and has to wait for his wife to finish her shopping, can be associated with the death that Jehovah's Witnesses actually die according to their teaching. Death, according to the Watchtower Doctrine, means the complete annihilation of Jehovah's Witness. His existence is absolutely ended and the Watchtower God must then at some point recreate the old faulty, sinful Witness from memory. This is the Watchtower Doctrine that was created to replace the Biblical Resurrection.

In the Resurrection Theory from the hands of the Masonic Watchtower Society, the old Jehovah's Witness is recreated through memory-assisted production and then again has all his mistakes and sins. Here one cannot even speak of a clone program, because the dead man was actually destroyed. And if the Jehovah God can still remember him, on the other hand the total annihilation is refuted. Because only the memory of the deceased Jehovah's Witnesses is a remaining form of existence. After all, it is the memory of the Jehovah God! There is life in it, if he were really God. This memory is comparable to a deleted file. This file still exists and can be restored. So when Jehovah's Witnesses claim that man is completely destroyed at death, they must also teach that even God cannot remember them.

The next weakness of the Watchtower Masons' total destruction doctrine is the inherent statement that God would create evil. The Jehovah's Witness who is being recreated for the resurrection must be recreated with all his wickedness and sins. Otherwise the whole thing cannot be called resurrection. With the creation of the sinful human being, God is proved with the old Masonic philosophy that God himself is responsible for the sin of the world. In the act of re-creating the sinful Jehovah's Witness, the Watchtower Doctrine God fulfills exactly the accusation that as the creator of evil he is responsible for all the wickedness of this world. But God is the epitome of absoluteness. God cannot create anything bad without losing his Godhood. Here the Watchtower God differs completely from the simple concept of God. The Watchtower God creates sinful people and he also has to put up with being called Jehovah by an earthly organization. To crown the shame, they also add the "surname" of God to him to accustom himself to the fact that this Jehovah is God.

The next mistake, however, which is desired in exactly the same way and in this form, is the resulting complete futility of the work of Christ. Jehovah God, who according to the total death and new creation theory of the Watchtower Society produces the bad and the sin, cannot take the sin of the world upon himself as originator of the bad. He is already to blame for all evil. There is no point in him dying a sacrificial death on the cross. He has the guilt as well as the guilt!

This is the real intention of the total death and re-creation theory of the Watchtower Society: God himself produces evil and therefore cannot remedy sin at all. In this context it is even almost logical that God sends another to his death and does nothing himself. With Christians, however, Christ is God Himself, who bears the sin of the world. This carrying of the sin of the world is not even possible for a God who produces the imperfect and the bad from memory.

Another aspect of the Watchtower Society's theory of total death and re-creation is the satanic difference between the Christian new creation and the new production of Jehovah's Witnesses. According to biblical statements, the new creation takes place by forgetting sin. God looks at Christians through his Son Jesus Christ. Exactly the opposite is true of the new creation of the old Jehovah's Witnesses. Here the remembrance of sin is the means of creation through this Jehovah God.

Christians belong to the new creation through the eradication of sin by God's power, while Jehovah's Witnesses get their old existence back by reminding their Jehovah God of the bad and the evil. He must do this to recreate the old Jehovah's Witness.

Watchtower theology is able to turn everything in the Bible, and thus everything that concerns Jesus, around in such a way that for Jehovah's Witnesses only bare death comes out. And this worldwide anti-Christian work is even proved and embellished worldwide with many deaths from bleeding to death, which due to a non-existent law of cannibalism are often removed early from this world's life and taken away by deliberately false religious criminality. And the German legal system also helps this criminal society to the status of a church. Despite the many deaths from bleeding to death and despite the invention of a law on cannibalism, which can only have been conceived for the purpose of killing people.

The blank watchtower death jumped out of every pore of the motionless Jehovah's Witness at Speyer station. The sight of this poor man made me feel sorry but at the same time this abysmal hopelessness to never be able to help him. This man no longer had to defend himself through arrogance or contempt. This man reacted to the signs "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" and "serial murder by bleeding to death" like a corpse that only wobbles a little when a truck thunders past. When I said a few words to him to say goodbye, he turned only slightly to the side.

If I were Jehovah God, I would remember above all the big nose, the huge mustache, and the glasses. And the big belly.

Jehovah's Witnesses! What God remembers are our souls! Not thick bellies, not drooping faces and not the sin that is forgiven us through Jesus Christ. In the Watchtower Society you must earn forgiveness through distribution work. You have nothing to do with Jesus, because he is not God for you. Do not hope for the collapsible brain-sticks of your Watchtower Masons. Hope for Jesus and let yourselves be set free from your Watchtower yoke.


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