Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 176

Jehovah's Witnesses at the Broken Watchtower

Tactical snapshot?

Hello Karl Herrmann Kaufmann, I am listening to your lecture. The Pentecostals divide into chapters. You mention that by the way. This division is originally Masonic. Maybe you will come across this page sometime. I tell you: Pentecostals and charismatics are Masonic organized.

Yesterday I had stated that Jehovah's Witnesses currently have the directive to run away in advance in order to absolutely avoid holding up the signs "Religion does not save, only Jesus saves". Today I came to Bruchsal and was surprised by Jehovah's Witnesses. They stood there as if not picked up. Shortly after they noticed me, one of them went out and fetched the green pavilion. Finally, Jehovah's Witnesses built themselves up next to the broken Watchtower. Right next to this symbol of their downfall. Gross!

I stood at the front corner and was allowed to enjoy the attention of the people. The facts "Religion does not save, only Jesus saves" and the reproach "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death, Jesus never let anyone bleed to death" met with the full attention of the people and I had good conversations. From this place I was chased away by a shopkeeper in an offensive way. Then I went over to the other side. What was funny was that his store was full when I was standing in front of it. Why is life reduced to money? Is the liveliness in the pedestrian zone so damaging to business?

The approval of the Bruchsalers today was so massive that I wished I had a second person with me who would record the whole thing with a video camera. All praise and all compliments I gave and give to Jesus. The day was so blatantly good that I can't even describe it. A young woman asked if it wouldn't be boring to stand around here. I said: Absolutely not! The situation was so clear per Jesus that in my opinion even the Jehovah's Witnesses felt something of it. The Jehovah's Witnesses really just stood under their green pavilion like wax figures, waiting to be able to dismantle again.

A spiritual healer thought she could take me into her esotericism as a confirmation of Jesus' power. In the course of the conversation I received descriptions of which I had to testify to her that they were demonic teachings. She left.

A woman asked me if I was Catholic. I denied it. She said shrugging: "I am Catholic! and went on disappointed.

A couple told me about their experiences with Jehovah's Witnesses who had been tenants in their house. They were shocked by the audacity and brutal impertinence of these people. Basically I could only answer: catch and report! Yes, that's where it gets stuck, because then you'll be like an informer. In everyday life these people could not trust Jehovah's Witnesses!

I must thank all ecumenists, Jehovah's Witnesses and Freemasons for their stupidity. Finally, Jehovah's Witnesses stood again in the best part of the Bruchsal pedestrian zone! The day was so brilliant that I don't even bother to describe the fruit of faith in Jesus comprehensively. The statement "Religion does not save, only Jesus saves" led to experiences that are only reconciliation, mutual acceptance and friendly, loving agreement. I have never experienced love for people I do not know as I do today. When you realize that people are much closer to Jesus than you always thought, your heart celebrates feasts. And the controllers (Masons, ecumenists, Jehovah's Witnesses) are just standing there and helpless.

The day was brilliant.


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