Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 151

Speyer's most famous Jehovah's Witness surrenders

The error continues


Of course I'm drawn to Bruchsal first. There the Jehovah's Witnesses have a longer breath than the Jehovah's Witnesses from Speyer. But there were no Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal today. It must be nice to be able to stay at home in the face of the worldwide threat of Armageddon. The sermon service is well organized from above and so the individual does not need to be so extremely involved. You trot after the other Jehovah's Witnesses and in the end you somehow get time behind you.

Yesterday in Tairnbach I saw a dark-haired fluffy Jehovah's Witness walking through the cold with his son. He took notes. His son trotted after his father like a calf with a rocking head. A picture for the gods. What a Christianhood this is, in which advertising for magazines is what counts most! These people do the saddest salesman's job anyone can do.


Because there was nothing to do in Bruchsal, I drove to Speyer and met the most famous Jehovah's Witness of Speyer there as agreed. A man with a broad back, who often stood with his legs apart and his arms crossed like a guard next to the Watchtower book table. A rock in the pedestrian surf! This Jehovah's Witness continues to hold out despite all the embarrassment. The man experiences his personal Waterloo every now and then at loose intervals when we face each other in the pedestrian zone and yet he holds out and holds out and holds out. He hears people commenting on my clear sayings, and he smiles mildly like someone who wants to say: Don't hurt at all!

We met in the middle of the pedestrian zone of Speyer and we greeted each other. One was slightly tortured, the other friendly. I waited a minute and then went on in his direction, but I didn't intend to line up opposite him. Somehow I had the certain feeling that he would not be confronted today. But I met the man in front of the unicorn pharmacy again, but still without the Watchtower equipment unfolded. Several older men approached him joyfully, greeted him with a handshake and picked up a leaflet like disciplined schoolboys. At some point, Jehovah's Witness unfolded his identification mark, the self-paid advertising aid, a simple folder in which the Watchtower and ERWACHET! could be placed weatherproof and visible to passers-by. But whenever he had the opportunity to do so by explaining the leaflet, he closed the folder and wore it inconspicuously on his body, as if he wanted to at least temporarily turn away the Witness Jehovah's reference that worked through my saying. His body language expressed weakness and something like lethargy. The main message the Jehovah's super-witness conveyed was: Could be! The man seemed like one who is no longer really convinced of his advertised product.

On time his "sermon service" changed into pretzel food and the last Jehovah's Witness from Speyer disappeared. The saying "Whoever bleeds people to death for a religion is a murderer!" had not only impressed him. Sometimes five to ten people stood in front of me looking at the spell and I understood that it was the facts that count, not how broadly I hold up the information. (In Wiesloch someone had called the police on me for alleged aggression.) I realized that the sign – simply held up in front of my belly – spread its effect without me having to emphasize it in any way.

The shock effect on the readers of my signs can also be clearly seen by the Jehovah's Witness. Like a measuring instrument, it indicates the degree of surprise of the people. He sees the process as a spectator from behind and recognizes from the posture of the people how tense they think. It's clear that even the best actor still reacts to his surroundings in a somehow recognizable way. And the image that results from the reaction of the readers and Jehovah's Witnesses is always a reciprocal counterpart. You have to think of it that way: If Punch and Judy skin the Seppel, the children will scream. Otherwise it is quiet in the hall. The reaction of the people naturally correlates with the reaction of Jehovah's Witness.

Today the master witness of Jehovah of Speyer gave the impression as if he had reached his zenith and as if he had begun the free fall today. The elite crown the man wore so far seems to have been lost. Apparently it seeps into his conscience that the Watchtower religion deliberately produces the dead. The only thing missing is that this Jehovah's Witness asks himself the question of conscience whether Jesus ever let a person jump over the blade for a religious regulation.


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