Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 332

Partial police in Wiesloch

Our police dance according to the Watchtower Pipe

In Wiesloch you can call the police for free at any time. If a burglar can no longer carry the loot, he doesn't need to call a taxi, but better call the guard directly. They then come and help him unconditionally and without any ifs or buts. Jehovah's Witnesses like to make use of the special Wiesloch guard service. Just as the Watchtower Society's cannibalism legislation is sufficient to bleed people to death, so the false statements and ideas of Jehovah's Witnesses are binding law for the Wiesloch police!

Wiesloch was teeming with Jehovah's Witnesses and the smarter ones among them – they exist! (in front of the Volksbank) – were reluctantly photographed and were ashamed only for their dirty god Jehovah, who told them that they had to kill people by bleeding to death because of a cannibalism law not found in the Bible! Then I got caught in the impertinence of the flesh. The leather Jehovah's Witness called the police because I had photographed her.

The crew of the Wiesloch police patrol had nothing else to do but to get echauffieren about taking pictures. It didn't help to tell the police officers and the many passers-by out loud that someone who goes public to be seen automatically gives up the right to their own picture. If someone advertises for Gummi Bears or holds up signs, they can be photographed by anyone! For minutes I explained that I had successfully informed about 20 or 30 police officers about this legal status. I also mentioned my "arrest" in Heidelberg, which made a statement on my part necessary. At that time I made this statement in the form of a website with all available photographs and the police officer emailed me that there was no criminal offence. All my stories did not help anything. The Wiesloch police patrol crew was of the opinion that it was indelicate to photograph Jehovah's Witnesses and considered reporting me for my reasons! Terrible! Underground! Simply unworthy of the police.

The police are always being hitched to the Watchtower Society's carts. But there are also police officers who, due to their knowledge, do not fall into this trap. It should be considered, whether one attaches an information sheet of the next internal police magazine, on which the most important basic data for all police officers are noted. You don't even have to memorize them, you only have to read them briefly.

Police bulletin when Jehovah's Witnesses call

  1. Jehovah's Witnesses may be photographed advertising their religion!
  2. Jehovah's Witnesses are not entitled to a certain minimum distance that their critics would have to observe unless a court order has been issued. Neither 300 metres, nor 200 metres!
  3. The critics of Jehovah's Witnesses cannot be threatened emotionally or in any other way.
  4. The dignity of the critics of Jehovah's Witnesses must be respected and not belittled by derogatory or insulting remarks.
  5. We must refrain from legally pursuing the motives of Jehovah's Witnesses' critics (which is sheer nonsense anyway).

You see, there are other things that make police life difficult.

But the fact that the Watchtower Society murders people with impunity through a law of cannibalism that has been pulled up by the hair of its teeth does not interest the police. So it must first come to someone calling the police to the hospital to have the hospital committee removed, which is specially organized and set up to enforce the cannibalism rules with death consequences. And then the police stand there again and scratch their heads. And I assume that the police officers would rather accept the death of the bleeding man than take action against Jehovah's Witnesses.

The public prosecutors and police forces of this world let themselves be danced on the nose by the Watchtower Society. Today in Wiesloch it was once again possible to experience this very vividly.

What else happened

One man pointed to the shield "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" and kept shouting: "That's not true!" I repeated several times: "Jehovah's Witnesses apply the dietary laws of the Bible to human blood and thus make their cannibalism law. But since no Witness is Jehovah's cannibal, this law of cannibalism can only serve to make people bleed to death." The man was not impressed. He continued his monkey dance until he finally left. Later it turned out that he too was a Jehovah's Witness.

After the Poliei had left, there was a discussion about how it could have come to the scandal. A ten-year-old boy stood next to Jehovah's Witness, who had called the police, pointed to me and called: "Because of that! Because of that!" I talked to the boy and recommended him to inform himself. The boy replied: "I will never inform!" I said: "Ah! Just like all Jehovah's Witnesses!" The boy hissed like a cat and called: "I will never inform! I will never inform!"

I remained amused and felt peace and love. My certainty is that at some point the boy will inform himself.


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