Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 457July 20, 2019

A Visit to Bingen, Jehovah's Witnesses Congress 2019

Inclusive encounter with a Syrian or North African

Cay Staack is in Dortmund these days at the Westfalenhalle and meets there with passing congress witnesses of Jehovah to inform them about their immoral teachings.

The congress in Bingen seen from the outside

At first I considered going there as well, but later I saw on the Internet that the parallel congress also takes place in Bingen. On Saturday morning I felt good and just drove to Bingen.

For about 20 minutes I parked directly in front of the entrance to the protected Jehovah's Witnesses congress area in Bingen and wrestled with myself. I was ashamed to take two photos and it was clear to me the whole time that I was not going in there. This spirit of complicity, this collective spirit, which these people abstracted, told me only one thing: Drive off and don't turn back. A frustrating experience. But the fact is and remains: these people are not reachable in this mode. There is not the slightest chance of reaching a heart.

Pedestrian zone Bingen

Parking found, mood felt, photos taken, hats off. Bingen has something. There are very idiosyncratic dormers and roof constructions. There is a cosiness that is beautifully reflected at one or the other corner. People who meet you greet you. Unless they are Muslims. The charisma of the city is foreign to me. And on the walls of houses there are Catholic idols.

In Bingen, as everywhere else, I met many women wearing headscarves. One of them swept the sidewalk, as we actually know it from Baden-Wuerttemberg. But these women do not know that they express through their headscarf that all Muslims legitimately rape what no headscarf wears. How and when should it become clear to these women that they support the legitimate rape of headscarf-less women?

After a small lap through the pedestrian zone of Bingen I decided to simply drive home.

The encounter with the Muslim

On the way to my car I met a well-built, white-skinned man with bald head sides. His appearance frightened me immediately and it was suddenly clear to me that I was completely alone. The road was empty. No passers-by, no traffic. The man stared at me all the time.

As one avoids every eye contact in the prison, I continued staring before me. Nevertheless I felt the penetrating look of this man. And then this man also shortened the distance between us in a way that is taught in the mosque. Force her to the narrow side of the road! Originally there was at least two meters distance between us, if we thought about our ways further. But then the two meters became one meter. Why did this man stare at me angrily and keep walking towards me?

Nobody pulled a knife and I reached my car alive. I looked at the man several more times. He didn't turn to me and kept moving away. I couldn't get rid of the impression that he was traveling without a destination. All the other people I had met in Bingen did not make this impression on me. In the night at two o'clock I woke up and it was clear to me which danger I was exposed to.

Bingen and the windmill

The whole area around Bingen is full of windmills. The photos prove that they had no traces of blood. No dead insects, no dead birds, no dead bats. How beautiful! Probably the animal sky population around Bingen has already fallen prey to green cleansing. Every bee and butterfly knows that Kathrin Goering-Eckhard takes care of them.


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