Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 150

Jehovah's Witnesses yield to truth

Less is more

After the police intervention on Friday last week, after the police ban on freedom of expression, I stood very meekly on the side of the road today and held up only one sign, in the same way as the Jehovah's Witnesses. That is the minimum I can do in any case. I may stand on the street as Jehovah's Witnesses do.

The fear of receiving less attention was not fulfilled. Even the Jehovah's Witnesses kept coming over to me, probably because I kept changing the shield. But the main message was still the sentence: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death!" I will at least reduce the tactic of holding signs in both hands with statements to the front and to the back, because the ecumenist, who had me forbidden to express my opinion by the police, probably confused the statements with my behavior to confront the people quite clearly after all. He must have found that aggressive. And when I stood there, harmless, sideways, almost hidden, I clearly felt that this hashing after attention is not necessary at all.

People are exactly the same interested and are even better off if they are not confronted with too many sitemaps. The reluctance to stand around, which I have adapted to that of Jehovah's Witnesses today, is very restorative in this sense for all sides and gives legal certainty, because police officers are not easily carried away by illegal bans. The police officer, who had banned my freedom of expression by the police last Friday, came from a private house and disappeared again in that private house. Was the man on duty at all?

After the two Jehovah's Witnesses had vacated their seats in front of the Volksbank, I slowly and deliberately went to their stand in order not to irritate or provoke anyone. Now I stood opposite the two remaining Jehovah's Witnesses and they read one fact after another. But that only took a few minutes, because they quickly cleared away their magazines and left. The facts of the Jehovah religion are bad and aggressive. It's about destroying all Christians (those who actually pray to Jesus), it's about bleeding people to death for religious reasons, it's about removing the cross of Christ. The naming of these facts is not aggressive. The Jehovah facts themselves are aggressive.

What is ecumenism?

Ecumenism is a Catholic strategy that seeks to mix all denominations and all religions at the expense of the truth, so that there is a great peace of undifferentiated egalitarianism throughout the world. Everything is accepted and classified as true, at least in the sense that people say: Let people be called Christians no matter what they believe. That's nice to say the least. But in the same breath every critical statement is categorically forbidden. – Today still informal, later with police force and with legal remedies, which then of course will no longer be legal remedies, but only repressive measures.

Last Friday, this mainstream ecumenical movement helped to protect the heresy of Jehovah's Witnesses from criticism and enlightenment by the police. Ecumenism intervenes with violence in things that only concern our consciences. Ecumenism makes everything a part of the true religion and in this way makes every false doctrine a part of the truth. It will be forbidden for people to discuss it objectively, so that a peaceful overall situation emerges, as it has been tried and tested in Freemasonry for a long time. People in Freemasonry may discuss anything but critically.

The main thrust of ecumenism, however, is to destroy the cross of Christ. Ecumenism resolutely meets the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus is and remains the stone of offence and it is precisely here that ecumenism will have to sweep out the world "with an iron broom" in order to realize its goal of the brotherhood of all people. The persecution of genuine Christians on a political and social level is thus pre-programmed and when the general mood is such that one only turns up one's nose at genuine Christians, imprisonment and similar sanctions against Christians will generally be applied. Then we will have a situation similar to that rumored in North Korea. People will be happy when they are left alone by the ecumenical police. Then they will be Jehovah's Witnesses to protect themselves from persecution. Then you will be a Satanist to make a career unchallenged. Then one will be a Muslim not to be hindered in one's social development.

Ecumenical world peace can only be realized by brutal oppression of the people and the highest goal of ecumenism is already now the elimination of the faith in Jesus Christ. Strangely enough, we do not hear a single warning or warning voice from the charismatic current on this subject. Silently the charismatic section adapts to the mainstream.

... by the way

Jesus claims to have made the name of God known.

John 17:6 I have revealed your name to the people you have given me out of the world.

John 17:11 Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given me ...

John 17:12 As long as I was with them, I received them in your name which you gave me ...

John 17:26 And I have made known thy name unto them, and will make it known, that the love with which thou lovest me mayest be in them, and I in them.

What name did the father give the son? Jehovah? No! Unthinkable! What name did Jesus make known? Jehovah? No! Unthinkable!

Is there a reference in the Bible to the name that Jesus made known? Yes.

Mark 6:14 And Herod the king heard it; for the name of Jesus was now known.

Please forget all Jehovahist propaganda! Jehovah is the name of the God of Freemasons, who is Satan.

Christians should take Jesus seriously under all circumstances. Those who do not take the word of Jesus seriously can forget all biblical and unbiblical arguments. Those who do not take Jesus seriously are completely in their own pseudo-Christian imagination and have given up all orientation. Those who disregard the word of Jesus automatically spread false doctrines. He who ignores the word of Jesus denies Jesus before men.


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