Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 141

Jehovah's Witnesses without Mission

Jehovah's Witnesses – senseless magazine advertisers

How deep is the beautiful cliché of the pious religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses in people's minds? For many decades, Jehovah's Witnesses have committed many murders of bleeding Jehovah's Witnesses through the use of so-called hospital liaison committees, persuading them of their awakening will to live and manipulating them until they are finally dead. For many decades, the world, and even almost all Christians, have not noticed that Jehovah's Witnesses are killing people through deliberately induced death. For decades, the religious murder that exists in the Watchtower Society and the original Islam has not been identified as murder.

Is the Watchtower Society keeping a list of the Watchtower dead? The Watchtower Organization is proud of its statistics. Does the Jehovah's Witnesses World Headquarters have a statistical analysis of the bleeding victims? How many people have the Jehovah's Witnesses bled to death on their consciences? How many bleedings does the Watchtower Society create each year in a particular region?

The Watchtower Society skillfully exploits the fact that people only care about themselves. For decades, the Watchtower Society has been murdering people worldwide under the pious guise of a false blood doctrine that was deliberately and deliberately constructed under misinterpretation of the Bible. And every sermon service is basically a recruitment of new death candidates. The individual Jehovah's Witness on the spot usually does not know this connection. But even when this connection is made clear to them, they do not stop recruiting new death candidates. The inhibition threshold to regard murder as murder is so high with them, as with the rest of mankind, that they may only recognize the murder-impregnated shame of their lives on their deathbeds.

A very badly dressed woman also gave me outdated Watchtower illustrations. I told her after packing the evidence: "The Watchtower Society murders by bleeding to death. Jehovah's Witnesses are only recruiters of new death row candidates. I was able to collect a portion of the booklets again. Two members of the murder society followed me. I turned around and looked them in the face. They walked past me and acted as if I didn't exist. I had already explained to these two before that they supported the bleeding to death murder because of a wrong interpretation of the Bible. They ignore it and are proud of it.

A man who had rejected Jehovah's Witness's old magazines asked me how much longer I wanted to follow Jehovah's Witnesses. I said: "Follow! Some also say persecute. My only concern is to educate people about the background to the activities of Jehovah's Witnesses. They murder people by a false religious rule. They are doing exactly the opposite of what Jesus did and taught. Jehovah's Witnesses form so-called hospital liaison committees to bring people to their deaths with complete certainty. Imagine you have an accident and are suddenly faced with a choice: death or blood transfusion. Then your will to live will awaken with a high degree of certainty. This is exactly where Jehovah's Witnesses and their Hospital Liaison Committees come in to manipulate and control you until death.

Islam, a religion of peace

The overly large number of disinterested Muslims act as justification for the murderous religion Islam. Islam as a religion lives from the murder of all non-Muslims. This is exactly how the Watchtower religion works. The oversized number of unsuspecting followers serves as a shield against the recognition of the actual activity. The killing of humans is covered. Islam and Watchtower Religion both appear super pious. Both produce dead bodies decidedly and precisely planned.

The Watchtower Society's art of producing these killed people under the Christian guise is unique in the world and shows once again how devilish the background of this religion must be. The planning effort to establish a religion that kills people is immense. To this day, this religion manages to reverse all the teachings of Jesus into their opposite and as a cream ball on top to carry out the worldwide and repeated murder by bleeding to death without any legal consequences. The religious artistry of the Jehovah blenders is so perfect that it's hard to believe that people could come up with such a thing.

In the Muslim human murders everyone can see that the murders are easy for the perpetrators. As soon as the Muslim peace is disturbed, blood flows. And the Muslim peace can already be disturbed by a critical word. The Jehovah-related murderers are much more objective and systematic. They have taken the killing of people to extremes without legal consequences, and no religious community in the world can boast of having done so much for Satan and yet being considered super pious and godly. The Muslim fundamentalist irascibleness serves as a protective mask for the cool, cold-thought religious murder of the Watchtower Society. As long as politics and science keep their eyes closed to these facts, they will be blind to what this private god Jehovah pervades.

The profit and the turning around of people favors both the Muslim murders and those of the Watchtower society. In a capital-oriented world, Islamic murder will triumph. In an ego-centered world, the Watchtower murder will continue to be God-loyalty. Western values are not Christian! They are only capitalist and selfish.


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