Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 450

Warning People about the Character of Jehovah's Witnesses

With and without hat: They' re in Herrenmenschen mode

Jehovah's Witnesses are always so sweet. They look good and they are polite, courteous, friendly. But if someone holds up reproachful charge signs, they become a kind of master man on the spot. Their true nature emerges. They can only smile scornfully. They are just something better. Something much better. They are the only survivors when the end of the world comes. This is where they differ from the Greens, who tend to move into air-conditioned luxury bunkers during global warming, but then end up together with humanity. Jehovah's Witnesses have a different outlook. They will survive Armageddon.

Greens have no hope of resurrection. Jehovah's Witnesses have hope for re-creation. This is not about resurrection, but about being rebuilt by this Jehovah from the available data because of his many hours of sermon service. They call this data Jehovah's memory. They hope to recover them from Jehovah's hard drive inventory. They are then recreated with all their sins. For this is how they have been stored on Jehovah's hard drives. A nice vision. Unbiblical to the limit.

During the week I was in several cities and found no Jehovah's Witnesses. So I have no choice but to walk through the pedestrian zone without them, but with the signs so that people are warned.

He says: "Here I fully support you."

If, as a Christian, I had to come to this strange resurrection because of the hours I had spent, then the whole thing would be more of a burden or even an abomination to me. As a Christian, I can only trust in Jesus Christ. I cannot and must not calculate anything for myself. Do not proceed strategically. Do not plan my life for a pseudo-resurrection or let it be planned by an organization. My hope can only be Jesus Christ, but never questionable theories.

The Jehovah's Witnesses in Heilbronn didn't last long in their master-man mode and only held out half-silently. This is the hope that they will be hit by the facts when they realize that they have to hang on to the flypaper and experience how the simplest things drive them to their own embarrassed disappearance. The glorious mastermen of Jehovah disappeared in anxiety as I walked past them with the signs. They had to see that someone was walking through the pedestrian zone with hard facts. The result was their immediate being swallowed from the ground. This hit foreign-language Jehovah's Witnesses, who normally react even more snobbishly than their German counterparts.

But the hat was good. The manly gentleman's hat sat well.

Rising from the dead / Restoration in all sins

With Rutherford two different classes were created in the Watchtower religion. Jesus died for the anointed class, but not for the large crowd. One consequence of this new theory was that the redeeming sacrifice for the general Jehovah's Witness would only clear up the sins he committed until he entered the Watchtower religion. After that, he is dependent on closeness to society.

It is obvious that a Jehovah's Witness cannot be sinless just because he submits to the Watchtower Society. Since he does not believe that Jesus is God, he will die in his sins. (You will die in your sins unless you believe that I am. John 8:24) The hope of Jehovah's Witnesses amounts to restoration in sins and they call it resurrection.

If one continues this theory, the resurrection of the Jehovah's Witnesses becomes a kind of new creation, but it is old and must be destroyed.

Here, too, the inner similarity of the Watchtower religion with Islam catches the eye. Jehovah and Allah are gods who deal with sin like fruit traders. But these religions simply do not realize that sin cannot exist with God and must therefore be absolutely eliminated. The necessity of the work of Jesus Christ is declassed or completely eliminated in both religions.


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